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Bipolar Community Weekly Checkin - June 9-16: How Are You Doing?
  • After quitting my meds last year I got progressively worse due to work stress. Two months ago I almost threw them out but decided to give them another go. I was put on a low dose and improved so much, I didn’t need to add/increase anything. Now I just quit my old job and found an objectively better one in the same field and location. One week in so far and I’m loving it! Stress - gone!

  • EU states signing declaration committing to legal equality, protection, national strategies and work for social acceptance of LGBTIQ people
  • Bulgaria: No need to sign anything, it’s already done. Everyone has the equal right to marry the opposite sex, and nobody can change (de facto) their legal gender. Everyone is already accepting of the LGBT people, as long as they don’t show it publicly.

    Jokes aside, outside of Sofia the public opinion is that there are matters much more important than that. Homophobia is also widespread so it’s a political suicide to ratify something like this. The Istanbul convention was a huge “scandal” for just mentioning that it applies to trans women as well. There was a huge disinformation campaign and it worked. We ratified it anyways because it was integrated into an EU directive so yay?

  • Ok бuddy
  • You get used to it. You just write the sound, sh, j, ya(often weitten as q), ch, yu. ь we barely use unless when you write what you would spell as ë in Russian, we don’t use that letter at all! We use a lot of ъ (sounds like uuhh). It’s usually spelled as y or a.

    It’s usually more annoying to switch keyboards all the time, but typing in Latin script feels wrong and I feel like it changes my “written voice”.

  • Ok бuddy
  • Country standards from the typewriter era. In Bulgaria we have a different layout from the Russian one, using the same Cyrillic letters (stuff like э and ы that we don’t use) but most people use the “phonetic” keyboard which is the one you describe. Also in casual conversations a lot of people don’t even bother to use Cyrillic and go with latin instead even if it’s not official or standardised in any way.

  • Study Uncovers Serious Side Effects From Common Dementia Drugs
  • But you can get progressively worse dementia faster from these meds if the other side effects don’t get you. And the meds to counteract the other side effects they give you. Fun stuff the anticholinergic effects.

  • How the hell do I make Google on Firefox (desktop and mobile) show "View image" like it used to??
  • I second this. Either ddg has come a long way with sesrch results or Google enshittified theirs to oblivion. Maybe it's both. I only use Google search for really obscure stuff that ddg has a hard time fetching. And more often than not Google fails as well.

  • WIP Wednesday!

    I'm still alive, still stitching. I took a break, or more like World of Warcraft dragged me away. I lost my character after 50 hours of playtime and I uninstalled windows. My mental health dramatically improved when screen time went down. Especially because I started stitching again.

    So here is my needlepoint project that I started earlier this year. Doesn't look like much but it'll become lovely once I develop it further. It's huge so the FO post's ETA is somewhere in 20XX.

    Facebook now wants to write your posts for you with AI.
  • How do you even curate a fb feed. When I tried that I got an algorithm that shoved "recommended" posts down my throat that got worse the further down I scrolled. Not to mention looking for posts older than a day is a pain because they're not chronological. AND the cherry on top is when you finally reach the place where that post might be and the page just decides to reload. Awful, awful user experience.

  • more on intellectual property...
  • Oh, the patent expired? No problem, we'll just methylate the structure, see that it makes no difference and put it out on the market as a new drug. Or maybe take the active part of a racemic mixture and half the dosage. Same drug double the patent. Semisynthetic insulin is even worse in that regard.

  • Ozempic maker Novo Nordisk facing pressure as study finds $1,000 appetite suppressant can be made for just $5
  • Our insurance system IS the government program. The government negotiates prices with the manufacturer. This is also the reason we have drug shortages. Cheaper drugs get re-exported legally by third parties to countries with higher prices. Abbvie straight up made a system where their new drugs would be delivered personally to the individual patient via a personal code to circumvent what happened to Humira.

    Tresiba, Insulatard, Actrapid and a couple of other insulins, as well as antibiotics like Augmentin (which is in short supply to begin with) also suffered from re-export until the government issued a temporary ban.

    The wholesale companies' response? Stockpile and wait for the ban to expire.

  • Ozempic maker Novo Nordisk facing pressure as study finds $1,000 appetite suppressant can be made for just $5
  • 1000$? It costs 80$ here. Insurance covers the 1mg injection completely. Drug prices on the US market are inflated as hell. Also it can be made for 5 bucks but the decades of research and billions poured into said research and testing is what raises the price.

    Regardless corporate greed is corporate greed and big pharma is into some really shady stuff. Especially when we get to biologicals.

  • Windows 10 and its shortage of "Never shove this screen in my face again" buttons
  • I backed up my data and downloaded the iso before going to work, once I get home I'll give it a shot.

    I just want my computer to do what it's told. Putting it to sleep and turning the mouse off doesn't mean it should wake up, download and apply updates and remain awake only for me to find the search bar appeared again and a big red dot telling me what the former orange president of a country one continent and an ocean away said about something.

  • Windows 10 and its shortage of "Never shove this screen in my face again" buttons
  • Removing all the popups at work about scheduled updates, news, ads in a workplace with 8 desktops and zero people who speak English is my favourite past time. Thanks Microsoft.

    Also that post prompted me to remove windows from all my devices that still run it. Not that I didn't think of it yesterday.

    I'm familiar with debian-based Linux distros and run Xubuntu on my travel laptop. It occasionally freezes and needs a forced reboot but otherwise runs ok. Any suggestions on what to install on this more powerful one? I use it for gaming but play older games.

  • What kind of network is Lemmy looking to be?
  • R****t felt like the place for tech savvy people when I first joined a decade and a half ago (I feel old now). It was confusing and I had no idea how to use it but the content was better than 9gag which was hugely popular at the time. Felt the same way about the fediverse half a year ago. Now it's all natural to me.

  • Got some new frames from the workshop!



    Cute Alpaca

    By Ksenia Levchenko. Link to pattern on Etsy.

    I really like how much of a difference backstitching makes. Here's a before picture.



    WIP Wednesday

    I haven't been on Lemmy too much lately for reasons. But here's my WIP for this Wednesday. It still doesn't have a head but even then, when the backstitch time comes, is when it will really ✨ pop ✨


    Early morning WIP Wednesday from me

    I've been on a roll and stitched in the dark hours of the morning before work. It's a fun pattern to work on, but sadly the most colourful (and fun) part is in the center, and I'm done with it.

    How has your week been? Anything exciting to show off?


    WIP Wednesday. Something colourful I'm working on.

    With the big project finished, I embarked on something smaller a month ago...but I put it on hold. Now I'm at it again.

    The grid is one square off on one column so the whole thing is off. Any better ways to make an accurate grid? I know pre-gridded is a thing but I have a couple of meters of that plain 14ct fabric that I want to use up.

    How has your week been, did you work on anything exciting?


    The Greenhouse of Oddities

    So proud of this. My biggest project yet! It was fun watching it unravel with every planting.

    Pattern by Lola Crow


    WIP Wednesday progress!

    Doing some more work on the greenhouse. I have a page and a half left before it's finished. I think it's going to be done at least for Halloween. Frame might take longer.

    How has your week been? Anything to show off?


    WIP Wednesday! Share your projects!

    Sorry I missed last week's post. I'm having a busy week but it's time for a week off and some rest and relaxation. I'm in a bit of a predicament. I finished my project on Tuesday, and I haven't worked at all on my other WIP for about 3 weeks. I prepared a new WIP that I intend on doing while on a spa trip but if I post it now, it's going to be just a white canvas.

    How was your week? Did you work on your projects?


    The printed kit I got from a Babushka in Sofia.

    The book title backstitch was done by my SO.

    This one is getting framed and hung right next to the bathroom door!

    After more than an hour of painful attempts at french knots with slippery polyester on polyester, I did the little black dots on the snout with half stitches and a couple of extra strands. Do I recommend polyester cheap kits? Yeah, they're fun. Would I do it again? Probably, but only because I bought two, and that one is left in the backburner for now.


    With mr. Hoffman's iced coffee recipe gaining popularity, I felt compelled to share a cold brew recipe I found on the bottom of a Reddit comment section that worked really well for me.

    Of course iced coffee and cold brew have a very different taste profile but it can still get hot in the northern hemisphere so here it is:

    • 86g coffee, coarsely ground (32 on my 1zpresso JX). Works great with store-bought beans, in my case Kaufland's medium roast Brazil beans (haven't tried it with specialty coffee, not sure if you're going to get your money's worth that way)
    • 750g filtered water, room temperature or cold
    • patience (I found that 16 hour brew works best but anywhere between 12 and 18 hours is fine)

    I use a french press with the filter off. Mine is 1L hence the weird proportions, that's accounting for the coffee grounds volume too. What you get with this recipe is about 500ml of concentrate

    • Add 2/3rds of the water and let bloom for 10 minutes then add the remaining water(500g->250g)
    • Pop it in the fridge for at least 12 hours, 16 is best
    • Filter with a metal filter. I just screw the French press filter, press to just about under the surface.
    • Dilute with ice cold water for a refreshing drink or 92°C if you want it warm. I do a 1:1 ratio but that's up to personal taste.

    Link to original Reddit comment from 3 years ago. Credit to /u/theboyinthemoon


    My phone is slow and I think it's by Google's design. Is there anything I can do about it?

    This happened on all android devices I've owned. Once they turn about 3 years old, they start slowing down out of a sudden. Yes, software gets heavier, you need more processing power, etc. But it happens out of a sudden.

    I dug out an old lebovo tablet, about 6 years old. It ran surprisingly quickly. As soon as I turned the WiFi on to install the app I needed, things slowed down to the point where the device was barely usable. I somehow installed it. The app didn't require internet access so it was fine. Battery life was still amazing, about 5 days of casual use (internet access drains a lot of battery on this fella).

    I thought it was a one time thing. Until I was handed another old Alcatel tablet that was ditched due to slowdown after 3 years. Same thing, no internet access leads to a snappy phone. Once you turn the WiFi on, boom slowdown.

    I see the same thing happening to my Nokia 3.4 phone (now HMD Global, made in China). I don't think the architecture allows for swapping the os to a degoogled one everyone is raving about. The reparibility of this phone is near zero so once it goes bust, it's really hard to open it as well. I obviously don't need a brick with no internet access (otherwise I would just carry a dumb phone).

    Also once this buddy dies or becomes unusable, is there a brand you would recommend. I'm so done with Nokia and Samsung.


    WIP Wednesday? Thursday! Share your progress!

    Sorry for the late post. I had a busy 6th of September, one of our national holidays. There was some work to do at home and I almost died so I totally forgot about the weekly thread. Ah well, better late than never!

    Have you progressed on your WIPs? How has your week been?


    Ladybug 🐞

    Pattern by Svetlana Sichkar


    WIP Wednesday! Show us your progress!

    Hey there! August is almost over and autumn or spring are right around the corner. How has your week been? Did you get much stitching done? Did you start a new project?


    Drafting a cross stitch pattern from an image w/ backstitch?

    I've never drafted a pattern but I want to make one from an image. The finished object would look really nice with backstitching in my opinion.

    What are some good tools that would enable me to make a pdf pattern that I can plug in pattern keeper and include backstitching as well?


    WIP Wednesday! How have you been faring the past week? Any progress on your projects?

    This past week has been a blast crafting-wise. I got a year older and finished the first two Discworld books (in order of release). I got more comfortable with crochet as well but we're stitching here and that's more important.

    My secret project for November is way ahead of schedule. Which is great, I have two months to wash, iron, and frame. The cross stitching is done with only the backstitch left. First round is also almost done with two-strands in black. What remains is the finer accents with one strand in 351, as well as the off-white accents.

    The Greenhouse of Oddities progress has slowed down a bit but it's still visible. We have the silhouette of a victim of the deadly plants, taking refuge in that corner of the greenhouse. Not sure why but I'm particularly proud of the deadly nightshade plant in the bottom right corner. I had to substitute the colours, and I did it with a different brand. I love how it turned out!

    How has your week been? Anything interesting happening? Have you managed to work on your projects?


    WIP Wednesday is here! Share your progress 🪡

    This week I managed to finish another page from the Greenhouse of Oddities. We have some deadly plants like the Angel's trumpet and Doll's eyes in there. The skull moth looks better in person, I swear..

    Also my secret project for November is way ahead of schedule. I have another 700 or so stitches to go but it's already gaining shape!

    I'm eager to see your progress!


    WIP Wednesday? WIP Wednesday! Share your progress 🪡

    I may or may not be a little bit late for the EU stitchers but here it is!

    Past week has been a little hectic and progress was slower than usual. I started learning crochet so that slowed me down too but I managed to finish another page from the Greenhouse of Oddities SAL!

    I also did some work on the other project that I sadly cannot show now due to the future recipient being right next to me 😅... But it definitely looks like what it's supposed to now.


    WIP Wednesday is here. Show off your progress!

    How time flies! August is here! I hope you guys made some progress on your projects. And if not, that's okay! Life happens.

    I progressed through the fourth planting of the Greenhouse of Oddities and working towards the fifth! I know I'm about a month behind but it's not a race and I had a lot of fun with the carnivorous plants!

    I also snuck a few hundred stitches in the secret project for November (My SO's birthday). It's starting to gain shape!