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You like repairing microwaves.
  • If I understand it the ceramic of the magnatron can contain beryllium. Inhaling or contacting beryllium can cause beryllicosus, lumps in the lungs and body, not fun. That said if you don't damage the magnetron you should be fine on that front.

  • Antinatalism Rule
  • You can volunteer yo not pay taxes. Move to some place without and renounce your citizenship. If I recall correctly Saudi Arabia doesn't have a great deal of personal taxes.

  • Steam users have spent $19 billion on games they’ve never played
  • I just want to point out how incredible it is that in today's age we have this incredible amount of entertainment available. Even if we apply Sturgeons law that's still a fill years worth of solid games. He'll, do it twice. That still means there's at least 5 bangers in that mess, and I find it incredible that most all of that content is recent!

  • early birds
  • As the opposite to this it takes me a solid month to get to a point where getting up for work at 8 doesn't kill me. It takes all of an afternoon nap to flip back to my preferred sleep pattern of 2am to 10am. I CAN get up early, me and my meatsuit really don't seem to want to though.

  • Are your kitchen knives angry knives?
  • Properly sharp knives are indifferent to that which they cut. Be that your steak, or you, their job is to cut.

    A properly shaperned knife is a wicked, angry, thing. It must be treated with respect, deffarence, and no small part of care. However, they must not be feared; like a wild predator they can sense fear.

    Suffice it to say OP was just using some artistic license to show that they got a new old knife and nicked themselves.

  • Maker of Jeep and Dodge plans to kill chrome on cars, citing risks to those who make it
  • To quibble, you can't pop a HID into a reflector housing at all, usually. Halogen and drop in replacement LED have a different focal point than HID bulbs do.

    This means if switching to HIDs you also need to replace the entire housing so it will focus the light correctly. No amount of adjustment will be correct if the beam isn't focused properly.

  • Wells Fargo fires more than a dozen employees for faking work using mouse jigglers and keyboard activity simulation
  • I would like to point out its not even we. Its upper management and 'the stockholders'. Everyone from the peon to lower management knows that people don't work continuously for their shift. I doubt anyone can work continuously for that long and not go crazy.

    But the reward from mid and management and above for completing your work is more work. Which is great for them since you completing more work means they get bonuses.

  • University Students
  • Don’t comment what a line is doing. Instead, write your code, especially names for variables, constants, classes, functions, methods and so on, so that they produce talking code that needs no comments.

    Over and over and over again in my experience this just doesn't work. Readable code does not substitute for comments about what the code should be doing.

  • Windows updating just before thesis defense
  • Seconding this, I can't think of a time that I've actually had windows respect my configured update window.

    I'd also like to point out how annoying it is that manually hitting the update button doesn't seem to do anything. If I hit the button I want to dedicate the full system resources to updating right now, not just keep doing what it was doing but add a skinny thing.