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Galaxy Z Fold 6 Review: Genuinely good, especially if you ignore the competition
  • I use NextDNS and still run across this all the time on my tablet. In cases where it's an ad that got filtered it usually leaves empty margins down the sides so the content is still limited to 1/3 of the screen. Other times the area is technically not an ad... But is just click bait shit. Other times it's just random stuff.

    I've had some luck using Firefox. With UBlock Origin I can sometimes filter the sections out using their content zapper. With the Stylus extension I have had luck finding custom filters for some sites... But that works until that site updates their HTML a bit and then I start getting random weirdness.

    Don't know... It's just something I notice a lot when browsing the web on my tablet (and on the fold when I had it) and find to be a nuisance.

  • Galaxy Z Fold 6 Review: Genuinely good, especially if you ignore the competition
  • I liked my fold 3 but the screen protector was a pain in the ass especially since I live in a rural area. The closest place that could install new ones was 3 hours away. I attempted it twice and they had bubbles both times. A friend just removed her protector and 3 months later she had the black line going down the center of the screen. Foldables just seem a little too fragile to me.

    Also was kind of annoying because websites and apps would detect the wider screen and add a column down the side of the screen - featuring ads usually. Kind of a kick in the nuts to spend $1500 for a larger screen just to get more ads.

    That said, I kind of miss being able to run split screen with apps. It was handy to keep a messaging app on the right side of the screen while I browsed the web on the other.

  • Sovcit thinks the real estate agent is crazy.
  • Found it

    Sorry, my initial Google was coming empty.

    Signing with "all rights reserved" or "without recourse", which they believe makes the signature impotent, a meaningless mark on a piece of paper instead of something legally-binding.

    God you just know these dumbasses think they're so smart.

  • YouTube Seems to Be Cracking Down on a VPN-Powered Discount
  • Generally an Unpopular opinion

    You're 100% correct though. Sponsors are exactly (long) ads and I have no personal problem skipping them after paying $17 a month for premium. If a creator has a problem with that they should take it up with Google. I'm paying for ad free, and that's what I expect.

    If sponsorblock breaks I will be reevaluating my premium sub. Not that it will have a meaningful impact on Google or anything, but I'm just fucking sick of ads and am not going to pay to remove them and still get ads delivered to me.

  • Android 15 can automatically delete your face or fingerprint unlock if they aren't working well
  • Don't know how I feel about this. I already get sick of the security prompts every three days to manually enter my passcode. If Google starts just deleting them and making me redo them might just fucking go back to the passcode. Hope it's optional or it at least prompts you before deleting an old one. Not really trusting Google get it right.

  • McDonald’s will stop testing AI to take drive-thru orders, for now
  • Checking in from Iowa and I have the option here too when I hit the customize button. I do have to scroll down a bit?

    You might try uninstalling and reinstalling. If on android, clear your settings before the uninstall. The mcdee app does tend to be kind of unpredictable.

    If that doesn't work, send an email to them. I actually did email on some problem I had and they responded pretty quick with a temp workaround and fixed it later.

  • Everything Apple iOS 18 Will Do, Android Already Does
  • And? How many android devices can you name that actually support satellite messaging today? When the feature DOES come on the android side, I imagine it is going to probably be flagship devices as well. Seems to be a silly thing to call Apple out for.

  • Everything Apple iOS 18 Will Do, Android Already Does
  • LLM is AI correct? If my phone is going to do AI at all, I prefer it be done on device for sure. For privacy reasons if nothing else. But it's not anything I've really looked into. I have the S24 and the only AI feature I use is the Circle to search... which I don't consider to be AI.

  • Everything Apple iOS 18 Will Do, Android Already Does
  • Satellite messaging is already available in Android 15 beta

    Perhaps in software, but I don't think there is a current phone that has the hardware to take advantage. For now, this is essentially an Apple only feature. It's a pretty good bet we are going to see some flagships released with it in the next year though.

  • Everything Apple iOS 18 Will Do, Android Already Does
  • I don't see anything in the article regarding satellite messaging on the phone. As far as I am aware, the ability has been added to the latest beta software but no manufacturer has released a phone in the US with the hardware. I could be missing something though.

    To be honest, saying Android has the feature feels like whataboutism since nothing meaningful has been released on android (yet) while Apple has definitely released a phone with the functionality. I thought this was previously available on Apple devices though, so not sure it really applies in context of the article since they're calling out the new iPhone update. But I may be missing something there as well.