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Imperfect, Linux-powered, DIY smart TV is the embodiment of ad fatigue
  • Yeah, that's true, but I've been a sailor of the high seas for as long as I've had an internet connection. And all the *arr stack makes life really easy now. I do pay for the subscriptions, I just don't use them.

  • Imperfect, Linux-powered, DIY smart TV is the embodiment of ad fatigue
  • hum, why go the whole custom interface way when he could use kodi? I have a dumb HD (not gull HD, just HD, that's how old it is) connected to a rPi with Kodi. Kodi has the jellyfin plugin to connect to my jellyfin server. I even had the DVB-T adapter so I can watch regular TV. When I'll eventually buy a new TV I'll just connect the rPi to the new one.

  • comfy void

    One of the few pictures of Galaxy where he's not on a dark background!


    game with no monsters? solved

    Hi everyone! Can someone please recommend a game without monsters (but with animals)? I am running my minetest server at home and I'd like to start playing with my kid, but I really don't like the monsters bit. I just want a game where we can explore and build things together.


    ETA: For anyone looking for the same thing: I've added the option

    only_peaceful_mobs = true

    in minetest.conf under minetest/data/games/mineclone2

    I've waited for the next night cycle and no monsters spawned. But a cow mooing behind me scared lol.

    Thanks to @[email protected] for the tip!


    XMPP and whatsapp bridge

    Hello everyone! I currently selfhost a matrix server but, seeing everyone talking about xmpp, I decided to try again with that one. I did try about 8-9 years ago but couldn't make it work (don't remember the issue, probably pebkac).

    My requirements are:

    • e2ee (I see OMEMO is the solution for this);
    • audio/video calls (looks like all the main clients/servers supports this with SIP or similar);
    • whatsapp bridge: this is very important as I currently use my matrix with element to chat (not calls) with all the whatsapp contacts.

    Would be nice if the server runs with docker images (but I see Prosody has the option so not an issue).

    So basically I am a bit stumped only on the whatsapp bridge thing. I see some github repos for that but they all seem quite old.

    Any help, pointers, suggestions would be appreciated.



    wholemeal sourdough

    after a few months of tries this one looks better!

    • 200gr wholemeal stoneground flour
    • 80gr spelt flour
    • 100gr white flour
    • 100gr starter
    • 250ml water (actually a smidge less than that)
    • salt

    Folded 5 times every 30 minutes. Let it rest for a 5 hours on the kitchen counter, degassed (well, that's just a fancy word, it just deflated when I poked it lol), then let it rest overnight (12 hours) in the fridge. Cooked in the oven inside dutch oven. Let it cool for 24hours before cutting it.

    Taste good, it's not as wet as the previous experiments where I just let it rest overnight in the fridge.

    It's "dense", which in a way is good because if the holes were too big the butter/peanut butter would just drip through! But I'd like to have it a just a bit more fluffy I guess. I know the starter is good because when I feed it it grows like crazy (and smells good).

    Any ideas?



    That's not how kites work

    Unless you are in dangerously high winds (like shit-flying-around-winds), when you cut the string on a kite it comes down. Sadly and floppily.

    Edit: spelling


    Happy sysadmin day!

    May the uptime be long and the logs without errors (and not just because logging is broken!)


    Self hosting minecraft

    Hello there! I've been hosting different kind of services for some time, and I would like to self host a server of minecraft for my kids to use. Basically I want a walled garden solution where he can play but no external access (for external users I mean).

    I have a server with docker and hosting the server looks simple. I did spun up a bedrock (I think? Can't remember for sure) server. My problem is: how do I access it? I don't see a "custom server" option in the official android client (he will play from a tablet at first). Can someone point me in the right direction?