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Study finds 268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects
  • Ignoring the success and failure of agile and waterfall. Waterfall was just a way more enjoyable development experience for me. That would probably change if the cycle was lower though. Also doesn't help that many managers I've had don't follow the rules of agile/SCRUM. Seems like people use it as an excuse to be able to change things on any given day but those cycles are supposed to be planned, not the plans.

  • Got no time to code
  • Not necessarily. Also depends on competency of whoever is looking at using your software/investigating and the legacy of the things you described. A whole different scenario if it's because you forgot to write something in a ticket and someone coming to call for help with docker when you have a docker setup guide they never look at.

  • Kingdom Hearts is coming to Steam - June 13
  • 1.5 kind of makes sense. It holds Kingdom Hearts 1 and a remake of the GBA game that comes before Kingdom Hearts 2 (also comes with a the cutscenes of another game between 1 and 2). I guess they wanted to keep the naming similar because 2.5 comes with Kingdom Hearts 2 and...a prequel to every game... and a cutscene collection of some weird side game about an AI. They then released a bundle of both of these on PS4 which they named 1.5+2.5. 2.8 they were really scrambling. Because they wanted to release the rest of the games in some way before Kingdom Hearts 3 so that holds a sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2, A standalone demo for 3 and...a movie from the earliest part of the series that actually is a giant pit of questions with no answers which may or may not have been answered by the gacha. No idea.

  • X now treats the term cisgender as a slur
  • Devils Advocate. Possibly can be considered a slur as by all definitions is a term coined to 'label' non-transgender. So it could just be as simple as not owning the word for some people that makes it feel insulting.

    That's the only reason I could think of without it being blind hatred.

  • Next steps after the bear
  • It's pretty difficult to come up with an analogy that could bring an understanding without sounding insane. If the thought process is feeling de-humanised then examples would correlate best with physical attraction but that makes you sound insane because it kind of is.

  • After Buying Up Studios, Xbox Says It Doesn't Have The Resources To Run Them
  • People tried to block the Activision acquisition. Some were mocked for their attempt and some were mocked for their stance. It wasn't enforced because for all the attempts, it couldn't be proved which is more an indicator better definitions needed to be in place

  • Microsoft Closes Redfall Developer Arkane Austin, Hi-Fi Rush Developer Tango Gameworks, and More in Devastating Cuts at Bethesda
  • This is such a fanboy opinion. Sony killed basically their entire Japanese Development, had 13 GaaS in development at the same time and actively are holding back the standard of Cross Save. They give plenty of reasons to not be the 'gamer' console. Especially now when they are also beginning to drop games on gamepass.

    Ironically we still know of more single player games coming to Xbox then games coming to Sony outside of Spider-Man Leaks.

    Fallout is currently the hottest game on the market thanks to the Show on top of this.

    This really fucking sucks but damn stop trying to use this as a way to promote your team

  • The cat is going to have some *opinions* pretty soon
  • The problem is they think Tyler Durden is cool? And that's it, they don't empathise with the narrators realization that Tyler is insane. That's just the what the plot of the movie thinks. Same as American Psycho but that's probably more crazy given the ending is him literally losing his mind

  • Even in my dreams I'm an idiot

    Was on this weird rollercoaster gameshow where a group of people were attempting to make me press a button to give up. They threatened me physically but I was confident they couldn't actually hurt me or there'd be a lawsuit. One of them told me they would hurt me mentally instead. I thought I'd get ahead of them with mind games and press the button as if I wasn't able for mental bullying... All the people celebrated for their victory getting me to push the button while I pleaded it was a mistake of judgement and what my plan was. Obviously they did not give me a second chance


    The older I get the more annoyed I am at teenagers

    I just imagined a world where for 10 years I told my child I loved them and then for them to within less than a year, stop responding and then actively shame you for doing so.

    Fuck, I really wish my parents humanised themselves a bit more when I was younger. It took me far too long to rationalise that adults weren't different from me.


    "Women/Girls love a man with confidence"

    I've been thinking about this recently and it's one of those innocent sayings that are quite insensitive. Growing up I heard this quite a lot, usually in response to being shy about asking someone out.

    As an adult it's hard to view this as an encouragement when the flip side is women dislike men with insecurities, women dislike men who feel vulnerable when putting themselves out there.

    I don't believe any of the connotations that I skewed from the phrase but it's better to suggest "women love a man who are brave enough to fail" as encouragement rather, if you want a basic encouragement.

    Just wanted to shar this somewhere appropriate



    Cannot find a source, so if known, please add.


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    A second post because I've missed a couple of days


    Who/What are your favourite content creators?

    I'm Enjoying some Northernlion and lamenting about Drawfee during there 2 week vacation