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BBC Question Time: analysis of guests over nine years suggests an overuse of rightwing voices
  • That's the trouble with public service broadcasters, they are not immune from political interference.

    Jeremy Corbyn got it right, rather than make the controller a political position make them accountable to a independent body. This should go some way to repairing the BBC's bias problem.

    It won't happen though they are too good a propaganda outfit. Who for? The establishment. Whichever party is in power. So, you want to change the BBC? You need to change government.

    And for those that advocate abolition, at least with the current system, you have one lever of power. Good luck in influencing Rupert Murdoch to sway his reporting.

  • Unblockable political spammer ads now on Reddit.
  • Had a quick glance at this study. Forgive any mistakes, but I have a few "faulting" observations:

    • over a third of the sampled people were people seeking immigration to the US. It could be argued that it could be argued that this points purely to the type of conservatives that seek entry outside their home country. Not the general population of conservatives.
    • this study only looks at a statistical correlation. It's dangerous to infer causation from correlation as correlation does not equal causation.
    • intelligence measuring as had a long and troubled past. For instance, some tests were used to "prove" black people dumb. Turns out these tests relied on prior knowledge denied to black people. It can be very difficult to account for culture.
    • maybe the tests used in this study only measure for people that are good at taking tests.
  • A beginner's guide to nationalism
  • I take your point. However, fascists are not the only movement that can co-opt. I didn't say the DNC has to remain as it is currently.

    The enemy wants you to throw your hands up and declare the DNC a lost cause. Not all of them are external.

    Be a royal pain in the ass, shout down the adversary, do sit ins, gum up caucuses and for heaven's sake, throw out "servility politics".

  • A beginner's guide to nationalism
  • The only disagreement I have is with the rather sweeping statement:

    They keep you poor, and you can't see through their bullshit.

    As it makes it seem that the poor are ignorant, gullible rubes. Lack of money ≠ lack of wisdom, or insight.

  • Unblockable political spammer ads now on Reddit.
  • I think calling conservatives "dumb" is needlessly inflammatory, and what's worse, is it's incorrect. They just fall for a common human failing: confirmation bias, amongst other well known fallacies.

  • A beginner's guide to nationalism
  • We see the games they play and it appals us. Unfortunately it's the only game in town. To change the game, you're not only fighting the DNC and RNC, but network effect and inertia. And some of us don't have the luxury to risk it. Even if it leads to a better world.

  • For a moment, George Floyd's murder changed everything. Those days are gone.
  • I think the difference be between Briana's and George's killing and why one got the limelight was two fold. One could have maybe explained away as an honest mistake or a bad situation. The other was pretty blatant malice. George being the latter. Outrage takes time to build and can dissipate quickly. It maybe the public had just reached a tipping point after months and years of unlawful killing by police of black people, mostly male, mostly young.

    I think the offense people took with your reply is due to the historic "he was no Angel" excuse. As a way to justify the inexcusable, cold blooded murder.

  • Image uploading

    Has image uploading been disabled on this instance?


    Mayoral elections

    I guess it's time to vote. I mourn the loss of STV.


    Manifesto fail

    On one hand she says: "No more identity politics." And the other she says: "I am a Christian"... Do they even proof read their copy!?

    British Films IcePee

    Obtaining War Book

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase this film. Unfortunately, it looks to be unobtainium. Does anyone know where one may get a copy?