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A reminder to love nature
  • Plenty of animals kill just for fun and will torture their prey for hours. And just because something is inhumane, doesn't make it unnatural. If anything, it's humane practices that are unnatural.

  • It's going. I'm alive.
  • "I'm doin." -I am not doing well and I don't want to talk about it. But I'm also too exhausted and shattered to keep lying about my mental state for the sake of social niceties, so I'm hoping my vague, neutral statement will either convey what I'm feeling, or you'll fill in the blank with whatever you want to hear. Just as long as you stop asking how I'm doing.

  • Shower thoughts are wasting water.
  • I want you to know that individual water use is essentially negligible compared to industrial and farm use, neither of which tend to have any limits or restrictions, not even have any self-regulation.

    I guess what I'm getting at is that the rich are the ones burning down the planet and any sacrifice you make in the meantime is meaningless. Take long, hot showers. As many as you want. Enjoy them. Because there will come a day soon where they'll be a luxury no longer offered, and it will not be your fault.

  • What's was your favourite fast food product that unfortunately got retired and never came back?
  • For a VERY brief time in 2010, Burger King sold bone-in short ribs.

    Guys, those were literally the best fucking short ribs I have had in my life. High end BBQ places couldn't even come close. Every Burger King would sell out like instantly whenever they got a shipment in. And then after 2 months... Gone. Forever.

  • Queer Activists Are Making BDS a Key Question of Pride This Year
  • The queer community is pretty split on this topic actually. Some people are pro-peace towards conflicts they hear about online; others are less keen to defend a group that actively would like to see them dead. What a pickle.

  • Official bilingualism in Canada a 'myth,' says new poll
  • It feels like Quebec trying to keep French a main language in Canada is like trying to hold back a flood with Popsicle sticks. Its use is increasingly confined to just their one territory and practically no one there exclusively speaks French.

  • We need this level of energy. All the time...
  • Anyone remember that scene in the beginning of Interstellar where the teacher is reporting to the dad that his daughter was spreading lies that man landed on the moon? It's supposed to highlight how society has grown so jaded against space exploration that they no longer remember their past accomplishments or the massive advances of technology that space exploration has brought.

    I feel like that's where we're heading. In the past decade, many people have become really antagonistic about space. They see big numbers and think it's a waste of money, failing to understand that the money isn't being thrown in a pit and set on fire. It's being used to pay and fund cutting edge research and development on technology that can benefit all of humanity.

  • Avowed's Creators On Why Romance Was Considered, But Ultimately Not Included And Skyrim Comparisons
  • Good. I gotta say, I find romance options incredibly distracting and pointless in games. BG3 was awful about this. Covered in shit, tadpole in the head, just got finished slaughtering a bunch of people and all my companions are just like "But I'm horny, please fuck me!". You almost can't avoid it. You basically have to be an asshole to all of them because platonic companionship apparently just doesn't exist.

    There is no need for it. It does not help nor drive the story. No game was ever improved by adding softcore porn. If you want that, may I introduce you to the internet where you can have any flavor of porn you want.