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Anon gives back
  • Many restaurants let people pay when they pick up or get the food delivered. So doing this costs the restaurant money, not OP. That's why he's spoofing his info too, if he paid they probably wouldn't care enough to ban the number.

  • "Lethal" wounds in Star Wars
  • If lightsabers were real you would probably not be able to recover from losing a fight and getting one in you. Not because recovering from a stab is impossible, but if it was a real fighting style they would not go in and out so clean. You're telling me a sith lord would be so gentle coming out and not just go straight up through the face? I understand that that is a little to graphic for star wars but people would look like they'd been through a slap chop after losing to someone like darth maul.

  • Constantly. Or "oh, I thought I told you already."
  • My Mother recently went on a trip. During fathers day I'm talking to my Grandma and she asks if I was told that my mom fell on the escalator and hurt her hip. Not bad, just sore. I say no and my grandma seems really surprised that I was not told this. Later that same day I'm talking to my mom and she asks if anyone told me that my grandma broke a rib last week. No, grandma never mentioned this! Apparently I can only get my family's health updates second hand.

  • "Getting paid more money is for fools"
  • This must be a big blue collar conspiracy, I've heard this tax bracket thing from several of them. I can see it being a right wing talking point because taxes=bad but idk, I only get those talking points from my parents.

  • Depending on how you count
  • I know you are just being silly, but to answer your question, the point of those groups (ducks unlimited, pheasants forever, whitetail whenever, turkeys tomorrow, raccoons all noons, etc) is to put money into conservation of those animals so that their populations stay great enough that they can be hunted.

    So yes, the goal is for the ducks to be unlimited.

  • This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • Fuel efficiency is a consideration but if you want a truck you really don't have many options. You would think the mid size ones do ok but they really don't, at least mine didn't. I just got a full size diesel truck which can get around 30mpg on highway but usually the diesel engine costs more than the price difference of using a gas engine over like, a lot of years. (20mpg vs 30mpg but $5k more at purchase. Can buy a lot of gas for $5k).

  • Respect your local wildlife
  • I'm a falconer. Basically no one uses owls for falconry because they have poor generalization intelligence. They have a really hard time transferring knowledge from one situation to another. So you get them flying to you inside and they are nailing it, then you move outside and it has no idea what to do. Every new situation needs to be trained. They are fine for shows and stuff when they are doing the same thing over and over again but constantly putting them in new situations like hunting would do is a recipe for disaster. A "lot"(maybe a dozen a year in US lol) of falconers try to use owls but very few are successful with them.