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Mike Lindell officially loses all his lawyers in $5M 'Prove Mike Wrong' cyber challenge
  • I don't think MAGA really view him in high regard, they more or less allow him because Trump loves him. For all non MAGA people, it's medium entertaining how much of a top to bottom train wreck this guy is. I haven't seen a single instance of him in a public space where he doesn't make himself look like a complete fool only to realize he has exposed himself to then try to get out of whatever hole he just dug unsuccessfully, making him look even more foolish. So, you know, an honest and reasonable representative of the average MAGA.

  • Witness tells House Ethics Committee that Matt Gaetz paid her for sex: Sources
  • the DOJ are wimps that wont take a case if its hard to win

    Taking on losing cases is a waste of time and resources. There isn't even a moral victory to be had in a loss. Even if the accused was actually guilty, their win will be used as vindication and often proof that they did not do the crime. It's a bad idea all around.

  • Kim Jong Un welcomes Putin in North Korea
  • Trump is probably so jealous. The two kids he wants to be best friends with are hanging out together without him. They are going to become best friends and won't want to hang out with him anymore. So sad.

  • What popular product do you think is modern day snakeoil?
  • I just wish people had long enough memories to see the cycle for terms like these. Some new word catches vogue, companies fall over themselves trying to find ways to implement them for shareholders and consumers who have no idea what they actually represent. As that fades, a new term arises.. it's sad.

  • The debate gets interesting sometimes
  • But what if I am a bad faith actor that only pushes the "no moral choice" position because I want to ensure that the fascists take power? Better yet, what if my Russian paycheck demands it. Then what do I do?

  • Libertarians be like
  • It has no connection to today’s politics.

    "We are the party of Lincoln, so let us fly our confederate flags!" I mean, it does connect... just in an "opposite day" kind of way.

  • The American Justice System
  • You make a good point. Trump is both a criminal and also has said out loud that he supports genocide. Thanks for bringing that up. Sometimes I forget which president has openly stated their support for genocide. So being reminded that it was Trump and only Trump is helpful.