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Does Trump being found guilty actually matter?
    1. First timer. Won't get jail time.
    2. Most people made their minds up one way or another a long time ago.
    3. It won't change many voters' minds, but on the other hand if the election's tight as the polls seem to suggest, a few thousand votes here, and a few thousand who don't vote at all, may actually determine the election result.
  • Clowncore is an actual style 😭
  • Is sometimes wonder if stuff like this is actually worn outside, or if it's mainly something you see on insta/tiktok, and people will wear normcore stuff when they actually go outside.

    Actually like it though. At least it's not boring.

  • Evidence Is Mounting That the Saudis Had a Hand in 9/11
  • Real politik.

    Saudi Arabia is a useful ally to have in the region, a fellow enemy of Iranian ally Russia, and makes the US less reliant on Israel. That's a win-win.

    Elements in the Saudi government may have helped orchestrate 9/11, but after 2003 attacks in Saudi Arabia they drastically and often violently curtailed the influence of the Wahhabi establishment. The aristocracy clamped down on the power of the clergy. They also offered significant and valuable intelligence cooperation with the US

    So if elements in the Saudi government did help orchestrate 9/11, it's easier to sweap it under the rug. There are more important issues to worry about.

    Twenty years ago? Other decisions should have been made and not made.

    Now? The world and the regime in Saudi Arabia has changed.

  • Bird flu: 'Strong evidence' suggests virus has passed from mammals to humans for first time
  • It was already spreading from mammal to mammal. IRC there was that Mink farm last year and I think seals too. There were also cases of H5N1 jumping from birds to humans.

    Given H5N1 can make the jump from birds to mammals(including humans), and from mammals to mammals, it's not a huge shock that it's made the jump to humans from other mammals.

    H1N1 killed 50-100 million people, so the danger has always been there, and scientists have been warning about it for decades. For example, here's a journal article from almost twenty years ago discussing this scenario:

  • The unprecedented destruction of housing in Gaza hasn't been seen since World War II, the UN says
  • Кремлеботы не дремлют. :)

    The Kremlin once went on record to deny Putin fell down some stairs and shit himself.

    Sugar's expensive in Ryazan. The Kremlin said so in 1999 and they would never lie.

    It was someone else's fault that 145 people died in the Crocus City Hall attack.

  • Is Tesla Feeling the BYD? A Chinese Giant Shakes Up the EV Electric Car Landscape
  • The ford mondeo (I think it was called the fusion in the US) was 'inspired' by the Aston Martin Rapide. This was at a time when Ford owned Aston Martin. Fisker and Porritt, who worked at tesla when the model S came out, also worked for Ford/Aston Martin.

    It's not just me either. For example, here's a ten year old thread on the tesla forum which mentions it:

  • Judge fines Trump $9,000, threatens jail for contempt in hush money trial
  • I honestly think he wants to be arrested. It'd do his political campaign wonders to spend a few nights in jail and do a Hitler.

    So perhaps it's for the best he's only being fined for now.

    Obviously it's disgusting, us plebes would have been in jail a long time ago.

  • 55% of all Americans now say they see Trump’s presidency as a success.
  • Textbook statistics don’t really hold when you have a huge selection bias, as just about any poll does.

    Meh. Often quite accurate, if you read the small print and caveats. It's not 1980. Good pollsters don't just do landline surveys, they correct for demographic factors, and are transparent about flaws and limitations.

    IME the problem is usually how the media reports on said polling.

  • Ecological tipping points could occur much sooner than expected, study finds

    Amazon rainforest and other ecosystems could collapse ‘very soon’, researchers warn