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Just a reminder
  • Sorry, just to make sure I'm understanding, are you saying here "I have to think that the people who wrote and approved this report knew full well that it was inaccurate" that you think they lied, but that thats okay?

  • The official Israel account on X asserting that Palestinian civilians are not innocent
  • This is not "normal war stuff." The IDF has dropped more explosives in months than the US did in years in Iraq.

    Gaza is one of the most intense civilian punishment campaigns in history,” said Pape. “It now sits comfortably in the top quartile of the most devastating bombing campaigns ever.

  • The official Israel account on X asserting that Palestinian civilians are not innocent
  • The IDF isnt a rogue organization, its the military arm of the elected Israeli government. Also Palestine hasn't had an election since 2006 so 18 years ago. Notably older than all of the children the IDF is bombing, and hardly representative of the rest of Palestine.

  • Capitalism is essentially alive

    I think capitalism can be understood as a living entity, a being composed of billions of smaller beings (people), essentially cells. It evolves (legally and through market innovations), has an immune response (police), and grows and reproduces itself (imperialism). The cells are independent life in their own right, but they exist almost wholely within the body of capitalism and the structure of their existence reinforces their participation in the greater whole of capitalism. All complex organisms are composites of smaller organisms and I think it makes sense to reason about capitalism and how to go about changing it or destroying it from this lens.

    Three Wishes
  • Media nah leave it, advertising I'd absolutely be down for. Advertising and Marketing are essentially the science of tricking our brains, and when that lever is exposed to capital you get enshittification and misery.

  • With a Democrat’s Help, the F.E.C. Goes From Deadlock to Deregulation
  • Weird because a whole bunch of us showed up for a primary where there wasn't any choice and still voted uncommitted. The dem response to that is to shriek we want trump to win, because it turns out they don't care about our values just that we check the box that keeps them in power.

  • With a Democrat’s Help, the F.E.C. Goes From Deadlock to Deregulation
  • She and Whitmer have both debased themselves for Israel's genocide now as well. They both proved to that they aren't fit for office, if Whitmer goes for president in 2028 I might vomit after her comments about the uncommitted campaign.

  • Washington man allegedly kills teen because he mistook an airsoft gun for a real firearm - ABC News
  • I.M.O. an important aspect of play is its self-directed. If they prefer that, absolutely, but I would rather let them choose and try to provide safe ways for them to explore. If they choose gardening that would be wonderful, if they choose to play with nerf guns or airsoft guns we should try and provide safety and caution to insulate them from being injured, but otherwise let them play

  • What do you need to get started in Steel Path?

    Hi all,

    I'm a returning player, and I'm kind of stuck a bit in terms of progress. I have caught up on all quests and have a great wealth of frames and weapons, but I'm still struggling a fair bit every time I load into a steel path mission, or even really some particularly high level normal missions.

    I was away for essentially the entire shield gating defensive meta and the AoE weapon meta, and while I feel my modding has caught up somewhat I'm still not sure I'm particularly good at finding or making builds. My warframes feel flimsy, almost regardless of defensive buffs, and while my Kuva Chakhurr hits hard enough to put things down, its somewhat slow and unwieldy while my more responsive weapons feel like they don't put out enough damage to get the galvanized stacks rolling.

    So what I want to know from my fellow Tenno is, what do you think is required to really excel in Steel Path? Arcanes, archon shards, helminths, focus trees, weapons, incarnons, specific mods, etc. Anything you can think of that you think "I need to have this set before I toggle over to steel path"


    New Game Modes

    So during the recent player survey, BHVR floated ideas for some additional game modes. I was curious what everyone thought of them. What were your favorites or which ones do you think are really missing the mark? Do you have any other fun ideas you think they're sleeping on?

    Personally, I really like the sound of Tag, 5v5 and 2v8. 5v5 sounds really interesting and like it would be a good place to sweat a little. Tag sounds like pure chaotic fun, and 2v8 sounds like it could be cool, though I am skeptical they could balance it.

    On the other side, I feel like Giant mode sounds like a boring novelty, and I don't understand the purpose of a Hide & Seek mode where auras are revealed every couple of seconds. That sounds like a waste of time to me, but maybe I'm missing something.

    As for a mode I think they're sleeping on, I think that Hide & Seek would be more fun if Survivors goal was to cross a map without being spotted. If you get spotted you're out, and if more than one survivor makes it, then time is the tie breaker. Maybe with more than one Killer to make it even spicier.

    Also here are the ones BHVR included


    Survivors work together to complete tasks before one or more "Deceivers" can kill everyone without being discovered discovered

    Played in rounds with voting between each round

    Swapped Perspective:

    Killers play in 3rd person while survivors play in 1st person

    Zombie Tag:

    A random survivor is picked to be the Killer

    Down a player to switch roles

    Once a survivor turns into a killer they don't turn back

    Keep playing until there is only 1 survivor left


    More generators spawn on the map

    Everyone moves at double speed

    Survivors have 3 lives, from which they respawn after a 20-second death timer


    2 killers against 8 survivors

    Hooks are removed but Cages of Atonement prevail

    Luck of the Draw:

    Start the game with randomized perks and items


    Sizes are altered! Killers are turned into giants, while survivors become tiny

    Hide & Seek:

    No generators

    No hooks, only Mori on downs

    Stay alive for 5 minutes to escape through the exit gates

    Auras will be revealed every couple of seconds


    Two teams of 4 survivors and 1 Killer face off to control the generators.

    Capture the generators by moving generator progress towards your team's side in a tug of war gameplay


    When the obsession is killed everyone dies

    Only the obsession can open the exit gates for everyone


    A random survivor is picked to be the Killer

    Down a player to swap roles

    Survive for 5 minutes and escape


    Colorblind rule Little bit Colorblind

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