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Simple mail server


I want to deploy a simple mail server so that it can be used for users to register themselves or reset passwords, etc.

Is there an easy one to deploy (in docker if possible) ?

  • I didn’t buy any books for university because all of the teachers have syllabuses and PowerPoint slides on which the exam will be based. And I only have to pay 835€ per year for classes.

  • Down under
  • In Belgium if you call them you’ll have to take an appointment with the police officer for at best next month and if you cancel it less than 24h before the appointment you’ll have to pay a fine of 25€.

  • Ask Lemmy World Humorless4483

    How does Lemmy work ?


    I’m very new on Lemmy and have a few questions. First is that I registered on the instance, does that mean that I can only access posts from that instance or can I access other instances ?

    Second if the answer to my first question is yes, is it the case for other fediverse apps (mastodon, peertube,etc) ?