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***When Franka met "Rix,"*** i.e. how practical is it for main characters to find romance, anyway? (four pages, FR) [**NSFW**]
  • I really like how you describe that... schoolboy-schoolgirl admiration stage! Although I'd say its rather one sided for Geanny, as Gaston seems more occupied with himself.... But maby that is typical for that fase/age as well...

    And again well put; being a free spirit is too much of a character trait for both Asterix and Obelix to take it away.

  • Now it can be told: Gaston's secret mission [5 pages, mature]
  • Good stuff. The 2nd panel is such a typical gag it had me wondering if franquin didn't actually do that joke before.

    Also, the 'musician' looking closely like Jules-de-chez-Smith-ect-ect is a really nice touch

  • "And you, madame! Do you recognise this person?" (from ***Private Eye Grabote*** by Nicole Claveloux)
  • Difficult to pinpoint exactly why it feels political. I think the little guy trying to get things done from the bigger creatures in a quote repetitive manner already kinda hints at it for me (the ostrich represents x, they other creature represents Y, and so on)

    But especially near the end there's a lot of imagery that I feel could as well be used in the working class revolts for example.

  • Contemplating the **Land of Mu** (Hugo Pratt, from ***Corto Maltese***)
  • I really adore this art style. The vibrant watercolours with those sketchy but clear defined lines are a dream.

    Edit; between the media limited palette and how they're used, it's precisely on this line between concept and rendering where and illustration of discovering a non-existent continent should be. The artist might as well have been there, sketching what he saw .

  • ***When Franka met "Rix,"*** i.e. how practical is it for main characters to find romance, anyway? (four pages, FR) [**NSFW**]
  • I really like this query... It's something I never even considered withing the context of Franco comics. I do agree that tone Is probably a part of it, although I also feel that comedy can leave plenty of space for love interest. (It does n't always have to be dark, mysterious and full of tensions. Look at Gaston's M'oiselle Jeanne for example)

    I think more than tone, function is reason to include someone or rather not include them. M'oiselle Jeanne for example, really only is dragged out when certain sides of Gaston's character need highlighting. As well as to complement the offices reactions to his inventions, being a lot more unconditional in her admiration than for example Lebrac.

    So no matter how adorable Obelix gets when he has a crush, something Underzo does grant him on occasion, what would really be the point of him having a girlfriend from a narrative perspective? What kind of girlfriend could even survive being with this bachelor-type force of nature without just becoming another face in the village that gets to whoop his ass at the beginning of the book for leaving his menhirs all over the house, and kiss him on the nose when he gets back? It would be adorable, but I'm not sure if there'd be a point to it other than fan service.

    Now I don't know a bunch about Tintin or lucky Luke. But what I do know about lucky is 2 things;

    1. he shoots faster than his own shadow
    2. he's a poor lonesome cowboy and a long way from home.

    A poor lonesome couple doesn't quite have the same ring to it...

    Edit; I've yet to give Franka a serious chance... After this, I might just do that

  • "I *know*; that's what bothers me." (from ***Tiny Dracula*** by Nathan Olsen)
  • I love the idea of the US in its entirety as a pyramid scheme... well, its kinda sad as wel, but it's certainly an image!

    I'm looking forward to this place becoming a bigger community, and I'd love to contribute as well. Thing is, I'm a bit of a wildcard when it comes to where my attention goes. Yet if the urge strikes me, can I just make posts? is there a certain format I should adhere to? Do we consider English comics also as part of this? (not mean as a cheap EU quip, but looking at Alan Moore's work for example; to me it feels more American than Franco-Belgian... which is why I labled him with the Americans in the first place... Or am I overthinking things now?

  • "I *know*; that's what bothers me." (from ***Tiny Dracula*** by Nathan Olsen)
  • I think it just comes from a different culture. Same as with food, American culture is one of rapid growth and excess, whereas Europeans, especially in the south, tend to go a bit slower, with a bit more respect for tradition.

    If you ever want a good read, Alessandro Barrico(IT) wrote a series of essays bundled in "the barbarians" where he explains about the clash between these two cultures way better then I ever could. In short, not doing him justice; he claims its a difference between going in depth (deep, specialized knowledge) or going wide (big networks, knowing a little bit about a lot of things).

    I started out with the european stuff being eally lucky my dad is such a collector (and it's only in hindsight i realise how good his taste was; from Gaston to storm/trigie/ to moebius to Asterix) Then I grew up and started developping my own taste with the likes of Hellboy, Sandman, Watchman, scott pilgrim... only to eventually return to the european stuff because it's just so... sensible. TBF this blog is playing a big part in that return.

    edit: before the american stuff, there was also a manga period btw. not really important to this comparison, but I guess its relevant to understand its not just a binary comparison... the world of mangaka's is so different again in its own right.

  • "I *know*; that's what bothers me." (from ***Tiny Dracula*** by Nathan Olsen)
  • first glance, I thought this was mike mignola's hellboy

    Yet there's some clear differences.... especially when you look at the other work by Olsen. Still I have great admiration for this 'ink forward' style of illustration, and therefore am happy to learn about Olsen. Thanks a bunch

    Also, I feel the comparison between Olsen and Mignola is quite telling for the difference between more bold American illustrations vs more, i don't know, delicate? European preferences.

  • Alpaca Sex Is Even Weirder Than You Think
  • Havn't even read the article, am not even part of this group. just want tot say that is a wierd thing to wake up to in the morning.

    When I used our dial in modem for the first time, I never would have guessed id be drinking my coffee casually wondering about alpaca sex.

    But here we are

  • ruling the same food
  • Listen.

    When I just wake up I need sustenance but my motor skills are as low as my brain fog is high. I -am- however functional enough to press the "make coffee button" and slap a spoon in a container of yogurt.

    Yogurt and decaf* coffee are nice, but not enough to keep my 100+KG of pure overthinking going for long. Luckily, while sipping on my coffee I can knead dough, so by lunchtime I should have fresh bread. (or stale bread from the day before)** What goes on the bread has been decided mostly in my youth, has been altered when I moved on my own, and these days only gets tweaked... it works, why fuck with it.

    Dinner has been planned over the weekend so when evening starts and my brain is all cooked out, but my motor skills are at its peak, cooking up some pasta/rice/potato dish with veggies should be easy. Anything more involved is for occasions where I have time to be invested in cooking. On weekends I cook bulk for the days where I don't function, so my freezer is stuffed with all sort of 1 pan dishes.

    Within these variables I eat fairly varied, but you really don't want to be around when I am forced to change them on short notice. EG; when I forgot to get yoghurt, it might take me untill mid afternoon untill ive recovered ^^"

    it took me about 15 years to work this system out, but by george I have finally mastered eating 3 meals a day.

    *Don't give me regular, apocalypses have been started over less.

    **Im working on baguette dough so I can make it the day before so i can portion better and don't have to knead in the morning)

  • Anon's brother hates concrete
  • I think I understand? Thanks for claring things up, and sorry if I accidentally distracted from the actual topic (although mentioning the bad faith trolling has probably done that more effectively... but whatever)

  • Fix one thing... break another

    I -was- going to find a community who might help me with my problem, but then I found this place and it's obviously much more constructive to bitch about it than to actually try to fix it. Shame on me for not seeing that right away.

    So my HDD died on me, and after some fussing around I ordered a shiny new replacement. So after waiting for the mailman like a proper doggo, I installed my shiny new toy, booted my pc and... on of my monitors now doesn't work.

    I don't know why. I tried a new hdmi-cable, I tried a new monitor. my 2nd monitor works perfectly. I updated my drivers and tried a handstand. nothing. For the rest my pc works fine. The new hard disk works like a charm. But why doesn't my monitor work? If I fix it, will my mouse stop working?

    I will still chill and play games tonight, but I will be mildly furiously staring at the black screen next to it every chance i get.

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