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Do you ever feel like that sometimes ?
  • Every day bud, every day

    I've come to terms with it, it doesn't upset me like it used to, but I think that's mostly because what I do for work makes me happy. If it's not that it's probably work brings such exhaustion that im to tired to care 😅

    I spent 8 hours ripping out old beverage lines from a boat, tomorrow I get to install all new lines, setup 4 bars and rodent "proof" them

  • Food Banks Canada says food insecurity is worsening across the country
  • I wasn't really sure what you're saying so I used a translator, it came back as

    "Taxation is theft"

    It's not, but I love when people use that when they get called out, atleast it's better than an ad hominem attack.

  • Absolute legend
  • Oh my the scary question.

    Most places legit never do unless there's a problem. When I do service I'll usually flush what is needed but I don't have time for a full cleaning since the customer is supposed to do that.

    Corporate chains tend to have actual SOP so they tend to be cleaner in general and will have their lines cleaned more often.

    I generally suggest every 4 weeks, and to do it when a box needs to be changed since you are only gonna be flushing the last bit of an old box out of the lines. Luke warm water in a 5 gallon pail and you dunk your qcds with the caps off, run the gun or fountain till it's clear then start mashing the buttons to get any bits stuck in the line. Pull the qcd from bucket then put cap back on, reattach to box and run gun/fountain till product is running properly.

    Tbh, it's not the lines you gotta worry with soda it's the gun itself, some places never clean the nozzles and they get gross. Also most of the time any bad tastes are related to water or a bad syrup ratio. I had someone call me saying their lemon lime tasted "dirty" it was a bad ratio, took me not even 5 min to fix.

    I'd worry more about the beer though that's a whole different beast. Lines should be done every two weeks, once a month at the very least. That shit will make you sick if it's dirty enough, I've seen so horrid things related to beer.

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  • I'd say an app or service that allows restaurants and bars to connect with local independent bar and soda techs to request services. Has the ability to track calls, submit invoices and collect payment along with maybe being able to order from suppliers

    There's alot of places that have no idea who to call for issues relating to that stuff especially with how often staff turns over.

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  • Soda and soda accessories.

    I'm a Bev tech, there's two companies that make bar guns, tapright and multiplex aka wunderbar. There's more options for fountain dispensing but most of my work is bars and restaurants.

    Also AMA about soda dispensing at bars.