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Leaky bags
  • They recently did that in Norway, it has improved my life by about 1%. You still get the flour explosion when opening a new bag though.

  • distinctions, shmershminctons!
  • It's a good album. I prefer the first four Metallica albums but the Black Album is their biggest album (by a long shot) for a reason.

  • Don't Worry, Bee Happy
  • Bumblebees fly in a very non-threatening pattern (slow and predictable). Wasps fly like they could suddenly decide to fuck you up at any moment, which is why I'm reluctant to approach them.
    But I'm not afraid of regular bees so this may not be what triggers your fear. Also bumblebees are just straight up adorable

  • It's really not a big deal.
  • Techno Viking is a time traveller so he doesn't count. Fun fact, Vikings used to have a rave after a successful raid

  • It's really not a big deal.
  • Vikings were a very particular group of Scandinavians who, during parts of the year, went on their longboats and raided villages and stole stuff to bring home. For most of the year, they were farmers and fishermen. Having Scandinavian ancestry does not make you a viking, they literally don't exist anymore.
    I'm 100% Nordic by the way

  • Edison
  • I love the fact that Burns answers the phone this way. Subtle jokes like this are the reason why The Simpsons is infinitely rewatchable.

  • Expectation vs. Reality
  • I see D&D almost purely as an excuse to do some comedy improv with my friends lol
    None of us take it seriously but we all love it

  • Believe what you see, not what you’re told
  • He tried really hard to be called the "real life Tony Stark" and he was successful until, idk, he fired his publicist? Whoever that was did a hell of a job making this moron look smart

  • New life hack
  • I live in Norway and one year I planted 10 chili plants. I treated those plants like royalty and in the end I got like maybe 2 chilis per plant lol

  • Very curious doggo
  • Sometimes I look at pictures of puffins in flight because they look so ridiculous lol

  • California says restaurants must bake all of their add-on fees into menu prices
  • You don't need to ban tipping. Several countries don't have a tipping culture and that's because the waiters are paid adequately for their work. Tipping is seen as a bonus after exceptionally good service.
    The US should raise the minimum wage for restaurant workers and not make it the customer's responsibility to make sure the waiter can pay their rent.

  • Eurovision Is Plunged Into Crisis as Deep Political Divisions Intensify
  • Exactly. Allowing Israel to compete is an endorsement of their atrocities as it lends them legitimacy and a platform to present their country in a positive light.
    But I guess taking a stance against genocide isn't reason enough to lose their biggest sponsor, Moroccan Oil, an Israeli company.

  • Eurovision Is Plunged Into Crisis as Deep Political Divisions Intensify
  • As a big fan of Eurovision, it pains me to boycott the contest this year but I can't stomach the thought of endorsing mass-murderers.
    The EBU banned Russia from competing after their invasion into Ukraine (after a lot of public outcry, I must add), so why can't they ban Israel as well? If the problem is they "don't want Eurovision to be political", well tough luck, it already is and has been from the very start.
    The answer, of course, is money.

  • Pdf partee
  • Exactly, this research was funded by my tax money but I'm not allowed to read it unless I pay some third party profiteer? That makes no fucking sense

  • NSFW
    It’s not impossible for someone to have heard about assguard, looked it up, and then realized it’s “Asgard”.
  • That is actually a lot closer to the Icelandic one, except the F sounds more like a V and -röst rhymes with bust.

  • NSFW
    It’s not impossible for someone to have heard about assguard, looked it up, and then realized it’s “Asgard”.
  • As an Icelander, the pronounciations of the nordic names in Marvel movies crack me up. Especially Bifrost (which they pronounce "bi-frost" instead of 'bif-rost", and Laufey (pronounced very differently, also a decidedly female name).

  • Putin is ready to launch invasion of Nato nations to test West, warns Polish spy boss
  • Assuming it doesn't result in a nuclear war. Both nations have enough nukes to wipe all life off the face of the earth.

  • Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element

    And a perfect song as well!