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RFK Jr. wants to send people on antidepressants to government "wellness farms"
  • I don’t care how medicated I am, I’m not harvesting your wellness for you. Asshole.

    I’m not his type though, I’m on a self prescribed dose of marijuana. I may be persuaded to help harvest that wellness.

    Anyway what an idiot.

  • Netanyahu Criticizes Anti-Israel Protesters for 'Gays for Gaza' Signs
  • “These protesters chant, ‘From the River to the Sea,’ but many don’t have a clue what river and what sea they’re talking about,” Netanyahu added. “They not only get an F in geography, they get an F in history. They call Israel a colonialist state. Don’t they know that the land of Israel is where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob prayed? Where Isaiah and Jeremiah preached? And, where David and Solomon ruled?”

    As an exercise for the class, find the correlation and history.

  • What was your favorite album when you were ten years old?
  • When I was ten Master of Puppets and Slippery When Wet were both released and awesome.

    That said, and as a fan of the wierd and heavy, Graceland by Paul Simon was also released and is one of the best albums of all time.

  • Mary Trump: Kamala Harris terrifies my 'flailing' uncle to the 'point of incoherence'
  • …"Because of the right’s desperation and total lack of decency, we’re going to have to go through hell to get there — slogging through the muck of their racism and misogyny — but we will get there, and I believe the country will change for the better in the process."