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There is a political heart inside Lemmy

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This has to be a joke...
  • Yet you participate in a society...

    Seriously, though, we have many flavors of ice cream here, choose one that you fancy and don't focus on changing one... unless you're a mod, lmao


    Replaces 'flavors of ice cream' with lemmy instances

  • Why is there no global language that at least nearly half the world speaks (3.5 billion, I'm talkin', including non-native speakers)

    Is the Tower of Babel still affecting us or something?


    We have 8 billion people, yet the best we could muster for the most total speakers of a language is under 2 billion, including non-natives...

    > 1. English (1,452 million speakers) > First language: 372.9 million > Total speakers: 1.4+ billion > According to Ethnologue, English is the most-spoken language in the world including native and non-native speakers.,English%20(1%2C452%20million%20speakers)&text=According%20to%20Ethnologue%2C%20English%20is,native%20and%20non%2Dnative%20speakers.

    China Moves Toward Ban on Japanese-Style ‘Maid Cafés’
  • China Moves Toward Ban on Japanese-Style ‘Maid Cafés’

    Reads text

    That's dramatic... aren't they just giving women servers rights to not be humiliated as much there... (don't scream SeeSeePee control all over again)

  • An illegal war with Houthis isn't stopping the Red Sea crisis
  • 1st, I don't think it takes a person to know that what Israel's mitliary is doing in Gaza that the U.S supports, quacks like a humanitarian crisis akin to genocide, regardless of whether you agree or not. The article indicates that

    It doesn't take facts to know that these are bad optics, mon liberal ami...

    2nd, lemme tell you this... if the Saudis dealt with Yemenis and couldn't bomb them out of existence and cause famine, why do you think an overstretched U.S army can deal with them?

    Can't they finish their Ukraines and Israels before Yemen?

  • Speaking of euphemisms, do you guys know of any common dysphemisms?

    Here's an example from me

    If you want to de-normalize a nation's state/government, call them


    a regime ___

    Other examples include: hospital --> loony bin

    Edit: the more I think about it, the more I realize dysphemism are insults?

    Why do people say "Catholics and Christians" in (USA) when Catholics are also Christians, as if they refer to it as a different religion.
  • Catholics are Christians, but Christians are not necessarily Catholic. For example, Orthodox Christians are not Catholic. Being Catholic requires, at the bare minimum, agreement with the Holy See and implicitly the dogma he endorses. Even this “minor” difference can be used to find non-Catholic Christians.

    I know that, but if you ask me, it's like saying Sunni and Muslim, one kinda emphasizes, if not "otherizes" (orientalize or occidentalize) the other... usually in a not good way...

  • Why do people say "Catholics and Christians" in (USA) when Catholics are also Christians, as if they refer to it as a different religion.

    Is this some sort of remnant of evangelical puritan protestant ideology?

    I don't understaun this.

    If you ask me, it'd make as much sense as Orthodox and Christians.... or Shia and Muslim...

    I know not all Christians are Catholics but for feck's sake...

    They're all Christians to me....


    It's a U.S thing but this is the sort of things I hear...

    > I am a Catholic. Why should I consider becoming a Christian?

    I now know more distinctions (apparently Catholicism requires duty and salvation is process, unlike Protestantism?) but I still think they're of a similar branch (Christianity) so I just wonder the social factor


    Does anyone else get inbox fright?

    If stage fright is the fear that one has, when performing

    Then inbox fright is the fear/dread I have, when it comes to getting replies or reactions, after I post...

    Especially if its related to political content

    You never know if you're going to pulled into a struggle session over something and sent nasty messages, overall