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Ultrakill dev says it's fine to pirate his game if you don't have money to spare: 'Culture shouldn't exist only for those who can afford it'
  • With proton it runs like a charm for those who have Linux also!

    Everyone working on Ultrakill is fucking amazing. You got a mix of trans artists who got into work with Ultrakill through gay hentai they drew of the game, a voice actor who posts memes on YT, and the main dev (Hakita, featured here) is a bi anti capitalist icon.

  • Reminder rule
  • Ok so the political party I'm with does have a lot of GNC and trans folks in it, so kinda? I'm the only trans woman in my branch tho lol everyone else is transmasc, enby, or genderfluid, so idk if anyone else is on tittie Skittles 🤔

  • Reactionary memes when sorting by new

    Hey all, first time posting here. Just a heads up there is someone going around with 3 accounts all named after insulting the mods just posting transphobic, racist, and sexist Facebook tier "memes". If you want to avoid them, they're mostly in new as time of writing.


    Guess I have always been bending the Rule(s)

    I'm sorry for the shitty photo, I'm playing this on a 3ds and CBF getting screen capture to work just for this.