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Bernie Sanders response...
  • It's these things that really make me worry that Lemmy is too left, or at least too authoritarian-left.

    I feel like I couldn't be more left without descending into lunacy, I agree with the spirit of these things, but boy do people really like to take it too far.

    There are two wolves inside me, one wants to murder fascist dictators and the other believes that violence is bad. If this metaphor continues any longer I'm sure the 2nd wolf will be shot

  • arrested
  • I get where you're coming from, but especially in America race is often used as a shorthand for poor, as well as being straight up discriminated against due to literal racism.

    It annoys me that corpos and politicians only focus on the aspects that don't affect their bottom line. They're quite happy to have a pride flag or a black square, but never in a million years are they going to engage with socio-economic class.

    It almost feels like a divide and conquer style conspiracy to keep the lower classes fighting amongst themselves

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn - Early Aloy Concept Art
  • Wow. That's a reach.

    Can you genuinely not empathise with the position of someone who loves a piece of art and wants to share it, but can't because of a tired two year old piece of drama that we can't get rid of?

    You just drag a franchise down, you limit natural marketing, you associate it with negativity. You allow the incels to win by talking about its controversial points rather than its positive ones.

    The game expands on an already incredible first title. It was a graphical powerhouse at release, the combat feels better, the acting is amazing, the enemy and character designs are stunning. But no, we need multiple comments on this post overcompensating for the inane takes of some touch-starved losers

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn - Early Aloy Concept Art
  • I hate that people make this Horizon's legacy. It's a great game, and I loved playing through it, it's one of the very very few games I played through twice.

    But apparently we can't just appreciate some honestly pretty wicked concept art without turning it into the "Culture War™".

    I've only just started Forbidden West and I'm enjoying it so far, but it's really off-putting that the main discord I hear is left-wingers complaining about incels complaining about Aloy's face. Is there genuinely nothing more noteworthy about the game?

  • Okay, let's try this again
  • Is there anything wrong with the statement? Is there a misconception of how Spanish works?

    I literally don't know enough about Spanish to know either way or what the correct translation should be

  • Trump's Project 2025 is now being searched in Google more than Taylor Swift and the NFL
  • This line of logic is a good advice to help politically disengaged women, but isn't going to convince men to abandon Trump.

    The ratio of conservative women to men is roughly 50/50. It's not an effective tactic to convince men to stop supporting Trump, when the women they're likely to be dating are Trump supporters anyway.

  • Labour wins majority in UK General Elections as Tories lose two-thirds of seats
  • I get what a lot of you guys are saying about Starmer and the Labour government not being as left wing as Corbyn. I would also like someone who would use this majority to implement some really hardcore leftist policies.

    But please can we just take a step back and look at what he wants to do:

    • Massive amounts of NHS funding

    • Nationalised green energy

    • Tax private schools

    • Allow regulators to hit company executives with criminal charges

    • Nationalise the railways

    • Increase the minimum wage to a living wage

    • Free school meals

    I don't know about you, but that seems at the very least, left of center. Sure, he's not making drastic sweeping changes right off the bat. But this country needs an era of stability, whilst we make small but consistent steps in the right direction, and that's what Starmer will give us

  • bloody rigged
  • Raising the tax threshold to £20,000 will absolutely help the poorest in society, especially short term which many currently need help with.

    You are correct with the rest of your comment though, which is exactly why I said it was unfunded, and that simultaneously cutting taxes on the rich is a ludicrous idea.

    My point is that there are other reasons why people would support Reform than just being frothing at the mouth racists

  • bloody rigged
  • To be fair, a lot of their policies directly help the working class. Like raising the tax threshold to £20,000. They couldn't fund any of it, as they're simultaneously promising to cut taxes on the most wealthy. But if you listen to a lot of what Farage says, it's the same as every other party, but he's also promising radical change and radical solutions.

    As misinformed, racist, and bigoted as they are, they're playing hard to the poorest in our society and present as the most pro working class party.

    Just to make it clear, they're a disgusting party, and I'm not even slightly suggesting anyone should ever vote for them. Just to actually acknowledge your opponent's strengths so we can better combat them before the next election

    Edit: Made it clearer what the £20,000 policy was