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Death Anxiety
  • This was a very touching comment. Thanks for sharing.

  • What is YOUR top 10 list of all time best video games?
  • Not in any order of value, but in alphabetical order. I couldn’t stick to just 10, sorry. And I’m sure I’m missing some good ones.

    • Crash Bandicoot (especially 2)
    • Dark Souls (1 and 3)
    • Deep Rock Galactic
    • Elden Ring
    • Escape From Tarkov
    • Factorio
    • Half Life (all of them)
    • Hollow Knight
    • Hotline Miami
    • Little Big Planet (especially 2)
    • Morrowind
    • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
    • Satisfactory
    • Terraria
    • The Binding of Isaac
    • The Forest (both games)
    • The Talos Principle (especially 2)
    • Yakuza (hard to pick one)

    …yeah, I’m bad at picking favorites.

  • Police Bluetooth advertising packets rule
  • How does one enable the feral hog radar?

  • Woke Side of the Moon
  • Tbh I never really knew much about them, but that explains a lot.

  • Woke Side of the Moon
  • …how does a trans person get this way? Seems like a huge lack of self-awareness or some kind of disingenuous grift.

  • I'm doing my part
  • I don’t know much about Helldivers. Why the sudden spike in negative reviews?

  • What are you playing this weekend? 2024-04-28
  • I’d definitely recommend them. Ive played the majority of DRG solo, but I have also played with friends a lot. I like both, but I find solo to be relaxing because I can go at my own pace and explore everything. I mostly play driller. Have you played it?

  • What are you playing this weekend? 2024-04-28
  • On my PC I’ve been playing Stalker: Call of Pripyat with the amazing Gunslinger mod. I just played through the first two Stalker games and really enjoyed them, and this third one is a huge step up in most ways. Looking forward to the next release this Fall.

    On my Steamdeck I’ve been playing Deep Rock Galactic Survivor. I’m a long-time DRG fan and it’s a simple but fun game to turn my brain off with.

  • Conservatives Quickly Turn Against “Idiot” Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • That headline made me lol. She is an idiot.

  • People who rarely get sick, what are your secrets?
  • Greetings, fellow coin-sucker!

  • Scanner Sombre: Analysis of a Flawed but Underappreciated Game
  • I had the same experience. Really wasn’t expecting the jump scare.

  • Not a crack house for sale
  • If the price was right, i might live there.

  • Mr Blue Sky - ELO [Progressive pop]
  • Making my way downtown

  • Microsoft reveals costs of Windows 10 end of life security update — and it might be more than you'd expect
  • I skimmed the article, but they seem to keep saying that the cost is for “businesses”. So am I right to assume that I can get these updates for free on my personal PC?

  • Anonymous users are dominating right-wing discussions online. They also spread false information
  • Very well put, thank you for taking the time to lay this all out.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I actually have had that enabled, but I get what you’re saying and it makes sense

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Fuck yeah, they are so fun.

    And they can be buggy too.

    Ive been using one or two mods to patch most issues, but yeah, this type of thing could always happen. It was a pretty random one-off thing with one messed up quicksave, but the thought/question of the post interested me anyway