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The dying gasps of NY Public Library Social Media
  • Not one of the responses to your comment seem to actually address the issue.

    As usual, lemmy users are too busy trying to prove that they're way holier than thou and forget they live in the real world, not the idealized ones they make up in their overly politicized fantasies.

    People not feeling safe due to homelessness at a library will not be using a library, they will not see value in the library because it's not a place they would go to. They also likely won't care about them enough to make additional funding a major concern for them.

    If you want to procure more funding for a library, it needs to be a place people see value in.

    You can work to solve homelessness and also improve safety of libraries, demonizing someone for not wanting to go somewhere because they're uncomfortable and feel unsafe is not helping support your issue.

  • fuck lawns (fuck lawns) fuck them very very much
  • Recently bought an electric plug in mower. 100 ft extension cord and it can reach every end of the area I keep mowed.

    Was considerably cheaper than an equivalent gasoline operated one and I don't have to store/worry about gas. The cord is a very minor inconvenience comparatively.

  • Edward Snowden releases new message: "You have been warned"
  • I would downvote simply because this type of community, "fuck whatever" exists solely as an echo chamber of internet hate train and is unlikely to ever produce anything of value.

    I would claim that it's better to downvote to prevent other people from finding extremely biased posts from a one sided community such as this. There is no arguing in good faith here, only tribalism.

  • YouTube's next move might make it virtually impossible to block ads
  • Myanmar, as a country, has a GDP of 62.26 billion usd.

    Google has a market cap of 2.17 Trillion usd and made a profit of $305 billion usd last year.

    Google makes more money in profit than moves through Myanmar in a year by nearly 5 times. If Google chooses not to operate in their country because of some law they don't like, what's to stop them?

    Google definitely has national government level influence, especially considering the pervasiveness of their product suite. Implying that they're above the law might be too far, but they for sure influence it.

    If the most extreme happens and Google decided that some EU law was too much to deal with compared to the gains, a lot of Europeans could find themselves in a position where Google doesn't operate in their country. Imagine every Android device becoming unable to use the majority of the service they operate on, or the most common browser, search engine, email service, and video streaming services simultaneously being disabled. I can't imagine the people will be very happy about that.

  • Dog attack: 6-week-old Ezra Mansoor dies after Husky attacks sleeping newborn
  • I have a husky, he's a giant lovable teddy bear made of fluff who is a giant coward in front of any sort of adversity. It's hard to imagine him hurting anything intentionally. He plays with my 2 cats and hasn't intentionally harmed them in any way.

    But then, I've also seen him catch a squirrel and crush it's skull right in front of me, just because.

    Dogs are still animals, and the bigger ones can still be dangerous even if they seem friendly and safe with the right conditions.