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Computer enthusiast from 🇳🇱, libre software and (retro & indie) video games. He/him, cis het. Game and software dev. I hack all of my game consoles. Privacy advocate. Anti big tech/FAANG. I generally prefer music from the 20th century. Learning to play piano. ANSI C is the best programming language. Jung personality type is ISTP. I have several mental disorders.

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Looking for FOSS Games
  • @[email protected] Sonic RoboBlast 2 and Sonic RoboBlast 2 Kart.
    The former is a fork of the original Doom that turns it into a 3D platformer. The latter is a fork of the former that turns it into an online kart racing game

  • Dealing with games that just won't run on Linux
  • this rarely happens, but when i run into a game that doesn't work i - check to see if someone else has already found a solution. trying different proton versions can sometimes help as well

  • Developing a game on Linux with no budget and (mostly) FOSS tools.
  • maybe, actually. i could technically turn the game into a library and put the parts of the engine that handle input and output in a separate application. but i'd have to find a license that allows this. i don't remember the details about linking libraries in the GPL 3, iirc the LGPL has something to do with libraries. but this would also allow others to include the game library into a proprietary application, providing they don't make any changes to the code

  • Developing a game on Linux with no budget and (mostly) FOSS tools.
  • true, but this would make it difficult to update the console version because i can't include contributions from the pc version in the console version. i'd have to maintain two versions instead of just one. or not update the console version, but that's not a good solution either.
    say a contributor fixes a bug, i wouldn't be able to use the same code in the console version because this code is property of the contributor and is GPL licensed. but the console version would make references to a proprietary console API of which i can't share any information, thus can't add the code. so i'd have to find a different way to fix the same bug or leave it as is

  • Developing a game on Linux with no budget and (mostly) FOSS tools.
  • i'm procrastinating on a game also made using only free software. i want to release the code without the assets under a free software license (just like doom). but if i do this i can't release the game on consoles unless i don't accept contributions. because of devkit NDAs

    CC: @[email protected]

  • Looking for a distro to dual boot with Win 11
  • dualbooting is often messy because windows update can delete things required for linux to boot.
    or to be more specific, it deletes grub, the bootloader.
    i've heard you can use a different bootloader called refined to prevent this from happening, that might be worth looking into.
    as for which distro, it doesn't really matter. the only real differences between distros are the package managers and repositories (servers for application and update downloads) they use by default. if you like frequent updates, you choose one that has frequent updates, if you don't, you don't

  • Am I doing this right?
  • The operating systems from the PS3, PS4, PS5, 3DS and Switch and Mac OS are based on FreeBSD. The Wii U probably also runs something based on FreeBSD.
    Linux for the PS2 is based on Red Hat.
    Chrome OS is based on Gentoo

    CC: @[email protected]

  • BTRFS for Linux gaming?
  • what filesystem you use to store your games on shouldn't matter. as long as the file system is able to store the files you need and supports the file permissions unix systems use it doesn't really matter.
    i recall things like file management are a little faster on btrfs, but it has no impact on game performance or loading times for as far as i'm aware

  • I'm giving Linux gaming a shot, but I've run into a couple display issues
  • many linux distributions still use the older method of getting things to appear on screen.
    they rely on a program called x11, development on x11 has stopped in favour of a new system called wayland. x11 does not support running different displays at different refresh rates, wayland does.
    but nvidia doesn't support wayland very well yet. you can use it, but it might be more prone to crashes when using an nvidia gpu. i still recommend trying it.

    usually you will find a menu at one of the corners of the screen before logging in to your desktop. here you will usually find something like "desktop name (xorg)" and "desktop name (wayland)".
    but some software hides the wayland option from nvidia users, it shouldn't be too difficult to find a guide on how to make this option appear if it is hidden though.

    HDR support is still a work in progress. Afaik it's not part of any official standard for display technology on linux yet, but KDE Plasma 6 has experimental support and Valve is actively working on support.
    KDE Plasma 6 is currently only available on distributions that push updates more frequently, without testing said updates thoroughly, like arch linux and some derivatives. the pop os developers have also promised to support HDR in their upcoming desktop environment called cosmic, which might still take a while to be released

  • Starting up steam will sometimes crash Gnome
  • Looks like lemmy doesn't accept posts with attachments.
    I tried to send a screenshot of a settings for accelerated rendering in steam. I don't think i'll make a difference, but turning it on is worth a try

  • Starting up steam will sometimes crash Gnome
  • forgot the attachment, i've sent another post

  • Starting up steam will sometimes crash Gnome
  • doubt this will do anything, but have you tried turning this on?
    (posted again because the edit didn't federate and i forgot the attachment)

  • Starting up steam will sometimes crash Gnome
  • Permanently Deleted

  • Now its a great time to switch to Linux to game
  • Most modloaders work by tricking the game into loading a dll file by giving the dll file the name of another dll file the game actually needs. (dsound.dll for example)
    But wine ignores these custom dll files by default because it has its own custom implementations of the libraries that use dll files with those names and prioritizes those.
    You can change settings with winecfg to make wine load the modloader dll files anyway, I don't remember exactly how to do this for a proton prefix, but it shouldn't be difficult

    CC: @[email protected]

  • Is now the right time to switch to Linux?
  • Proton works very well for me. I don't play any games that use anti cheat though.
    A lot of games that use anti cheat middleware don't work, but I've heard support is improving.
    I use Debian Testing. I recommend using Testing as well if you want to use Debian, or at least a custom kernel like xanmod to get newer drivers.

  • Why is the cutscene/FMV problem in Linux gaming so difficult to fix?
  • No idea, honestly. I'm guessing winetricks downloads the actual WMP, which would explain why it's not included by default. Not sure though

  • Why is the cutscene/FMV problem in Linux gaming so difficult to fix?
  • A lot of games rely on Windows Media Player to play videos. So that needs to be accurately reverse engineered for videos to work properly through Wine and Proton.
    Support is slowly improving.

    And the Unity game engine supports very few video formats on Linux. So lazy native ports with MP4 videos won't work, they would probably just crash the game. Unity doesn't support MP4 on Linux.

  • Kbin may be the odd stepchild, but it's part of the family!
  • fair, but they are all part of the same network. I'm not using lemmy, kbin or mastodon. but I can still send messages here

  • Kbin may be the odd stepchild, but it's part of the family!
  • Not that I'm aware of. I think it's just short for fediverse