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Trump rally: Witness says he saw gunman minutes before shots fired
  • Which i would have an easier time believing than a bullet. If he got a small cut on his ear it would bleed that much, but that is in no way a bullet wound. It doesn't really matter at the end of the day though because facts don't matter to fascist MAGA idiots. If it doesn't back up what they already believe it's fake news.

  • Obama's response...
  • Because politics. That's it. That's the whole reason. If Trump had actually died it would give MAGA assholes even more "proof" that the "liberals" are out to get them. Since he survived everyone is working overtime to attempt to prevent the right from spiraling things even more out of control. Personally I would have been fine if he didn't make it, but that would also harden the MAGA crowd.

  • Trump rally: Witness says he saw gunman minutes before shots fired
  • I would agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that his ear looks completely intact. Bloody, yes, but no chunk missing. If it was an actual bullet moving at subsonic speed even a graze would leave more than a little blood. Another thing to consider is that there would be WAY more blood than what was shown. Your extremities bleed more than any other part of your body because that's where all of the blood vessels gather. I know this from the personal experience of splitting my head open on a metal pipe. It took no time for blood to cover one half of my face. If he was actually shot in the ear blood would be gushing. As it stands it looks like someone smeared lipstick on his ear.

  • Benny 😍😍😍
  • ".... Maybe you steal her underwear a couple times..." No Ben. No we don't.

    Regardless of it being the fake, the fact that so many (including me) thought it was real speaks volumes.

  • History is written by the victors
  • What's that quote? History is written by the winners. Yeah, something like that. Not to say the alternative would have been better, but bad historians will always leave out the worst parts of a country's history.

  • micrulesoft
  • The real problem is the lack of official support from companies like Adobe, Nvidia, and others that refuse to support Linux. Sure there are workarounds, but not without getting into the console which is already too much for people who are used to the drivers just downloading. Many Linux users tend to overlook how much Windows just does everything for them, for better or worse.

  • People doing the 30 days linux Challenge are having several problems because of Mint's old packages and technology. Why people still recommend it when there is Fedora and Opensuse with KDE and Gnome?
  • I wouldn't quite go so far as to say it's gone "mainstream" since you still have to be moderately nerdy to know about it. I get your point though. This is one of the reasons I am so happy the Steam Deck exists. Before Valve released the Steam Deck nobody wanted to make games for Linux, so Valve said "fuck it, we'll do it ourselves" and proved it was not only possible, but a better experience overall. While not all games work, having 78-80% of your game library work on Linux, with no Windows OS performance tax, is a great experience. Even with the Proton compatibility layer games generally run faster than on Windows.

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 mod update will be Larian’s ‘final handover’ to players
  • "Screwed them over" may have been a bit strong, but as you mentioned WotC laid off a bunch of devs. The important part is that they were devs who working directly with Larian on BG3. This is more likely than not also the reason Larian halted work on BG3 DLC. The public statement was that they lost their motivation, but it's no coincidence that the DLC was cancelled very close to the layoff announcement. There are also the backhanded remarks that Swen has made about WotC watching him. It really sounds like Wizards is trying to control the narrative and make it look like the parting was amicable.