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Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Better president than Obama????? Nah... I miss those days. You just... like.... lived your life. Not worried about the president. He just did things. Improvement of the economy was slow, but there were regulations put in place to prevent the recession from happening again that slowed the growth. I am OK with that. Trump immediately repealed them and Biden never attempted to reinstate anything. So it will happen again.

  • The Whole Murder Thing, I'm Guessing
  • God damn, I hate him reguardless. But sometimes you forget how absurd it is. He started and endorsed a riot that stormed the capital with gallows, pressured the vice president not to certify an election that was obviously legit. Then supposedly Pence was afraid to get into a ss car because he knew his safety was in question.

    That's fucking insane. It's fucking insane how obvious it is that he is trying to undermine America and its institutions, its government, its "democracy ". He's not even trying to hide it. It's his rallying cry. In the country that his party pretends to love.

    And whats even more insane is here we are, in a situation where we are worried about half the country voluntarily wanting it to happen.

    I am as apathetic as they come about our broken system. I want the whole thing to burn down and rebuild, but not by handing the keys over to a tyrant. There is no rebuilding after that. Not in my lifetime.

  • Joe Biden suddenly cancels speech, tests positive for COVID
  • I fucking love Bernie, I donated, canvassed, made calls, drove hundreds of miles to go to rallies, have Bernie sticker on my vehicles in a violently republican town, but Bernies window has closed. He is too old now and he would say that himself.

    I wouldn't argue too hard because he still seems to have his witts about him, and even a half sentient Bernie is exactly what this corrupt country needs, But this age trend needs to go the other way.

    How about AOC....

  • Tenacious D’s Newcastle show postponed after comment about Trump assassination attempt
  • It's crazy because if they made the same joke in America few people might be pissed, that's about it. They wouldn't be banned, and their demographic is not the type to be mad about that comment. It would barely actually affect them here.

  • Biden Conference on Attempted Assassination Megathread:
  • And Trump is a sociopath, you discriminating against his disability? Biden can't carry a sentence because he's old as fuck combined with a stutter. We all know Biden is the better option, but don't be a gaslighting little bitch and pretend it isn't real.

  • Bengals @ Cardinals

    I haven't been able to watch. Score looks good. 🤷‍♂️


    How the hell does a defense get a NEGATIVE fantacy score? Didn't even know that was possible.


    Week 4 Cardinals (1-2) @ 49ers (3-0)

    1:25pm Thread in early because I have to work.


    Go Cards


    Unfortunatly it looks like Chandler Jones is having some medical issues.


    Cowboys (2-0) @Cardinals (0-2)

    Better late than never?

    Free Stream:

    blink-182 Guy_Fieris_Hair

    One More Time...


    NY Giants (0-1) @ AZ Cardinals (0-1)

    Go Cards

    Free Stream:


    WEEK 1: Cardinals (0-0) at Commanders (0-0).

    Free Stream:


    Cardinals 2023 Roster Arizona Cardinals Roster | ESPN

    Visit ESPN to view the Arizona Cardinals team roster for the current season

    Arizona Cardinals Roster | ESPN

    Update on the Wilks/Keim burner phone situation. Ex-Cards coach Wilks: Told to use burner phone

    Steve Wilks testified as part of the ongoing arbitration complaint filed by former Cardinals executive Terry McDonough against owner Michael Bidwill and the team.

    Ex-Cards coach Wilks: Told to use burner phone

    Cardinals release Colt McCoy Cardinals release QB Colt McCoy, leaving position in flux as regular season approaches

    The Arizona Cardinals have released their expected starting quarterback Colt McCoy less than two weeks before the team’s season opener against the Washington Commanders.

    Cardinals release QB Colt McCoy, leaving position in flux as regular season approaches

    I don't even know what's happening anymore.


    Tom Grossi - Cardinals reaction to the 2023 NFL season.


    Isaiah Simmons traded to the Giants for a 2024 7th round Pick. Giants acquire S Isaiah Simmons in trade with Cardinals

    The positionless defense added a positionless player.

    Giants acquire S Isaiah Simmons in trade with Cardinals

    I'm not sure what I think about this. He had sparks of hope, but now he's traded for peanuts.


    Cardinals (1-0) vs Chiefs (0-1) at State Farm Stadium. Preseason Week 2.


    I will leave this link here until someone tells me not too:


    PreSeason Week 1 Game Thred

    Cardinals vs Broncos. I will figure this out as the regular season approaches.





    PreSeason Game one projected roster. Pre-Season Week 1: Cardinals’ Roster Projection

    Whom are the last 5 in and the first 5 out heading into pre-season game 1 vs. Broncos?

    Pre-Season Week 1: Cardinals’ Roster Projection
    0 Top 3 young Arizona Cardinals players impressing in camp (so far)

    The Arizona Cardinals are just one week into training camp, but a fair share of young players are already making their mark.

    Top 3 young Arizona Cardinals players impressing in camp (so far)

    DHop signs $12m/year 2 year contract with the Titans DeAndre Hopkins Picks Tennessee As His Next Team

    Wide receiver headed to Titans after his release by Cardinals earlier in offseason

    DeAndre Hopkins Picks Tennessee As His Next Team

    Am I able to personally block .threads on my .world account? I want nothing to do with meta.