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[CrimethInc] Trump campaign aims to use today's shooting as a sort of Reichstag fire to incite his supporters to step up street violence
  • Because you are a reasonable person.

    Everytime there is a violent act involving guns and the left says that we need to do something, the right will make excuses. This will not sway a single one of them to think the guns might be the problem.

    Gun sales will increase now because liberals are coming to take them.

  • Why Donald Trump’s proposal to stop taxing tips is a lame political stunt
  • Minimum wage will be the next thing to go.

    Not taxing tips is actually a gift to the employers more than to the employees. When a tipped worker claims 100$ they will have taxes and SSI withheld from their hourly wage AND the employer will also have to pay into SSI for that claimed tip amount.

    Do away with taxes on tips, then make the argument that there shouldn't be a minimum for service workers at all. Eventually we get rid of minimum wage completely and SSI.

  • "Hey Google, Turn my balls off"
  • This was my first thought. I could see this being a medical procedure in place of a vasectomy. Get switch (or something less likely to get bumped) installed and set to off. Then when you want to have kids, another procedure to turn the switch on.

    People keep looking for a quick fix for male sperm control, I didn't think it is possible. At least not as a off and on solution that keeps coming up.

  • A seemingly valid reason to stick with Biden pretty much no matter what just struck me...
  • The problem is how much recognition anyone else may have to the voting population. People here pay attention. Most voters do not. I can only speculate, but I'd bet that better than 20% of voters don't actually know who the VP is. I'd make a similar wager that more than that didn't know who their congressional representatives are.

    Pure speculation, but say that 30% of registered eligible voters are unaware of a new candidate. Probably about 1/3 of those would never vote Democrat anyway. How do you get the remainder excited about the new candidate and fight off the inevitable misinformation in the next 3.5 months?

    Anyone that fills that role is going to be starting at zero with a not insignificant number of voters.

  • Okay, which one of you wrote this? Lmao
  • Even a wounded animal is going to respond physically to the sound of a saw. Then you have to consider what will happen when the half dead body of a 900lb pig is placed on a cold steel plate and slowly pushed into a sharp fast moving band saw. A half alive pig would take a few people to hold it down and get the job done.

    If you go ass first, damn things would probably kick and scream for a good 5 minutes before it would succumb to the injuries. Would be better to go head first really.

    On second thought, for the health of the consumer, the food meat animal would need to be gutted before it was cut on the band saw. Yeah, gutting a half living meat sack would be much harder than a dead one. Very awkward. Maybe if it were dead enough it might even live for an extra few minutes. One might say that would be an advantage over being killed instantly with a bolt to the skull. You had a few more minutes of life, no matter how painful they might have been.

    Paralysed maybe, not able to move our scream. A soft gloved hand stroking the skin. A cold, sharp pinch as a gutting knife quickly penetrates your body. Just a few more seconds now. The blade expertly guided up the abdomen. The flow of warm blood flowing over the legs. A sudden feeling of coldness as the blood drains, one last breath taken. Never exhaled.

    BRB! My bacon is ready.

  • Trump-loving gays say their MAGA support is ruining their lives
  • Punching down. It's often why bullies are bullies, they are someone's victim and the lesson they learn is to find someone weaker to make a victim.

    If you tell someone they are less than and they believe it, they will start looking for someone less than themselves to treat the same way.

    It's inferiority from the top down. Trump talks in terms of being the best, the greatest, etc to mask his true feelings. He feels he is less than. Maybe not consciously, but it's absolutely something that weighs on him.

  • What's your plan if Trump wins in November?
  • A better question would be what are you going to do to make sure the orange Mussolini doesn't win?

    Make sure you, your friends, and your family are Registered to vote.

    Make sure everyone you know gets to the polls on our before election day.

    Become a poll worker.

    We need to make sure we vote in numbers too big to steal. In 2000 the election was handed to Bush by the Supreme Court because of one state. Looking at the last term, the court would absolutely find a way to shift the election to the con in chief if it was just one swing state with irregularities.

    Talk to people about project 2025 and what it will mean. This is how the guardrails from 2017 are removed. This is how we start a Christian theocracy. If we vote blue all the way down, the Dems may be able to put stronger rails in place. If it's not Project 2025 it will be Project 2029. These conservative think tanks have been doing this since Reagan, but this is by far the scariest.

    Talk to friends and family about the Biden administration wins. It's not just Biden you're voting for, it is a continuation of his administration.

    Bottom line, this is likely the most important election of many of our lives. All of us must participate.

  • But it'll all be fine, I'm sure it'll blow over and never affect me
  • I did. But I also watched a number of his speeches before and after. He over prepared and tripped over his own feet. Reagan likely was in decline for over half his years but they celebrate him now.

    Biden did horrible, but he seemed unnaturally prepped to me. I don't care what the practiced Biden does, I'm more concerned with what he's like over a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone.

  • Political Memes GroundedGator

    Video showing how divided Congress has become

    The parties used to work together, it was unthinkable to not compromise for their constituents. Today we hear politicians talk as if it would be treason to work with members from the other side.

    There is no both sides in this either. One side wants to govern alone to their own interests, not those of their constituents.


    Ireland sends Bambie Thug to ESC


    Bambie Thug - Doomsday Blue


    Ministry - B.D.E.


    Bamble Thug - Doomsday Blue

    Loving this Irish entry

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