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Firefox search box jumps focus to address bar
  • It's open source software, raise an issue/bug report if this is unexpected behavior. The community is open and responsive to feedback. Posting here won't get it fixed.

  • When is it okay to tilt the camera for a photo?
  • When taking photos of the leaning Tower of Pisa ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • How I Got a Truly Anonymous Signal Account
  • Signal has account pins now so I don't think the attack vector is as large as it used to be

  • Could AI be able to have religious or political beliefs?
  • Generative AI doesn't have any beliefs, it just makes predictions on what should come next.

  • how do you keep mozzarella sticks from splitting in the oven?
  • Quickly dip them in the sun (or any G-type star). The high heat will immediately carbonize the outside keeping the mozzarella contained (and also carbonized).

  • AR15's are not Hunting Rifles.
  • The magazine capacity is an issue though. The standard 30 round mag is far to large for any realistic hunting purposes (you can also get up to 100 round drum mags). While you can hunt with an AR-15, it's not the best rifle for the task.
    I live in Canada and the government is in the process of banning semi-automatic centre fire rifles capable of holding more than 5 rounds. Given that 3D printers exist, this pretty much bans all rifles with interchangeable mags. I'm a gun owner on a rural property and I think that's a reasonable compromise. I can still own a decent bolt action hunting rifle and a semi-automatic rim fire rifle with no mag limit.
    It does suck for people who's rifles are getting banned though.

  • Any recommendation on antivirus that isn't annoying and don't give false positive on cracks?
  • Have you considered getting NordVPN? A YouTuber told me it protects against 100% of hackers

  • arrested kitty
  • This happened to me when I was younger and more silly.
    Fuzz: "What's your name?"
    Me: "I know my rights, I don't have to tell you my name unless I'm under arrest"
    Fuzz: "OK, you're under arrest"
    I spent 2 hours in a cell and ended up on the opposite side of town 😅 I 100% deserved it.

  • TIL SimpeLogin has limits for how many accounts you can make for a single site
  • The purpose of these kinds of aliases is to disassociate the human's email address from the service. Alias services like this aren't designed to enable multiple signups for a single service. Otherwise it would quickly be a tool abused by spammers, blocked by services, and useless for people.

  • TIL the term Redneck likely originated from the sunburned red neck of those working in fields.
  • It doesn't seem far fetched which is what makes this urban myth appealing. But this red neck theory makes loads of assumptions, like these farmers didn't know how to protect themselves from the sun, these farmers were groomed in a way to reveal their necks, etc. In reality, they would have had solid base tans, worn hats, and probably kept their neck and ears covered with hair.

  • How to download amazon prime movies
  • Funnily enough I think pirating the content from a torrent site would be the easiest option

  • Google’s Repair Policy Is Broken
  • I'm never buying a Google product again after dealing with their "support" for a warranty repair. I've given Google thousands over the years. What a silly short sighed company they've become.

  • TIL the term Redneck likely originated from the sunburned red neck of those working in fields.
  • The Wikipedia article doesn't link to a 1893 citation. It links for a single paywalled article to make that claim. This sounds like an urban legend loop that seems to make sense until examined.

  • TIL the term Redneck likely originated from the sunburned red neck of those working in fields.
  • Farmers also wore hats and covered their necks. My point is that if you saw a red neck 100 years ago it would more likely belong to someone who works indoors, is groomed to expose their neck, and spent the day outside as opposed to a farmer. A farmer would know better, they're not stupid. This is just one of those explanations that sounds logical until you dig a tiny bit.

  • TIL the term Redneck likely originated from the sunburned red neck of those working in fields.
  • Modern farming isn't really comparable to folks working the land 100+ years ago. My point is that farmers 100 years ago weren't stupid, they would have protected themselves when necessary and would have earned an impressive base tan.

  • TIL the term Redneck likely originated from the sunburned red neck of those working in fields.
  • I am British by decent and lived on a boat for a year. First few months I was burned a few times but after a short while I was fine. Even when I was in places like the Bahamas. That was the same for all the other white folks, only the tourists were sunburned.

  • TIL the term Redneck likely originated from the sunburned red neck of those working in fields.
  • I wouldn't take that as gospel giving the single reference for that claim and the discussion for that article

  • TIL the term Redneck likely originated from the sunburned red neck of those working in fields.
  • That doesn't make sense, you get sun burn like that if you go from no sun exposure to lots of sun exposure. People working in the fields would not have been constantly sun burned unless they were albino.

  • "Eyes hurt" Google trend in Canada 📈


    If sex workers wearing Canadian Forces uniforms are being threatened with charges, what should happen to this guy?


    Trash pandas making more trash pandas

    These raccoons were having an epic all day love making session outside my window yesterday. They're nocturnal so I guess this is the equivalent of an all-nighter and I assume the masks are a kink ¯\\\(ツ)/¯ Every 30 mins they'd venture out of the dead tree's hollow and start up again. Putting the wild in wildlife. Awww, to be young again...

    Belleville Ontario Greg Clarke

    UPDATE: Mangy fox has been spotted happy and healthy a month after the treatment

    The mangy fox was in a rough state by the time he had the treatment. We hadn't seen him for a few weeks and we were worried the treatment was too late. Then earlier this week my partner spotted what she thought might be the mangy fox. The fox looked healthy but it's tail wasn't full yet. Today I spotted him again and managed to take a video. We're confident it's the same fox, he actually left us a poop present on our back deck in the same place he used to hangout when he was sick.


    Pedestrian friendly airport in Norway (Bergen)

    It was a nice surprise being able to walk to our hotel directly from the airport on well maintained side walks and cross walks.


    This van is not rusty, it's a vehicle wrap


    Why are people anti Facebook joining the fediverse?

    The arguments I've heard about tracking etc are misguided and don't understand the actual risks.

    Firstly, posts on the fediverse are already likely being consumed by advertising platforms like Facebook & Google. It would be trivial for big tech companies to setup relays that act as scrapers.

    Secondly, the value in platform's tracking individuals is for advertising. There is no mechanism for these platforms to identify you browsing the we if your instance federated with threads. Your instance won't share cookie sessions etc with threads. It doesn't increase your exposure.

    Thirdly, these platforms have the know how to deal with spam and they will be incentivised to share that tech with other federated instances.

    Don't get me wrong, Facebook is an evil company. But I haven't heard a decent argument as to why them joining the fediverse is a bad thing. We always have the option to defederate in the future.

    Change my mind.


    Anti beaners complaining after 24hrs of bean posts


    Lemmy see more of those bean memes


    All roads lead to not pooping


    Lemmy needs more beans




    TIL beans relieve constipation

    Beans contain both insoluble and soluble fiber, and that combination helps stool move through your intestines. source


    The Mr Bean of memes


    The only drug I need


    How did they get these tires on this concrete post?


    What do people who work in tourism do in winter?

    We're visiting Norway at the moment, it's a beautiful country. We're obviously here in the high season with lots of employment. What do tourist workers do in the winter when there is much less work?

    Belleville Ontario Greg Clarke

    Localized particulate matter readings for Massasauga road, Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

    Local readings can vary a lot from the forecast readings


    What's our next challenge? Or are we just going to try not pooping for 4 days now?


    We need an update from OP. How did it go? Was it everything you hoped for? What's this week's challenge?