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Average U.S. vehicle age hits record 12.6 years as high prices force people to keep them longer
  • Yup. My wife's car is a '22 and while overall solid drives her crazy with its sensors yelling at her. Thankfully, the auto adjustment to steering if you 'veer out of your lane' can be disabled. It still beeps at her for usually no good reason, though. Meanwhile, I hate it because it uses Android auto and is absolutely horrible at managing multiple phones. When I drive it won't connect. Meanwhile, when she gets home, it hijacks my bluetooth even if I'm listening to something with my headphones. If I unpair it on the phone side it spams pair requests until I block it.

    Meanwhile, my car is roughly 10 years old, runs just fine, doesn't beep just because I used my turn signal with a car next to me, and has basic bluetooth that just works. I much prefer mine.

  • If you play ANY mobile-style, free-to-PAY game, you are helping to destroy gaming. That includes any exceptions you think exist.
  • Makes sense. I definitely feel the same frustration sometimes and think it's insane when people actively defend practices like these or try to sweep the problem under the rug.

  • If you play ANY mobile-style, free-to-PAY game, you are helping to destroy gaming. That includes any exceptions you think exist.
  • Awareness is good but berating your average Joe is not the way to make any kind of systemic change. It will make them not listen to you or even actively work against you.

  • If you play ANY mobile-style, free-to-PAY game, you are helping to destroy gaming. That includes any exceptions you think exist.
  • I'm not about to tell anybody they're evil for playing a game like this and not knowing any better. If you really wanna change people's habits, you'd be better off showing them what a better game can be. Even then, they could legitimately prefer their gachas or be addicted. I think that's pretty crazy but there's only so much one can do.

    The AAA price increase was mostly just wanting more money and using inflation as an excuse. They're not necessarily hurting because of f2p games. Well made traditional games still sell but often times the big publishers put out unfinished crap or overload their full-price games with monetization anyways. Those may be hurt financially. Meanwhile, games like Elden Ring and BG3 have done extremely well.

    The pressure to change needs to be put on the companies, not the individuals. What the individual mostly needs is awareness.

  • If you play ANY mobile-style, free-to-PAY game, you are helping to destroy gaming. That includes any exceptions you think exist.
  • I mean for sure these games are bad for the industry but I don't think it's a moral failing for people to play them. The reality is that companies have learned how to manipulate and ease worse practices into games over time. It sucks that a notable number of people have fallen for it but accusing individuals of being at fault (especially here) isn't going to change the industry.

  • Older patient gamers: what is your preferred gaming platform?
  • As time goes on I lean more and more into PC gaming with emulation for older systems. Resistant to hardware and disks/cartridges failing and there are fewer concerns with online functionality going away completely. There's a lot to like about the Switch but with it being literally their only console that still has any online features, I have serious concerns about longevity.

  • Is the difference between OLED and LCD models really that big?
  • Outside of the major changes of the screen and battery, there's minor changes in pretty much every area of the OLED. Whether that's worth it depends. For me, the Deck was my main device, and for that it was completely worth selling the old model and upgrading. If it won't be your primary gaming device or it will almost always be docked (so not benefiting from the screen or battery), then maybe not. In either case, the power is basically identical and some software changes have been made to massively improve the LCD screen, so you really can't go wrong.

  • Oregon city can't limit church's homeless meal services, federal judge rules
  • The fact that this went to court in the first place is just insane. This was an attempt at the removal of freedom for cruelty's sake.

  • What are the best indie games you've ever played?
  • If I had to pick one it would be Terraria. But there are many good options.

  • Balatro Hits One Million Copies Sold In Less Than A Month, Mobile Port Incoming
  • It's a lot of fun. Got me to get a stylus to use for card games on my Steam Deck.

    Boss blinds that hard counter you late in the game feel pretty dang bad, but that's my only big complaint thus far.

  • I didn't read the TOS for Baldurs Gate 3 until now
  • This strikes me as though the TOS existing is one of the (seemingly few) things out of their control when using the ip, but they went and made it as pro-consumer as they could.

  • [Help, Resolved] Euro Truck Simulator 2 is not running full speed on Steam Deck.
  • It's been a while but I think I also struggled to hit a solid 60 without substantial graphical downgrades. The biggest thing to check, if they haven't fixed it, is if you're using proton? The Linux version of the game, at least as of last year, is total crap. Running the Windows version through proton is a substantial improvement. Hopefully enough to get you to 60fps.

  • Crash Bandicoot 4, Spyro Reignited Trilogy Dev Toys For Bob Is Splitting From Activision
  • Hopefully this is a net positive. I'm guessing with the partnership they still want to work on Crash and Spyro, and I hope they do. They've been held in limbo for way too long. Would be pretty crazy for Crash to have an indie dev.

  • Crash Bandicoot 4, Spyro Reignited Trilogy Dev Toys For Bob Is Splitting From Activision
  • The Crash remake is definitely an improvement for the first game as it lacked analogue support. The others, at least as a lifelong fan, bit of a mixed bag. Good and well done, but I prefer the PS1 version of the second two games. The physics are less precise in the remakes and the graphical and musical changes give it a worse atmosphere for me. But for a newbie, they're still great.

  • Nikki Haley Desperately Tries to Walk Back Comment on Alabama Embryo Ruling
  • So she doesn't want IVF to stop but does still think embryos are babies. To me this reads like someone who thinks literally all embryos retrieved during the IVF process must be used. For those who aren't aware, IVF can potentially end up with 8 or so viable embryos.

  • Joe Biden dog Commander bit Secret Service agents at least 24 times
  • Option 3: the dog is a commander of other dogs. My beagle gets orders from him at least once a week.

  • Speaker Mike Johnson faces critical decision on Ukraine aid as international pressure grows to act
  • While I'm not surprised and I'm not sure if the current proposals are any different, I hate how dishonest the framing around our aid so far has been. Even in non-right-wing news, it's regularly talked about as a dollar amount, implying that it is or will be a strain on our economy. In actuality, we are primarily supplying old equipment that, while better than what Russia has, is not the best we own and would use ourselves. All that to say, this is not some big drain on the country like some people would like us to believe.

  • Are there any games like Diablo but not Diablo because Diablo?
  • I'll add Chronicon to the list! Its approach to endgame is quite similar to D3, but more entertaining imo. It was also made by a solo dev, which is very impressive.

  • Spec Ops: The Line permanently removed from Steam and other digital stores
  • I don't understand why a company would even want to use the music if it means they can only sell the game for so long. Obviously, it's not the current reality, but I would outright refuse any deal that involves a limited amount of time to use material that goes into a video game, movie, any form of media except maybe live services that are constantly changing anyways (which is a separate issue).

    At the very least, people should be made aware of a game's sale period, though I'm sure that's kept under NDA.

  • MSI's new Claw handheld goes head to head with Lenovo and Asus at $700
  • I'll admit I'm not super knowledgeable on the space outside of the Deck, but it really feels like most of these things are pushing power without any consideration to usability. You're a PC, you need convenient methods of handling PC input and plenty of input options to handle the number of inputs. Without that or a handheld-friendly mode in Windows, you're probably dead in the water. Props where they're due to the Legion Go on that front for trying something new with its joycon mouse.

  • Gaming GreenAlex

    Deep Rock Galactic - Season 04: Critical Corruption - Out Now! Deep Rock Galactic - Season 04: Critical Corruption - Out Now! - Steam News

    Hello Miners, Welcome to SEASON 04 - CRITICAL CORRUPTION! Though we have gained great ground against the rampaging Lithophage in the past months, it remains a constant threat - and to make matters worse, reports of alarming new mutations are starting to come in. Let’s get right into it! With Love, T...

    Dunno how many other DRG lovers there are here, but their latest season is now live! I'm looking forward to playing it over the weekend and probably fail completely at Jetty Boots.