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Cage alignment chart
  • Not gonna lie, I was expecting a John Travolta Pic snuck in there somewhere.

  • NSFW
  • Yeah, great game. Although I'm surprised more Match 3s don't use that sliding gem mechanic.

  • LinkedIn is the human centipede of social media, and it has some strange people.
  • I went back and reread it in his voice and it was just perfect. Good catch.

  • I'm an empath
  • So, you're saying they're Nicolas Cage?

  • toxic
  • Her first appearance was with Christopher Eccleston's Doctor. Her second, and final, appearance was with David Tennant's Doctor.

  • MAGA 'Prophets': God Thinks Trump's Conviction Was Rigged
  • Surely, you mean "already done" list?

  • The American People
  • Oh right, it's not like we fought a civil war over a hundred years before that, and to this day there are still people here flying the losing sides flag. We've been turning on each other a long time. It's an American tradition at this point.

  • Full points for confidence
  • I second this. I have a bulging disc on my spine, and the PT taught me stretching and core strengthening exercises, and nowadays I only have problems when I over exert myself. PT worked wonders.

  • Chose One Rule
  • I know the Marvel movies have been going downhill, maybe this is their plan to turn it around. The Breadvengers!

  • Donald Trump faces travel ban to 37 countries
  • Neither is Russia. It'll make it easier for him to personally kiss Putins ass.

  • Nikki Haley writes ‘finish them’ on IDF artillery shells during Israel visit
  • I was talking the last 4 years of Top Secret info created during the Biden administration. Because you know that Biden, unlike Trump, isn't giving away our Top Secret info to Putin. But, Trump will package it all up neatly with a bow, and hand it over to Putin the first chance he gets.

  • Nikki Haley writes ‘finish them’ on IDF artillery shells during Israel visit
  • Plus, there's 4 years of new Top Secret info for Trump to turn over to Putin.

  • Henry VIII's armor from the Tower of London. Interesting cod piece
  • It somehow feels very appropriate that you called them cad pieces.

  • Anon needs help proving something
  • Especially since they could swap out every part of your psychiatrist between appointments, and then they're not your psychiatrist anymore.

  • Iranian President Raisi feared dead as helicopter wreckage found | Reuters
  • Yeah, but it was a convoy of 3 helicopters, and the one carrying the president was the only one that didn't make it. So, why was the weather an issue for only that one chopper?

  • Tesla drops Steam gaming support inside its vehicles
  • Don't you have phones?! You could play Diablo.

  • Iranian President Raisi feared dead as helicopter wreckage found | Reuters
  • On the news, they're blaming a lot of things like the weather, sanctions causing Iran to not be able to get adequate repair parts, possible pilot inexperience, amongst other things, but you just know it was Israel.

    Iran lobs missles at Israel, and then the Iranian president winds up dead a few weeks later? That's classic Mossad right there.

  • Most unique looking celebrities?
  • Ella Purnell from Fallout.

  • Americans are choking on surging fast-food prices. "I can't justify the expense," one customer says
  • Cheaper doesn't necessarily mean healthier. I know when I was young, most nights I would make a box of rice a roni and chop up a hot dog to add in. It was about the cheapest meal I could make, but it definitely wasn't healthy.

  • One thing the fandoms can agree on.

    To help contribute, here's the only meme I've ever done, which I did in response to news that Abrams was working on a new ST movie. And after seeing how well the franchise is going with SNW and LD, I feel it's even more appropriate.


    Does anyone else think that RTD is bringing back Donna to headline a new Torchwood?

    We all know that RTD considers Torchwood as his special property, and that he can't hire Barrowman again, since Barrowman's on the BBC "Do Not Hire" list, so it would make sense to bring The Doctor Donna in to be their alien expert. I mean obviously they'll come up with some reason why her being with the Doctor doesn't make her brain fry, so there's no reason to not bring her into Torchwood.

    It may not even be Catherine Tate, as part of keeping her brain from becoming scrambled may involve making her regenerate, so it could be an all new face, and actress, for Donna on Torchwood.

    What do you all think?


    Any news from Pinball Expo?

    I couldn't attend this year, so what's the news from the expo? New Pin manufacturers? New Tables?


    I'm sure you're all wonderful people, but how can I play the game without encountering anyone else?

    The game is supposed to be an ominous and foreboding ARPG, and instead I run across BgButzzzz6nine, or I start moving towards some creatures on the other side of my screen, and before I've taken two steps some Necromancer and undead horde come buzzsawing through the area like a scythe, and I have to try and find someplace where I can actually kill things. The isolated feel was a key point of the game, and added to the ambiance and feel of the game. Now, I can't go 2 minutes without getting that immersion ruined by some random intrusion by another player. Is there some way to not be surrounded by other people while playing the game?