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How to be aware of empty roll
  • How to avoid the empty roll and be sanitary?

    Before you sit, always grab a couple squares of paper and wipe the seat. You'll avoid stray droplets and leftover curly hairs, and if the paper is low you'll know before it is too late.

  • rule rule rule

    I wish I was as bold as these authors.
  • The paper explicitly states that they are calling ChatGPT "bullshit" in the Frankfurtian sense and they cite "On Bullshit" as the source for that definition. It's right there in the introduction.

    You'd know this if you had read the paper or even checked whether your statement were true. So either you read it and then lied deliberately, or you didn't read the paper nor actually care about the truth value of your own statement, rendering your comment itself bullshit in the Frankfurtian sense.

  • Former russia today employee Julian Assange after British prison vs Ukrainian POW, Volodymyr Tsema-Bursov, after russian captivity
  • I can't tell you what dude was trying to say, on account of not being a mind reader.

    But each of them were jailed for acts against the states that imprisoned them (one espionage, one enemy combatant). That is the relevant point of comparability: treatment of a foreign enemy.

    The pictures show the contrast in how those states treat their prisoners. One leaves their prisoner healthy, and the other leaves theirs starved.

    The point couldn't be clearer.

  • Dallas, TX visit

    Where is the best beginner spot? The must play course for the dedicated player?


    Name that song - “Dad, I’m In Jail” by Was (Not Was)


    Angelique Kidjo - Remain In Light by Talking Heads (a cover of the entire album) Remain in Light by Angelique Kidjo

    Listen to "Remain in Light" by Angelique Kidjo on any music platform - Free smart music links by Songwhip

    Remain in Light by Angelique Kidjo

    It takes the Africa-inspired sound of the original and dials it up to 11. Highlights are "The great curve" and "Listening Wind", but it's all really good.


    King Missile - Get Up by REM


    Wall of Voodoo - Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash Ring of Fire by Wall Of Voodoo

    Listen to "Ring of Fire" by Wall Of Voodoo on any music platform - Free smart music links by Songwhip

    Ring of Fire by Wall Of Voodoo

    Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd


    Get help with classwork at Ask Math. ask_math -

    A community to ask math questions with the goal of learning math. When you ask a question, include a description of what you have already tried and where you feel you are stuck. When answering a question, avoid simply giving the answer. Let’s not do other people’s homework for them. Similar communit...

    September is here, and school is in session. If you need help with specific questions, consider visiting Ask Math is a community for getting help with specific, focused questions. We won’t do your homework for you, but we will do our best to get you unstuck.

    If you don’t need help but are a helpful sort, join us and help scholars grow.

    Students and teachers, please review our sidebar for best practices on requesting and delivering meaningful help that provides students the chance to improve.

    ask_math GrabtharsHammer

    About tab wants improvement

    What other communities or resources belong in the About tab?

    Connect A Song GrabtharsHammer

    Coconut by Harry Nilsson

    Doctor -> Ain’t there nothing I can take?


    Community for homework help is a new community for questions with math homework and similar specific math problems. Come over and help more math folks grow!

    ask_math GrabtharsHammer

    Ask Math community

    Welcome! This is a community for those that need help with math questions. The idea is for respondents to teach how to solve the problem, not to simply provide an answer. The Original Poster (OP) should aim to attain a real understanding that will lead to independent success in math going forward. Respondents should provide guidance and support to help OP complete the work and learning they need to grow in mathematics.

    To get effective help:

    Include the complete, exact statement of the problem. Paraphrasing or excerpting the problem can leave out important details.

    Include a description of what you have tried, where you feel you are stuck, and ask specific questions about any part of the question you don’t quite understand.

    If the problem is part of coursework, specify what course you are taking. If the problem is something you are tackling as part of independent study, provide a basic description of your level of education in math. This will help respondents provide answers that match your level of understanding.

    To provide effective help:

    Do not provide the answer outright. This doesn’t help the OP grow and learn for themselves.

    Do not provide complete, step-by-step solutions. Again, this doesn’t help the OP learn to tackle future problems for themselves.

    Do provide a hint about what sorts of questions OP should ask themselves, or suggest special cases or ideas they should consider as they work through the problem. This points out the important features or the problem, but lets OP make the connections for themselves. Learning happens when a student discovers the connections between ideas.

    Do look for misunderstandings the OP might labor under, and clarify how those misunderstandings are blocking a solution.

    Pitch your answers to meet OP’s stated mathematical level.