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What are your relationship partners most surprised to learn about you?
  • Shit, this is so weirdly interesting. Is it possible for you to explain how can an asexual person get aroused? I'd have imagined those things were kind of connected? Or is sex just a fetish we have but you don't? How does this work?

  • Need a timer app or applet
  • Sorry, It was a low effort joke related to the search being specific to a window manager.

    I'd like to have a timer on xfce (tried one a while ago and was broken af,) but I haven't done an actual search.

  • giving me something for free

    What are you talking about? It is not even "for free", they get a lot value from the community.

    They're nothing without the users, it's not that they would be making it if nobody uses it anyways. Users used to love them, they trusted them, they went on spreading their system, reported issues, created tutorials, flavors, videos, tools, and so on, they helped Cannonical become what it is now.

    I don't think they're giving us anything "for free."