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WWE WrestleMania XL - Night One Discussion Thread (Spoilers)
  • I feel the same way with the caveat that I can’t think of anyone in the short term that fits that bill and Gunther should also be moving up the card. Great match regardless, but I was rooting for Gunther to retain as well.

  • Update on Giulia
  • I’m with you, but it doesn’t seem coincidental to me that they introduced another woman’s title around the same time they showed her in the crowd. A decent 6-7 month run in NXT should have her primed for a huge debut at next years Rumble.

  • Season of the Witch (2011 1080p)
  • The only thing going for it is the laughs one gets from looking at Cage in that ridiculous wig. Unfortunately, even those get old quick. I can’t believe I paid to see this in the theatre.