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Pointing fingers at the wrong crowd rule
  • My point was that if you had to have someone shooting at you would you rather they shot 22lr or 223? Shooting any live round at a target you don't actually want to injure or kill is stupid, but if you had to you'd want to use the smallest possible bullet to minimize the damage.

  • Pointing fingers at the wrong crowd rule
  • Clearly you haven't been pumped up on adrenaline. It can absolutely give you the confidence to act like he did.

    And don't you think it's a bit contradictory to not have the gusto to throw your fist in the air after being shot but being stone cold calm before getting shot? If it was planned Trump would've known he's going to get shot at and like the coward he is he wouldn't have just stared at the shooter.

    Also we don't know the cartridge of the weapon but if the weapon used 556 or 223, then it's very unlikely it was staged because those would shred Trump if they actually hit him. If it was 9mm or 22 it would be more believable, but even then would you really risk killing the candidate just to prop up votes? He didn't seem to be wearing a BP vest so even smaller rounds would have been life threatening.

    I very much doubt it was staged or false flag or anything of the sorts. It just doesn't make sense to me. Trump should get an Oscar if it was planned that way.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • Tankies are never in shambles. If Ukraine doesn't join NATO they'll say "See, NATO was just using Ukraine" and if Ukraine joins NATO they'll say "See, NATO is expanding east again". Tankies are never wrong when it comes to believing their own delusions.

  • what're some of your gaming hot takes? In regards to opinions about certain characters or plot points, etc.
  • Depends, just the base game or with all the DLCs? The DLCs are some of the best in the series, but the base game is about as enjoyable as fucking a fleshlight with glass shards in it. With the DLC I'd put it just above DS3 because you still need to suffer the base game to play them.

  • French election 2024 live: exit poll shows shock win for left-green alliance as far right falls to third
  • You think immigration is that much of an issue but then lay out right-wing talking points as the issue and offer literally nothing to back them up. And then you act like I'm not asking genuinely and I should give you the stats about things you can't even properly specify.

    I'm going to stick with there's no actual immigration issue you just don't want immigrants.

  • French election 2024 live: exit poll shows shock win for left-green alliance as far right falls to third
  • This reads exactly like a list of right-wing talking points, no real numbers and just a bunch of fear mongering.

    1% per year is huge

    I said less than 1%, you present it as 1%.

    By the time someone is born and get into the workforce and look at buying a house the population has gone up ~25%.

    Which would also happen if you had high birth rates but somehow right-wing groups tend to promote more births. Why they do it is because the overall population in Europe is in decline. Without immigration and at current birth rates Europe's population is projected to go down not up.

    Yea immigration is an issue depending on how you see it. If you want to keep wages down and house prices up it's good.

    Immigration is not stagnating wages and forcing the cost of living up. Immigration can play a role in that but without you giving any actual numbers I have a hard time blaming immigration for that. You should be asking your government why they're not addressing stagnating wages and rising cost of living instead of blaming it on immigrants.

    If you concerned about increasing wages, having a house, your culture, low crime, less government spending then certain immigration is really bad. People against immigration aren't usually against a doctor coming from a closely alined friendly country. People against immigration is against how it has become an issue, not immigration in general. People want a say on the matter.

    This is literally the "immigrants are ruining our country" argument.

    But the stats on immigration. Not just the feels as portrayed by a lot of people on the left show there are significant issues with crime and how it impacts working class people, never mind culture changing drastically. But this isn't immigration as a whole, this is some immigration.

    I love how you said how the left plays on feels and not stats, but I pretty much asked for stats send you're playing for feels. Not a single number, just a bunch of vague "some immigrants are bad".

    But for a lot of people, even talking about it immediately makes you a Nazi. So people vote for people that don't treat them like shit for wanting to keep the way of life as is rather than selling out everything in the life for the gain of businesses and the upper class at the expense of themselves.

    And this is the crux of the issue. You acknowledge that workers are "selling out everything in the life for the gain of businesses and the upper class at the expense of themselves", but then instead of blaming the wealthy you blame immigrants? That is literally what right-wing groups want. They take legitimate grievances people have and then instead of pointing at the culprits, who also tend to be their party members, they point at the outsiders, immigrants, and say they're to blame.

    If that's all you have then I don't think you have an actual immigration problem, just one propped up by the right wing.

  • Humans didn't invent agriculture
  • I don't know if you have a wife but I'm now going to imagine you have a wife. You're now married. Now I'm going to imagine having consensual sex with your new wife. Now I'm imagining you're killing your wife because she cheated on you. I guess you're a murderer now, it's true because I thought of it. Actually I thought about a lot of way worse things about you but I'm not going to go into detail about all the vile shit you've done, I'll just sum it up as you being the worst human being who has ever lived. Since that's what I thought it must be true, right?

  • French election 2024 live: exit poll shows shock win for left-green alliance as far right falls to third
  • I think you might've missed my point. Policy can be taken as "always as issue" in the same as taxation is "always an issue", because people will always have opinions on how to do things. But my question was more along the lines of there being an actual problem with the current policy or did people just start complaining about immigration because the right wing complains about immigration.

    My experience was that people didn't really mind immigration until the right wing started complaining how the current policy is bad and we're letting freeloaders and other questionable individuals in.

  • French election 2024 live: exit poll shows shock win for left-green alliance as far right falls to third
  • Genuine question, is immigration really an issue or just something right-wing tries to prop up as an issue? Where I live the right-wing also campaigned heavily on immigration issue claiming that immigrants are coming and ruining the country. Year after year the average immigration was less than 1% of the entire population and in the special occasion where it went above 1% was when we took in Ukrainian refugees. But right wing kept propping it up until some people started to believe we actually have an immigration issue.

    With that I mind I think we should always question whatever right-wing presents because they're not above making shit up. If some right wing politician says the sky is blue I would get a second opinion before believing it.

  • Humans didn't invent agriculture
  • At best it proves the concept of gods exists and I doubt anyone disagrees with that, you can't really argue that a thought can't exist. What it doesn't prove is that God exists as some material or immaterial entity and that's what atheists claim, that there is no existence of any entity that could be considered a god.

    Why it doesn't prove the existence of gods is simple. If the proof is that it exists because we thought it then dragons exist, faeries exist, even flat earth exists because there are people who think it exists. I don't think I need to bring more examples to show how ridiculous the premise is. Just because we can think of a thing doesn't mean that thing now exists.

  • Who needs Skynet
  • It seems like you're agreeing with me on the reasoning why AI art is art, you just refuse to accept AI as art. So let's try a different way. Who says art has agemcy or intent? Clearly it's not just "everything made by humans" because if I showed you the toilet paper I used to wipe my ass we can both agree that it's not art. Neither is the comment I'm writing right now. So there needs to be something more that separates not art and art. The two most common ways would be the intent of the artist and the perceived intent of the viewer.

    If it's what the artist intended the am artist can prompt AI until AI generates the image the artist intended. Since the artist intended the AI generated image to look that way the intent is inherited from the artist.

    If it's what the viewer perceived we can reach the original question I postulated. If an image makes you feel something and you can't know if it's made by the artist or by AI, how do you know it's art or not? If we take by whether you perceive intent of not then you're attributing intent to art and it doesn't matter how it was made. If you feel something and after the fact you find out it was AI generated image then it doesn't invalidate what you felt.

    You can come up with whomever to validate intent or agency and I'll show you how AI wouldn't play a role in that decision because AI isn't sentient. It's a tool like a camera or a paint brush or just chalk. We give the intent by using the tools we have.

  • Who needs Skynet
  • there's something's highly suspect about someone not understanding the difference between art made by a human being and some output spit out by a dumb pixel mixer. huge red flag imo.

    Translation. I can't argue your point so I'm going to try characters assassination.

    if the original Mona Lisa were to be sold for millions of dollars, and then someone reveals that it was not the original Mona Lisa but a replica made last week by some dude... do you think the buyer would just go "eh it looks close enough"? no they would sue the fuck out of the seller and guess what, the painting would not be worth millions anymore. it's the same painting. the value is changed. ART IS NOT A PRODUCT.

    Pretty ironic to say art is not a product and then argue that its monetary value would decrease, which can happen only if you treat art as a product.

    Imagine if instead of a physical painting Mona Lisa was a digital file and free on the internet, would people think Mona Lisa is less impressive as an art piece because anyone could own it? I think it's artistic value wouldn't decrease, only its value as a product would decrease because everyone could get it for free.

  • Who needs Skynet
  • As a thought experiment let's say an artist takes a photo of a sunset. Then the artist uses AI to generate a sunset and AI happens to generate the exact same photo. The artist then releases one of the two images with the title "this may or may not be made by AI". Is the released image art or not?

    If you say the image isn't art, what if it's revealed that it's the photo the artist took? Does is magically turn into art because it's not made by AI? If not does it mean when people "make art" it's not art?

    If you say the image is art, what if it's revealed it's made by AI? Does it magically stop being art or does it become less artistic after the fact? Where does value go?

    The way I see it is that you're trying to gatekeep art by arbitrarily claiming AI art isn't real art. I think since we're the ones assigning a meaning to art, how it is created doesn't matter. After all if you're the artist taking the photo isn't the original art piece just the natural occurrence of the sun setting. Nobody created it, there is no artistic intention there, it simply exists and we consider it art.

  • Will anything dethrone the Steam Deck? Probably not -GamingonLinux
  • Steam deck feels like a product people at Valve would use while the competition is making products they think would sell well. Turns out the product that feels good to use is much better than the product that looks better on paper.

  • Counter-Strike GoodEye8

    Navi wins the PGL Major

    Counter-Strike GoodEye8

    PGL major 2024 megathread

    The major is upon us. Megathread to discuss the major. Opening stage is over, elimination is upon us:

    Group elimination stage:

    Advance to quarter finals:

    • Cloud9
    • Vitality
    • Spirit
    • Faze
    • Eternal Fire
    • Natus Vincere
    • MOUZ
    • G2


    • paiN
    • Virtus.Pro
    • Complexity
    • Imperial
    • HEROIC
    • TheMongolz
    • FURIA

    Group stage results.

    Advanced to elimination stage

    • Cloud9
    • Heroic
    • paiN
    • Eternal Fire
    • FURIA
    • Imperial
    • TheMongolz

    Eliminated in the opening stage:

    • AMKAL
    • KOI
    • Lynn vision
    • Apeks
    • ENCE
    • Legacy
    • Gamerlegion
    • SAW
    Counter-Strike GoodEye8 PGL Major Copenhagen attendees finalized

    PGL have confirmed which teams will skip the Opening Stage after Valve updating the Regional Standings.

    PGL Major Copenhagen attendees finalized
    Counter-Strike GoodEye8

    Blast premier Spring groups 2024

    Kinda late with the post, but better late than never.

    Day 1:

    • G2 vs NiP -> G2 advance, NiP drop to losers bracket
    • NaVi vs Compexity -> NaVi advance, Complexity drop to losers bracket
    • Vitality vs OG -> Vitality advance, OG drop to losers bracket
    • Astralis vs Falcons -> Astralis advance, Falcons drop to losers bracket

    Day 2:

    • NaVi vs G2 -> NaVi advance, G2 drop to losers bracket
    • NiP vs Compexity -> NiP faces G2 in losers bracket, Complexity are sent to Spring Showdown
    • Vitality vs Astralis -> Astralis advance, Vitality drop to losers bracket
    • Falcons vs OG -> Falcons face Vitality in losers, OG are sent to Spring Showdown

    Day 3:

    • Faze vs Gamerlegion -> Gamerlegion advance, Faze drop to losers bracket
    • Spirit vs Liquid -> Liquid advance, Spirit drop to losers bracket
    • VP vs BIG -> VP advance, BIG drop to losers bracket
    • C9 vs Heroic -> C9 advance, Heroic drop to losers bracket

    Day 4:

    • Gamerlegion vs Liquid -> Liquid advance, Gamerlegion drop to losers bracket
    • Faze vs Spirit -> Faze faces Gamerlegion in losers bracket, Spirit are sent to Spring Showdown
    • C9 vs VP -> VP advance, C9 drop to losers bracket
    • BIG vs Heroic -> BIG faces C9 in losers, Heroic is sent to Spring Showdown

    Day 5:

    • Vitality vs Falcons -> Vitality face Astralis in group finals, Falcons are sent to Spring Showdown
    • G2 vs NiP -> G2 face NaVi in group finals, NiP are sent to Spring Showdown
    • Gamerlegion vs Faze -> Faze face Liquid in group finals, Gamerlegion is sent to Spring Showdown
    • C9 vs BIG -> BIG face VP group finals, C9 is sent to Spring Showdown

    Day 5:

    • Vitality vs Falcons -> Vitality face Astralis in group finals, Falcons are sent to Spring Showdown
    • G2 vs NiP -> G2 face NaVi in group finals, NiP are sent to Spring Showdown
    • Gamerlegion vs Faze -> Faze face Liquid in group finals, Gamerlegion is sent to Spring Showdown
    • C9 vs BIG -> BIG face VP group finals, C9 is sent to Spring Showdown


    • Astralis vs Vitality -> Vitality qualify for Spring finals, Astralis go to the deciders
    • NaVi vs G2-> NaVi qualify for finals Spring finals, G2 go to the deciders
    • Liquid vs Faze -> Faze qualify for finals Spring finals, Liquid face G2 in the deciders
    • VP vs BIG -> VP qualify for the Spring finals, BIG face Astralis in the deciders


    • Astralis vs BIG -> Astralis qualify for the Spring finals, BIG is sent to Spring Showdown
    • Liquid vs G2 -> G2 qualify for the Spring final, Liquid is sent to Spring Showdown
    Counter-Strike GoodEye8

    S1mple retires from CS HLTVorg - S1mple retires from CS

    Watch HLTVorg's clip titled "S1mple retires from CS"

    HLTVorg - S1mple retires from CS
    Counter-Strike GoodEye8

    HLTV top 20 players of 2023 Megathread

    The yearly HLTV top 20 players of 2023 is upon us:

    1. Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut
    2. Nikola "⁠NiKo⁠" Kovač
    3. Robin "ropz" Kool
    4. Ilya "⁠m0NESY⁠" Osipov
    5. Lotan "⁠Spinx⁠" Giladi
    6. Álvaro "SunPayus" García
    7. Oleksandr "⁠s1mple"⁠ Kostyliev
    8. Dmitry "sh1ro" Sokolov
    9. Martin "stavn" Lund
    10. Helvijs "⁠broky⁠" Saukants
    11. Nicolai "device" Reedtz
    12. David "frozen" Čerňanský
    13. Nemanja "huNter-⁠" Kovač
    14. Guy "NertZ" Iluz
    15. Jakob "⁠jabbi⁠" Nygaard
    16. Benjamin "blameF" Bremer
    17. Emil "Magisk" Reif
    18. Casper "cadiaN"⁠ Møller
    19. Kaike "KSCERATO" Cerato
    20. Russel ⁠"Twistzz"⁠ Van Dulken
    Counter-Strike GoodEye8

    New mod, new winds


    This community has been rather inactive for a long time and probably partly because the community creator and former mod was never active. There's also no strong CS community on lemmy so I decided to step up and hopefully shape this community into a healthy CS community, because I love CS and I don't want to go Reddit for my CS fix.

    Moving forward I will take a more active role in this community to post content for others to discuss. To focus the discussions I will start by creating megathreads for the bigger happenings in the community. For instance instead of having 20 posts about the HLTV top 20 players that will get little to no comments, I will create a HLTV top 20 megathread to get more a discussion going on.

    At least that's the plan, please do stick around and help me (by posting, commenting and upvoting) help you get this community up and running.

    Counter-Strike GoodEye8

    Mod status request

    I would like to take a mod position to try and get this community off the ground as @Osiris seems to be inactive.

    0 XTQZZZ no longer part of new TSM project

    The entire roster featuring the likes of Audric "JACKZ" Jug and Timofey "interz" Yakushin is also reportedly in jeopardy.

    XTQZZZ no longer part of new TSM project

    THREAT now a free agent

    From Twitter:

    > As a few negotiations with teams have fallen through and with the upcoming release of CS2 I would like to state that I’m currently a free agent and am interested to go all-in given the right team! Retweets appreciated!