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Adam Kinzinger declares death of Republican Party
  • I wonder what happens to the GOP when Trump dies.

    A lot of the people that vote for them currently have no problems with cognitive dissonance. They'll just continue to vote for whomever Fox says because they're the best shot they have at stopping those evil liberal elites.

  • Look you've just to got read the prologue that was a limited edition IHOP giveaway in 2015 and the story is awesome
  • Fate is pretty easy nowadays. Just start with literally any series made after 2011. They're all self contained stories that explain the premise within the first few episodes.

    We're a long way from the old days where you had to read the VN if you wanted to have any idea about what was going on in the UBW movie.

  • CrowdStrike’s faulty update crashed 8.5 million Windows devices, says Microsoft
  • If this figure is accurate, the massive impact was likely due to collateral damages. If this took down every server at an enterprise and left most of the workstations online, then that still means that those workstations were basically paperweights.

  • What is the worst IT setup you have seen at a company?
  • Not only does password rotation not add to security, it actually reduces it.

    Assuming a perfect world where users are using long randomly generated strong passwords it's a good idea and can increase security. However, humans are involved and it just means users change their passwords from "Charlie1" to "Charlie2" and it makes their passwords even easier to guess. Especially if you know how often the passwords change and roughly when someone was hired.

    Ideally, your users just use a password manager and don't know any of their credentials except for the one to access that password manager.

    If they need to manually type them in, password length should be prioritized over almost any other condition. A full sentence makes a great unique password with tons of entropy that is easy to remember and hard to guess.

  • In appreciation of the Super Mario Bros Movie (1993)
  • Im thrilled that this movie is starting to get the cult following it so desperately deserves.

    It's hard to argue that this movie is good in the traditional sense, but it's definitely unique and that counts for a lot with genre filmmaking.

  • Survey shows most people wouldn't pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware | 84% of people said no
  • This is one of those weird things that venture capital does sometimes.

    VC is is injecting cash into tech right now at obscene levels because they think that AI is going to be hugely profitable in the near future.

    The tech industry is happily taking that money and using it to develop what they can, but it turns out the majority of the public don't really want the tool if it means they have to pay extra for it. Especially in its current state, where the information it spits out is far from reliable.

  • Yellow Flag: "Privacy on the web is fundamentally broken, for at least 90% of the population. Advertising on the web is fundamentally broken, for at least 90% of the population…" - Infosec Exchange
  • On one hand, hosting content online isnt free, so there should be some form of subsidization to offset that. But I feel like selling my privacy to massive firms so that they can analyze my habits to serve me ads about things I would be statistically more likely to buy is a bad solution to this problem.

    I dont have a good fix, as the only 2 alternatives that seem to show up are paid subscriptions and decentralization. Which are both useful options, but not one that fits all cases.

  • The heavier
  • The best solution to this that I've seen was a system where the lighter was hanging from a string on a hook in the ceiling.

    It had enough slack that it could reach the couch and table comfortably, but no one would absent mindedly pocket the thing.

  • How Much Is Your Time Worth?
  • I get this too. However, you'll usually be able to tell the professionals your end goal during the quoting process and if your requirements are reasonable, they'll work with you.

    If they won't do that, then you get to ask yourself the next question:

    • Do they have a good reason to refuse? (safety [either theirs or yours], regulations, etc)

    If not, then you can just refuse the quote and work with someone else.

    More often than not, the professionals know what they're doing and will be able to work around your requirements, and if they can't, they'll have competitors that can.

  • How Much Is Your Time Worth?
  • It varies.

    In most cases it's more a question of "What is the risk if I do this myself?" and "If I completely fuck this up, is it going to cost more to fix than just calling someone who knows what they're doing before that happens?"

    If the answer to the above doesn't involve a fire in my walls or serious water damage like with electical or plumbing, and the cost to fix mistakes is low, then sure, I'll try it myself first.

  • I heard we're doing collections


    I've got some real garbage here