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Shower thoughts are wasting water.

My city is in the middle of the worst drought in recorded history. My showers are typically under 2 minutes and I have to shower with a bucket to catch otherwise wasted water to use to flush the toilet. I also shut the water down when I am wet enough so I can scrub myself without having unneeded water flowing then start it back up to rinse.

Plus, water is damn expensive!

Who here really has the time to stand, think and waste in the shower?


South West Australia, domestic garden volunteer

Please ID. This plant has been emerging every season in my garden. It typically grows as a low lying herbaceous annual to 30cm high and 60cm wide.

Thank you


non critical read post bug

When reading old messages in the inbox clicking on the link to view it in context of the post then returning to the inbox marks them as unread giving the message in inbox for each notification this is performed on.

Marking all as read will remove unread notification again.