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[Bug report] Cannot open link to community
  • Yep. Exactly that. Didn't even realize the instance when I clicked, a habit I need to form. Although it would be really helpful if Lemmy reported exactly that. Something like "the content you are trying to view is on a federated instance."

  • [Bug report] Cannot open link to community
  • Funny. Neither worked for me. Second link brought up this:

    Top right three dot menu "About Community" brought up this, which is fine:

  • Not sure if others are having this issue, but I cannot paste into the app
  • I just posted and article into connect and it did have some weird NL CR behavior in a couple spots.

    Testing: from Megalodon (Mastodon)


    1. Stay hydrated.
    2. Have an ice cream cone.
    3. Dismantle the fossil fuel industry which is literally burning the planet for the short term profit of a vanishingly small capitalist class.
    4. Wear loose clothing.

    Testing: From Whatsapp

    Still alive?

    Testing: from WPS Office

    Thank you so much for the response!

    Testing: from Joplin (also markdown based notes)

    Don't Duck With paste.

    Hmmm. 🤷‍♂️

    I'm using Android 9.

    What's your markdown setting set to? Mine is:

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Yes! This! I'm not familiar with DFWP, but next time I'm on my PC, I'm adding it.

  • Not sure if others are having this issue, but I cannot paste into the app
  • Basically anything I copy won't paste into the app. The exception is when I copy a link from an app like YouTube and paste it directly into Connect. But if I paste the same link into a notes app and copy the url from there, nothing happens when I try to paste in Connect.

    I'm on a Galaxy S9, Android version 10.

    Just copied your message from the post menu and posted in the text box.

    When I have paste issues, is almost always the keyboard app. Just a thought.

  • r/pics Votes to Reopen for Sexy Pictures of John Oliver
  • This honest to dog hilarious!

  • Hoping to drive more engagement here, sooooo....
  • That's some dedication. 😊

  • The blackout is starting to have a financial impact on Reddit, but we must stay dark!
  • I wish the acronym CPM was defined. Maybe I overlooked it.

  • Community name issue?
  • an abbreviation of et cetera

    This has me smiling ear to ear. Could be that I'm just overtired. 🤪

    Night night interwebs &c.

  • Ignoring/Hiding Posts?
  • Good point. I'm looking at the issues related to this both on the front and back end. Looks like "MarkAsRead" was added to the BE at the end of 2021 and a PR is currently in the works for the FE. This would be perfect timing. 😁

    I didn't look at the code yet because I'm on my phone. I'm curious if it can hide site wide pins as well which was specifically referenced,

  • I have a confession to make... I code in Comic Sans
  • ⚠️ I have reported this post to the proper authorities.

  • Hoping to drive more engagement here, sooooo....
  • Currently, I'm reading A Day of Fallen Night by Samantha Shannon

    The chosen mode for the story flow has been a bit challenging for me, but not so much as to overcome my interest in the story. I've enjoyed it much and will see it through.

    Such a gorgeous cover too.

  • Hoping to drive more engagement here, sooooo....
  • The Wheel of Time will always be one of the most impactful books of my life. I really needed it when I was immersed within. I've been wanting to reread for some time, but I've been holding off until I really need again. 💜

  • Community name issue?

    I'm new to Lemmy and have been searching the federated communities for those which I wanted to subscribe to. For some reason, this community's name renders weird on my instances search as well as the app I'm using (see image).

    Is "Fantasy books, stories, &c" correct? And if so, what does "&c" stand for?

    Ignoring/Hiding Posts?
  • I have no idea that there was such thing as a sitewide pin post. That's not something I normally see and it would explain why some posts simply won't ever ever go away.

    Did I mention that I really wish I could ignore / hide posts? 😁

    Until I have a subscription feed that I can curate with enough content, I'm relying on viewing all posts. Jerboa seems to obey top 24 hours for me, which is good.

    I would like to sort by activity, but unless I can ignore or hide posts, some things (e.g. the site pins) never go away and that drives me nuts.

    Also strange is that when I set my default filter in the Lemmy / beehaw settings, the front page doesn't obey. This is only a problem on the mobile browser though since Jerboa seems to have an override that remains set.

  • Ignoring/Hiding Posts?
  • I'm glad to know that I'm not insane. I was actually getting pretty frustrated thinking that I just wasn't able to understand something basic.

    This comment sheds light on the types of pinned posts. I didn't realize there was a sight wide pin capability. I think this has been the biggest source of my madness.

    I don't have a fancy phone with huge resolution and DPI. I really really really really really really really really really really really wish I could hide/ignore posts

    Regarding your searches, it wasn't immediately obvious to me via the mobile browser interface, but you should be able to search here:

    Unfortunately, if you're using the Jerboa app, I don't see the post search capability yet.

  • Ignoring/Hiding Posts?
  • Permanently Deleted

  • Ignoring/Hiding Posts?
  • Exactly. This comment sheds light on the types of pinned posts. I didn't realize there was a sight wide pin capability.

  • Ignoring/Hiding Posts?

    I'm struggling to curate my experience on Lemmy. Some posts constantly dominate my feed, even after resorting various ways.

    Is there a way to ignore or hide posts? 🙏

    I could be crazy, but it seems like pinned posts are pinned on my main feed just as as they are pinned within a community.

    I do not necessarily wish to ignore entire communities in this case (which I know how to do). I am talking about individual posts.

    Using the Jerboa app has helped because posts can be shown in a condensed form rather than the large cards. And yet still so much scrolling to see anything new...


    image post test

    Conversation starter. Blah blah.

    *Permanently Deleted*
  • Roflmao!

  • Site to track Subreddit's as they go dark
  • Welp, that's one way to gain experience! Knocking off the low hanging fruit and learning in the process. 😁

  • Site to track Subreddit's as they go dark
  • It's stuff like this that makes me almost want to start contributioning code. It would be a pretty quick fix, imo, to default visible and allow long press for hiding. But alas, after developing software all day everyday, I don't tend to have the brain cells left to invest into side projects. Not to mention family and responsibilities and all that adulting, humaning stuff.