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GladiusB GladiusB

I got in an argument with a toaster and now I lost a bet and I'm here just to get my house back.

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The Gossips - by Norman Rockwell (1948)
  • Man, these are so good. They look like every day people. It's just so crazy good and I appreciate his stuff the more I see his stuff.

  • math checks out
  • Found their lawyer

  • Real house flipping.
  • It just looks that way because the land behind it

  • I swear it was real!
  • It's an awesome show and everyone should watch it

  • Landlords are NOT PEOPLE!!!
  • Fuckin scum man...

  • 58 percent in new poll say they’re living paycheck to paycheck
  • Being "ok" is a subjective take for many reasons.

    Being "paycheck to paycheck" is objective and easy to formulate an observation.

    The two only have to interconnect through subject matter, not in measure.

  • Landlords are NOT PEOPLE!!!
  • I just got evicted after attempting to pay. Landlords are scum.

  • So...
  • If enough people don't understand it, chances are the joke wasn't fully flushed out. I understand it I just don't think the punch line hit as well as it was intended. Maybe the last pane could have them having coffee and saying those things to an obvious suitor. Just an idea.

  • The script for Grand Theft Auto 3 vs the script for Grand Theft Auto 4
  • Isn't that what people call gameplay? I remember 4 and 5 being a lot of fun. 5 put me in my first co-op experience and I really kept going with other games. I can't really remember many physics that bothered me other than falling from really high up.

  • Oxygen
  • No. Oxygen doesn't react to itself in a sealed vessel. But I guess you aren't smart enough to put those duplos together on your own. So good luck.

  • Oxygen
  • Blah blah blah. You can't accept that you don't have a single point and just keep yammering on. I'm not even reading your response.

  • Oxygen
  • Like totally. Because educated people don't know modern lingo or anything. No cap. Your argument is so mid.

  • Oxygen
  • Ok. You can just accept you're wrong rather than double downing and sounding less educated than you originally did.

  • Oxygen
  • I'm asking how it's going to react with stuff. In like a basic chemistry kind of way.

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene’s George Floyd rant condemned by Congressional Black Caucus
  • And you care about how some dumb bitch of a representative is seen why? Like I get what your saying. But I hate her.

  • Oxygen
  • I understand. But if it's isolated it's considered non reactive. (I manage a hazmat DOT fleet)

  • A lot of ins, a lot of outs, a lot of what-have-yous
  • No I don't. I just think it's more complicated than just leaving Israel out of it. As much as I hate what they are doing, what is being done is not by us personally. The complications come with all the supplies. It's not as simple on an ally front to just pull support.

  • See the Cybertruck's Steer-by-Wire System in Action (Including a Disturbing Lag)
  • You are not educated on professional driving. It's part of any DOT regulated vehicle to not have more than an 1/8th of play in any steering wheel. The lag of any possible driver inputs is deemed by international regulations to down a vehicle and refuse to use it in any capacity until it is fully functional.

    You just said "No big deal. Fuck them laws." to almost every person that has driven any sort of vehicle as a profession and what they have worked for decades to make it safe for everyone on the road.

  • Lemmy world mobile

    I was rocking the Jerboa app and now it's not letting me login. Are there any other alternatives out there?

    cute dogs, cats, and other animals GladiusB

    moonmoons unite!

    My boy doesn't like the fireworks but he doesn't let him have a bad day. (He still acts like a derp).