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Why don't Americans use electric kettles? | Technology Connections [24:54]
  • We have one because of the tea drinkers in the house. But I use it a lot more than I would have imagined. Oatmeal, making stock from soup base, etc. I have an induction stove, but the kettle is easier to pour than a pot.

  • smoking meat GildorInglorion

    Converting to reverse flow

    I have an Oklahoma Joe offset smoker that I'm in the process of converting to reverse flow. They sell the baffle plates separately and ordered a set once I verified they fit. I just need to get the smokestack moved to the firebox side of the smoker. Wife wanted smoked wings and jalapeno poppers today, but I didn't have the stack moved yet. I used the piece of steel pipe I acquired for when I do the move and the duct elbow I was using to lower the draw point to move the draw point to the center/back of the smoke chamber. The smoke went very well with much more even heat distribution. I'm going to test it some more and may just stay with it. I need to see how a brisket will fit though.

    smoking meat GildorInglorion

    Two meat Thanksgiving

    Did a brisket and a spatchcock turkey for US Thanksgiving. Salt and pepper only on prime cut brisket from Costco. 250° on the offset from lunch Wednesday to about 7am. Moved it to the roaster oven to finish. Raised the smoker temp to 300° or so and put on the turkey until it had a good smoked look. Moved it to the oven to finish the last hour. When brisket hit 195°, wrapped it in cling wrap and put it in the cooler. Turkey followed along with some baked corn. Everything was cooked and in the cooler by 11. Got to sister's house 2 hours later and everything was still hot and ready to serve. Tired but I think I'll do this every year

    0 Angels reportedly place Lucas Giolito, 4 others on waivers to clear salary

    The Angels are placing five players on waivers, including three they acquired at the trade deadline, in hopes of clearing salary.

    Angels reportedly place Lucas Giolito, 4 others on waivers to clear salary

    Trying to shed some salary


    He can't make rally chickens in the dugout anymore

    Had to rewind when my wife asked me what that meant. Definitely needed context. After a quick Google I can now fold rally chickens.


    Bronco car ride game

    I'm totally fanboying over the new Bronco and created a car game to annoy the wife and kids. Similar to punch-buggy or slug-bug. Except you get 2 points/punches per Bronco you spot (1 for each syllable) BUT if it's a sport, another player can call 'Sport' and gets a point or punch-back (harder ofc)