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Truly is the most host of nightmare
  • Beast Roar completely trivializes the Micolash fight. If you don't have enough arcane for that, you can always just cheese him with poison knives.

    Micolash is a troll so it's fair to troll him back.

  • Truly is the most host of nightmare
  • Beast Roar completely trivializes the Micolash fight. If you don't have enough arcane for that, you can always just cheese him with poison knives.

    Micolash is a troll so it's fair to troll him back.

  • Changing interests [Haus of Decline]
  • I really wanted to enjoy them but I just couldn't get into the first book. Between the naval terminology and my complete lack of knowledge of the geopolitics of the era, I never really settled into the narrative because I spent all my time trying to decipher what was actually going on.

  • Oh man bro this edible is hitting me already....
  • I prefer to have several pieces in rotation, so I don't have to clean as often but when I do clean I clean several pieces at once. I'm sure some people prefer the exact opposite but that's what I have found works for me.

  • Retro games you wish were harder to beat?
  • Not sure about the second game, but when you beat the first one it would tell you how to unlock hard mode. And if you beat that, it would tell you how to adjust your max health and starting lives so you could give yourself even more of a challenge.

  • N-Word Spewing White Man Livestreams Himself Before Apparent Shooting Spree in Indiana Grocery Store. Here's What We Know.
  • It's a really poorly written article. The FOX 55 article they link is definitely better written.

    This article starts by saying it's a "local Indianapolis grocery store" and then says it's in Fort Wayne. If a Fort Wayne grocery store counts as Indianapolis then every grocery store in the entire state must count as an Indianapolis grocery store.

  • Got my first Heart kill last night!

    No ascension level but I've been struggling with this boss for a while so it was pretty satisfying to finally get a victory.

    I had a few bad runs in a row including a really terrible one right before this. So I wasn't expecting much when I started a new run and picked the max HP boost out of the two options.

    But then this seed just handed me a great shiv deck right from the start. Blade Dance from my first fight on floor 1, Accuracy from my second fight on floor 4, plus another Blade Dance I bought from the shop on floor 5. By floor 12 I was up to 3 Blade Dances with 2 of them upgraded, a Storm of Steel, and a Ninja Scroll relic. Shivs out the wazoo, not to mention the Bronze Thorns on floor 2 when I got the relic in the first try in that event that lets you sacrifice health for a chance to get a relic.

    Despite the solid start, I was starting to get a little worried in the back half of Act 3. Between the Ninja Scroll and the high likelihood of 1 or more Blade Dance+ in my hand, the difference between drawing Accuracy+ in my starting hand or not was huge. I was so worried about it I even bought Lee's Waffle at a shop before Donu and Deca because I forgot that the Pantograph was already going to heal me before the boss.

    Fortunately I drew the Accuracy+ turn 1 against the Sword and Shield. And just proceeded to wreck them. This deck felt really strong if the Accuracy+ came out early but a bad draw against the Heart would ruin me.

    That's where the Bottled Lightning and Bottled Tornado earned from the S&S fight saved the day. Guaranteed a turn 1 Accuracy+ and Blade Dance+ which was a big improvement. But was this deck really strong enough for the Heart? I managed to do some solid damage from the get go but I was concerned about my survivability. The shields let me survive the first few rounds but I eventually needed to use the Wraith Form+. Time to do or die, kill the Heart before the Intangible wears out or lose.

    But, alas, the Wraith Form+ wore off before I could deliver the final blow. Not even very close. 48 incoming damage and I only had 44 HP. It was a good run but once again the Heart had defea—hold up, I have Bronze Thorns and an active Caltrops+ and the boss is doing a 4x12 attack! Is this enough to kill the Heart before it kills me?

    Well, yes, you already know from the post title. The retaliatory damage managed to take out the Heart before it killed me. I was very excited to have finally accomplished this. After so many attempts that I thought had a chance but eventually failed, it's very satisfying to be able to pull out this win.

    Anyway, thanks for reading! Off to higher ascension levels for me now!


    Tired of spending all day turning raiders into armchairs? Need a break from the harsh reality of life on the rim?

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    Bliss Hamlet is a premier beachside resort and one of the top vacation spots on the rim! Full of top notch recreation, dining, housing, and vistas, Bliss Hamlet has something for everyone!


    No matter what you enjoy doing, you'll find plenty of ways to have fun here at Bliss Hamlet. You can play horseshoes on the beach or toss around a beachball and then take a nice soak in our oceanside hot spring. Play some roulette or slots at Bliss Casino or watch the latest blockbuster at CineBliss.

    Bar Bliss is stocked full of the excellent beer and alcohol made right here by the Bliss Brewing and Distillation company. Although best known for our flagship double-aged whiskey distributed across the rim, we produce a wide variety of premium small batch alcohols like gin and tequila that are also available at Bar Bliss. Even if you're not a fan of drinking, Bar Bliss offers a variety of drugs such as yayo and go-juice and it even has two smoking lounges stocked with smokeleaf joints and cigars,

    Outdoorsy types are welcome to spend their day with our beloved Count Karlsen training our majestic elephants and fishing for mako sharks.



    Our wonderful cafeteria here at Bliss Hamlet is the pinnacle of fine dining. Head chef Fedon's specialties include gunkanmaki and gourmet spicy salmon chowder fit for an emperor. For those on a budget, fear not! We have a variety of options for all price points, from nutrient paste and pemmican to lavish grilled shark and several more options in between.



    We have three different housing options available so it's guaranteed to fit your budget. For the ultimate experience, rent out one of our deluxe cabanas that are right on the beach. There's nothing like waking up to a beautiful sunrise over the ocean! For a more budget friendly option, we also have several beautiful hotel rooms available for rent. If you can't afford housing at all, you can even stay at our hostel free of charge. That's right! Our shared sleeping space is available to everyone, at absolutely no cost to you.



    The charming Bliss Hamlet is located on a peninsula at 17.81° N, 3.42° W near the Smallhippopotamus Sea. It's less than a day's ride (on elephant back) from the twin imperial cities of Panopolis and Septum. Also nearby is the Nothern Ithlanlanbo town of Salt Flat.


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