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So how will VP pick be done?
  • Ah, that's what you meant. A presidential nominee will typically pick someone who's different enough from them (but that they still fundamentally agree with) that people who felt underrepresented by the presidential nominee pick will feel represented by the vice presidential nominee pick. That's the general logic behind who becomes the VP pick.

  • So how will VP pick be done?
  • That's exactly what happened in 1800. Both Jefferson and Burr, who were from the same party, tied in the electoral college vote. Some people in the party didn't like Jefferson, but they but didn't like the opposing party even more.

    Each electoral college member got two votes. So all the electoral college members who were part of what would be the winning party ended up casting one vote for Burr and one vote for Jefferson, resulting in a tie. (Due to slow communication in those days, they all assumed someone else was going to be the one who would cast the tie-breaking vote.)

    The tie went to the House of Representatives to break it, as is specified in the Constitution. Unfortunately, neither Burr nor Jefferson got the majority vote needed even after thirty-five separate votes. (Note that, in the US House of Representatives and the Senate, a "majority vote" is not "more than 50%". Typically, you must get 2/3 of the votes in order to win.) On the thirty-sixth vote, Alexander Hamilton managed to convince some others to vote for Jefferson, and he got the majority vote he needed and became president.

  • Let's blame the dev who pressed "Deploy" - by Dmitry Kudryavtsev
  • The driver was one installed on the computer by the security company. The driver would look for and block threats incoming via the internet or intranet.

    The definitions update included a driver update, and most of the computers the software was used on were configured to automatically restarted to install the update. Unfortunately, the faulty driver update caused computers to BSOD and enter a boot loop.

    Because of the boot loop, the driver could only be removed manually by entering Safe Mode. (That's the thing you saw about deleting that file.) Then the updated driver, the one they released when they discovered the bug, would ideally be able to be installed normally after exiting Safe Mode.

  • So how will VP pick be done?
  • No. There's a reason we amended the Constitution not to do that. The system prior to the 1804 election created a deadlock between two candidates that took the House of Representatives (which is responsible for breaking said deadlocks) thirty-six attempts to try to break the tie.

  • Let's blame the dev who pressed "Deploy" - by Dmitry Kudryavtsev
  • Four days for an update to malware definitions is how computers get infected with malware. But you're right that they should at least do some sort of simple test. "Does the machine boot, and are its files not getting overzealously deleted?"

  • After Musk's pro-Trump/Vance bender, X users report issues following Kamala Harris' accounts
  • This might be one of Twitter's automatic security features I'd heard about a while back (prior to the Musk takeover). Supposedly, Twitter stops accounts from getting a large amount of followers in a short amount of time to try to limit botting. Sometimes, rarely, it can trigger when a large amount of real people follow a real account.

    I think I heard about it when I ran into the issue myself, but I don't remember what account it was that I was trying to follow.

  • Make it stop.
  • there is a normal minimum wage which is $7.25/hr

    Just a note on this: while federal minimum wage is actually that low, many states individually set much higher minimum wages.