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Will we ever know why the shooter shot Trump?
  • Parents worked in Psych, media failed to differentiate whether therapists of spcial workers, but that particular group is great at fucking up their kids and is capable of hiding and/or minimizing issues.

  • 'Ludicrous': Donors leave call with Kamala Harris frustrated and annoyed
  • Harris' career consists of blowing then mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown for an appointment as District Attourney, presiding over SF's descent into the status of literal shithole, and then getting DEI appointed to the position of most ineffective Vice President since Spiro Agnew.

    What exactly do people expect Harris to accomplish in the last 4 months of her tenure?

  • Nintendo Switch 2 performance boost to fall short of Valve's Steam Deck
  • I would fucking kill for N64 era 3D Pokemon. Have you seen Pokemon Colosseum animations? The developers repurposed N64 Pokemon Stadium models and animations because they were that good. If those inept fucks at Gamefreak used N64 quality graphics the switch era wouldn't be considered Pokemon's dark age.

  • Headlines
  • Well, yeah, the IDF entered a cesspit pf hypocrites after obtaining fucking video footage that hostages were taken there. Russia bombed an urban center and hit a hospital.

    The more appropriate comparison would be when a hummus misfire hit its own hospital building. Those were good times.

  • Freeloaders
  • The Didoche, a survival manual for christian communities during the roman persecution era, teaches that any stranger that arrives at your door should be fed and clothed for 3 days, after which point they need to make their own way in the community or move on.

    Giving strangers the benefit of the doubt or taking care of those with legitimate disabilities =/= taking care of junkies or lowlifes for the duration of their lifespan .

  • The Peace Corps released this warning for black people volunteering in Ukraine
  • I'm very much reading someone with a very narrow world view lecturing me without making any real effort to understand what im saying.

    You're imposing your morals and values as well as any colonizer or ethnocentrist I've ever known!

  • The Peace Corps released this warning for black people volunteering in Ukraine
  • For just about all former soviet states, the N word is the term used to describe black people, because the word imported from Europe to describe Africans. It doesn't have the connotations or baggage that westerners attach to it. Diddo for blackface and sambo imagery, it's usually used more out of ignorance than malice.

    Anyone volunteering to beak barriers in that part of the world has their work cut out for them.

  • Pocket 386 is a mini laptop for retro computing with support for DOS and Windows 95 - Liliputing
  • This is pretty late, they've been out for months. The most recent addition is the Pocket 8086, waiting on mine to get delivered.

    It probably doesnt matter to most of you but it has an 8 bit ISA add-on board, meaning its an easy way to test era appropriate components such as Audio and video cards. Great for people more interested in vintage hardware than software.

  • American Airlines passenger sued by FAA after being duct taped to seat
  • I've worked an ER servicing a major airport for years, I've seen tons of people like this lady come through. The vast majority of berzerk passenger syoroes involve first or business class passengers. That statement comes feom experience. 'Maybe's are like assholes, everyone has them.

  • American Airlines passenger sued by FAA after being duct taped to seat
  • One of the 'tells' of mental illness in airplane passenger stories is business class. People experiencing manic episodes tend to take luxury options regardless of means.

    It really sucks, and I'm sure red flags were present in the terminal if anyone paid attention.

    On the plus side, she was probably hospitalized after the emergency landing, she may not be liable.

  • A law to protect Washington health care workers keeps patients in crisis
  • Its a complex topic. On the one hand, retard police routinely put people who are violent but not for psych reasons on psych holds because it's less paperwork, and makes them the health systems problem instead of theirs.

    On the other hand, psych nursing and medsurg nursing are two different skillsets and most medsurg nurses dont know their ass from emvironmental safety.

    On the third hand, Doctors tend to be activist dipshits that routinely put staff's safety at risk by undermedicating.

    Is any of this the fault of people going through a legitimate crisis event? No.

  • 210 Palestinians reportedly killed during Israeli hostage recovery operation
  • Considering that hummus was sitting on civilians for literal decades knowing it'll tie Israel's hands, it about time the message got sent that those tactics won't fly. I'm glad at least some of the hostages made it home safely.

  • Ah the memories
  • You losers had 4 years under a democratic president to stop being miserable cunts... It's entirely possible that your situation has nothing to do with who'se in the white house.

  • Sovcit got a response.
  • All of them? The vast majority of SovCits become SovCits because of crippling debt accrued prior to tp becoming SovCits. Its easier than not falling into debt in the forst place.