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At this point Biden is the wasted vote
  • They won't. But as a voter in California my third party vote is extremely unlikely to throw it either way, so I can safely help them try to get over 5% of the popular vote to qualify for money from the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. That will allow for more diverse voices to be heard in the next cycle, which I see as a benefit even if they're unlikely to win anything in my lifetime.

  • why isn't anyone calling for Trump to drop out.
  • what do you suggest people should have done during the primaries

    Register Republican and vote for anyone but Trump. Even if the vote were split and he ended up winning anyway it would have emboldened centrist Republicans to stand against the fascist wing of the party.

  • why isn't anyone calling for Trump to drop out.
  • No one is asking him to drop out because they aren't afraid he's going to lose. Simple as that.

    Everyone with their panties in a twist right now could have done something about it during the primaries, but apparently protest votes about Israeli atrocities were the priority.

  • Welcome to Ask Steven Seagal
  • Hi Steven. Thanks for taking the time to help us find answers to our long unfulfilled questions.

    As far as I know, you and Elvis are the only people that can answer my question. For obvious reasons, I'm asking you. How can I get some law enforcement credentials? I'm wholly unqualified but would like to be able to get discounts and preferential treatment from the government and boot lickers. Also badge bunnies. Any suggestions?

  • When you have an extra red dot

    You gotta do something about it.