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China launches world’s largest electric container ship with 50 MWh battery
  • you depend on the wind blowing.

    For achieving maximum speed, sure. To simply guarantee you get there? Not at all - the Iberians knew how to navigate solely on maritime currents 500 years ago.

    If sails were that great we would still be using them for freight, we didn’t switch to petroleum for the fun of it.

    We started using pretroleum because capitalism requires infinite growth as fast as you can muster it. Particularly with modern refrigeration techniques and automation, time insensitive navigation for transport could easily be done with sails.

  • Pulling it off
  • People can get fat if they eat as much as I do

    Then its up to those people to fucking get out of their asses and exercise. It's one thing to be fat because of a health issue like hypothyroidism, and a whole different thing to choose being fat. In either case, you can't really demand people to think an unhealthy, droopy and blobby body is beautiful, all you can ask is for people to not be rude about it.

    Here's a very apt comparison: I suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition which makes me sweat 100% of the time regarless of temperature. Which do you think more reasonable: that I wear deodorant, refresh myself and shower often; or that I demand people to live with and enjoy my body odour?

  • What are good ways to increase air flow in a home with few windows and oriented unfavorably to the local wind direction (cheaply)?

    I've been racking my brain lately thinking of what are good methods to increase internal airflow in a house with few windows, all facing the wrong direction to catch wind. What are your ideas?

    Edit: Breaking a wall to make more windows isn't an option.