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You have ZERO financial privacy
  • There is nothing illegal about what the cops are doing here. Immoral? Perhaps. But not illegal.

    These services are selling your purchase history to the authorities, and as a user of these services, you agreed with that as a condition of using the services.

    Want privacy? Don’t use services that track and sell your data. Easier said than done, I know.

    Disclaimer: I’m using “you” a lot in this comment. This is a royal “you” not a specific “you”.

  • Elon Musk claims Optimus robots could make Tesla a $25 trillion company — more than half the value of the S&P 500 today
  • Hey he’s not exactly wrong. The company who can release humanoid automatons would very likely be the richest company in the world. Exponentially richer.

    But I’ve seen what comes out of Tesla. I’m not betting that will be the company that does it.

  • I feel no remorse about save scumming in video games
  • Not to take from your point (which I fully agree with)…. But doesn’t XCom do an anti scum method of feeding the RNG seed in a way that prevents save scumming?

    I know I’ve tried to scum some hacks in that game that always returned the same value.

  • Fraud trial juror reports getting bag of $120,000 and promise of more if she'll acquit
  • Your reasoning is solid, but I’m not sure I’d trust someone who steals and bribes to honour their word.

    Shit like this is why I always demand full payment up front. It’s just a shame I have no influence to garner bribes.

  • If society collapsed what is your best case scenario for what comes after?
  • I’d estimate that 90%+ of us would be dead in a matter of months if not weeks.

    Consider the significant lack of food available. Think about how much food the average person has in their house. Probably a week, maybe two. Perhaps a month if you’re wise and start rationing immediately. But most won’t. Most people would be in denial at the start and assume someone or something would rescue us.

    Now consider how much food there is available at your local grocery store. And how many people that store could feed. Compare that to the population of the geographic area that store supports and you’ll see that for the most part we would be out of food in a matter of months.

    Sure we could scavenge and perhaps hunt small game, but that’s limited and not something most people could do. But to get to a point where we’re actually able to do some level of substance farming, that could take up to a year to complete depending on the season society collapses. Before we get there most of us would have staved to death. Probably too many would die and there wouldn’t be enough labour to work the farms either.

    And that’s just considering food. There’s still the issue of clean potable water, and infections or other health issues that turn deadly quickly without modern medical intervention.

    And these issues are all compounded if you live in a high density urban environment. Which many do.

    TLDR: if society collapses, it might be wise to just bow out before things get really bad.

  • Which do you prefer? A triple monitor setup? Or one single 32:9 ultrawide monitor?
  • As others say…. Multiple monitors for work. One big ultra wide for gaming.

    My only “complaint” about ultra wide is that most gaming ui’s aren’t configured for them. Meaning that to look at the mini map in a game like Cyberpunk, you have to take your eyes off the centre of the screen. Then you will crash your car.

  • Interesting position with a safe square - can you find it?
  • Top blank square. The two 1’s at the bottom prove it. Bottom 1 has two unknowns. Which means one of them is the bomb. Which means the bottom mystery square can’t be the bomb which means the top square is the bomb.

  • Eldritch Horror Ninja Turtles
  • Ya, I earned my bones playing Palladium games as my first TTRPG and I never recall “gay” being part of any madness (or insanity as it was actually called).

    Disclaimer: I’m old. My memory might be shit.

  • YouTube’s ad blocker crackdown now includes third-party apps
  • Yup. I was willing to watch one or two short ads before I watch a video, but the mid rolls and unskippable 30+second ads just made me say “well that’s enough of that”. Now I haven’t seen a YouTube ad in a long time.