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Alternative to GrapheneOS
  • They are expensive

    Sometimes you get what you pay for, and...

    I don't want to give money to Google

    I get that, but your purchase (the entire Pixel department, to be honest) is a drop in the ocean to their profits. They won't notice you not buying one at all. You're handicapping yourself in the mobile security arena (not being able to install GrapheneOS) to take the high ground and not effect a tech giant.

    That aside, if you really don't want to give Google, buy one from a reseller and not from the Google Store.

  • AdAway vs ProtonVPN vs Firefox+ublock etc
  • Firefox with uBlock Origin should always be your starting point.

    Except Firefox is not secure on Android.

    Avoid Gecko-based browsers like Firefox as they're currently much more vulnerable to exploitation and inherently add a huge amount of attack surface. Gecko doesn't have a WebView implementation (GeckoView is not a WebView implementation), so it has to be used alongside the Chromium-based WebView rather than instead of Chromium, which means having the remote attack surface of two separate browser engines instead of only one. Firefox / Gecko also bypass or cripple a fair bit of the upstream and GrapheneOS hardening work for apps. Worst of all, Firefox does not have internal sandboxing on Android. This is despite the fact that Chromium semantic sandbox layer on Android is implemented via the OS isolatedProcess feature, which is a very easy to use boolean property for app service processes to provide strong isolation with only the ability to communicate with the app running them via the standard service API.

  • NewPipe outage over: version 0.27.1 restores YouTube playback
  • I know it does but you said "That kills the point of LibreTube bruh." So if you can use a VPN, and there's no point to slowing it doesn't sound like disabling it "kills the point" at all, like you first said.

    Basically, your two messages contradict each other.

  • Top 5 Linux Apps - July 2024
    • The video is a return to the creator's previous "Top 5 Linux Apps" monthly series, which was popular in the past.
    • The first app highlighted is Boxy, a graphic design tool for creating SVG images and logos, with a user-friendly interface compared to more complex tools like Inkscape.
    • The second app is Eyedropper, a color picker tool that works well in Wayland environments and allows users to get color codes in various formats.
    • The third app is Iotas, a simple, GTK-based note-taking app with Nextcloud integration, focused on basic note-taking functionality without advanced features.
    • The fourth app is Plexamp, an electron-based desktop music player that provides access to the user's Plex music library.
    • The fifth app is Sigil, a niche tool for editing metadata in eBook (EPUB) files, particularly useful for adding series information to support self-hosted ebook platforms like Calibre.
    • The creator acknowledges that Sigil has some quirks, working better in KDE than GNOME environments.
    • The creator encourages viewers to provide suggestions for future "Top 5 Linux Apps" videos in the comments.
    • The creator provides links to their social media and support platforms, including Mastodon, Odyssey, and Patreon.
    • The overall tone is one of enthusiasm for sharing useful Linux applications with the audience, while also acknowledging the niche nature of some of the recommendations.

    Courtesy of Kagi's Universal Summarizer.

  • thanks lain (rule)
  • It's just one of many private ranges.

    Sure, it's one of many, but how often do you see that specific (42) block used? I honestly don't think I ever have, outside of a pentest lab. The (not just any 172.16 like you're saying) block is the default for a WiFi Pineapple. Any other range is usually ok, but the 42 on a /24 granting WAN access specifically would make me (and most people who actually know what a WiFi Pineapple is) avoid that network.

    Saying is usually for pentesting scummy thing is very misleading...Saying it's dangerous is like saying every websites using .xyz domain is dangerous(which makes little more sense than this, btw)

    You clearly don't know what a WiFi Pineapple is, because we're zeroing in on the 42 and you liken it to the entire 172.16 block. And linking every .xyz domain to a specific block (42) that is used by default for a pentest device is even more misleading.

  • thanks lain (rule)
  • There's nothing at all suspicious about the address block.

    Correct. However the block is the default for a WiFi Pineapple. Any other range is usually ok, but the 42 on a /24 specifically would make me (and most people who actually know what a WiFi Pineapple is) avoid that network.

  • Is pixel 4a too old for a new phone?
  • Do they all really? I know GrapheneOS does, and I think DivestOS even says "use my OS to stay as up to date as possible, but if you have a current/supported Pixel, use GrapheneOS instead for superior security." But I don't recall other OSes really going "we're more secure than GrapheneOS and here's why."

  • I just realized all my teachers use ubuntu
  • if used for work...Features? Don't care.

    Most organizations care about maintaining document compatibility, especially formatting, and that usually means Office365. Microsoft is notorious for publishing a standard and then ignoring their own standard, making it exceedingly difficult to use other office suites.

    I've heard OnlyOffice does the best at maintaining compatibility.

  • Mozilla is trying to push me out because I have cancer – CPO
  • if they can't do what the board needs... They aren't a good fit either

    But does the board need it, or just want it to maximize profits, like boards usually do in their typical chase of infinite growth that isn't sustainable?

    And if the person won't stick up for what they think is best for the company and the people (which they've deemed firing 50 people is that), maybe they're not a good fit that way. But hey, they are sticking up for said company and 50 people, so maybe they are.

  • We are a failed species
  • "Part of a complete breakfast!"

    I mean, if you eat a complete breakfast, wouldn't anything you drank/ate during that be considered part of the complete breakfast? Healthy people hate that one trick.

  • German combination axe-gun, ~1580 AD

    cross-posted from:


    Apple has announced that its Messages app will support the RCS messaging standard in iOS 18. RCS offers more advanced features compared to traditional SMS, including higher-quality media, typing indicators, and end-to-end encryption. This move will improve messaging between iOS and Android devices, which currently rely on the less capable SMS protocol. Apple's decision to add RCS support likely comes in response to pressure from Google, Samsung, and European regulators who have pushed for better cross-platform messaging. Overall, this change will bring the iPhone's messaging capabilities more in line with the Android experience.

    Kagi's Universal Summarizer: Summarize anything in a jiffy!


    Kagi Search Changelog May 14th, 2024 - GPT-4o Kagi Search Changelog

    Better search results with no ads. Welcome to Kagi (pronounced kah-gee), a paid search engine that gives power back to the user.


    GPT-4o integrated in Kagi Assistant

    We've benchmarked OpenAI's new flagship model GPT-4o, released yesterday, and its performance on our internal independent tests (PyLLMs and reasoning on Chess puzzles) is impressive. As a result, GPT-4o has now been used across various features in Assistant:

    Note: Kagi Assistant is available as open beta for Ultimate plan members

    Recipe extraction/summarizer

    Kagi Universal Summarizer now automatically identifies when you are summarizing a recipe and conveniently displays both the ingredients and the cooking steps #3937 @leopoldarrestrom

    You can use Kagi Summarizer as a standalone Web app, through Kagi Search Extension in your browser or directly in search results.\ !

    Additional notes for Family / Team account members

    When setting up a Family or Team account, you now have the ability to add names for each member. This feature is particularly useful for managing team members who use email aliases #2695 @Alligator\ !

    Improvements and bug fixes

    • Wikipedia card links do not work with smaller browser windows #3469 @yeri
    • Time in Portugal throws a NaN error #3986 @bleveck
    • Wikipedia widget does not appear, even though there are relevant Wikipedia articles as search results. #394 @iiv
    • Sorry, I couldn't summarize these results. #3992 @sjdonadoo
    • Summarizer layout issue for “Dutch” language #3572 @Nyaa
    • Clickable Phone Number Results #3884 @kaidea
    • New assistant icon is off-centred #3994 @sefidel
    • Assistant messages can go off the screen #4026 @Zambyte
    • Research expert AI does not convert sub HTML tags for chemical formulas #3934 @frin
    • Wikipedia HTML included in research assistant response #3907 @youngji22
    • Research assistant returns "We are sorry, this input is not supported. (Invalid Input)" on normal queries #3990 @httpjames

    Kagi Search ChangelogApril 20th, 2024 - Introducing QR code sign-in and final sales taxes update Kagi Search Changelog

    Better search results with no ads. Welcome to Kagi (pronounced kah-gee), a paid search engine that gives power back to the user.

    Features and announcements

    QR code sign-in

    Now you can simply scan a QR code on Kagi's login page with an authenticated device to log into a new device. For more details, visit our help page#2417 @FrederickZh\ !

    Sales tax rollout

    Starting this Sunday, April 21st, sales taxes will apply to all subscriptions. We have notified subscribers of this change via email. This marks the completion of the sales tax rollout. For further details, please visit our FAQ page.

    Improvements and bug fixes

    • Add keyboard shortcuts shift-J/K to skip to next domain's results #2465 @Deebster
    • \[Apperance]\[New UI] Plans do not show their differences anymore #3796 @igak\_rekcartgub
    • Lens settings has a incorrect input label or maybe an incorrect input field? Not sure... #3845 @gunslingerfry
    • Provide feedback for copying code snippets #3787 @adamaveray
    • Selecting text in Wolfram info pane in suggestions dropdown dismisses dropdown #3779 @bert
    • Input query field has hidden clear button #3687 @mikeX
    • The dog doesn't look away anymore #3767 @httpjames
    • New Kagi design creates issues with Login page #3810 @hmnd
    • 'System Default' theme always uses light theme's theme colour #3155 @sefidel
    • Kagi’s Landing and Sign-in Pages Should Also Support Adaptive Light/Dark Mode #3782 @teethtaster
    • New Kagi design creates issues with Login page #3810 @hmnd
    • Royal Blue colours and links very broken #3798 @CarwynNelson
    • Uncentered texts on Orion plan page #3835 @sw
    • Dark Royal Blue - switch plan info unreadable #3833 @frin
    • Yellow border gets cut off on the trailing end #3823 @marsbars
    • Unreadable dark text on Orion plan page #3836 @sw
    • Royal Blue Link Colors Indistinguishable #3777 @beepboop
    • Tabbing breaks when suggested search box appears #3780 @Prostagma
    • The Redisign Broke Safari’s Auto-Hiding Tab Bar #3776 @teethtaster
    • Dark theme bug: invisible text in Firefox #3792 @Ilya
    • FastGPT API returns 500 Server Error #3766 @GermanMuzquiz
    • Chat follow-up input blinker is cut off #3786 @frin
    • Kagi Homepage Overlay #3774 @lemonmaker
    • There is no longer any difference between the two light modes. #3789 @MoroccanPigeon
    • Unable to activate inactive lenses #3781 @rockymcrockerson
    • Support for research assistant math results with latex #2925 @Mg432
    • Apostrophe breaks assistant (LaTeX) formatting #3709 @aivalja
    • Research fast keeps returning SEARCH REQUIRED #3733 @frin
    • Missing label for ai chat assistants #3762 @JamesT
    • Mobile AI search box overlapped by tabs #3800 @LKD70
    • Assistant code illegible using "Moon Dark" theme #3765 @zsig
    • Research assistant gives error after 3 messages if pdf is uploaded (this input is not supported. (Invalid Input)) #3818 @aivalja
    • Sort footnotes that appear below a "Quick Answer" into numerical order #3794 @macalba

    Kagi Search Changelog - Improvements and bug fixes Kagi Search Changelog

    Better search results with no ads. Welcome to Kagi (pronounced kah-gee), a paid search engine that gives power back to the user.

    April 2nd, 2024 #

    Improvements and bug fixes

    • Allow previous 2FA code to work along with current 30sec one #3540 @frin
    • Custom bangs accessible from Search Settings tab #3616 @mhitza
    • Asking !chat to modify a \<script>...\</script> tag causes the script tag in the response to be not escaped/not visible #3694 @heavyg
    • We've resolved capacity issues with our recent models upgrade
    • Bottom of image search results is cluttered with low quality Second Life screenshots #3632 @yellow
    • Show summary of question in fastgpt in tab title #3203 @fictorial
    • Image Description Completely Wrong #3600 @CrunchyFritos
    • Assistant Expert "\<SEARCH REQUIRED" and then switches to spanish #3661 @tschoesi
    • Mistral "Sorry, a problem occurred while processing your request. Please try again later." #3684 @abb128
    • Custom assistant ignoring custom instructions #3685 @Wanja
    • Latext support in quick answer #3455 @Grooty
    • AI Model selection should be sticky #3503 @JamesT
    • Assistant code overflows #3428 @cardinal086

    This announcement is from the Lawnchair Discord:

    Lawnchair 14 has arrived!

    After about 2 years, we're delighted to announce that Lawnchair 14 has finally arrived!

    Based on Launcher3 from Android 14, this release works with QuickSwitch from Android 10 to Android 14! You won't need to use an older version to integrate with the system.

    Some major highlights: • Search your phone, the web, and more with our new Global Search — no root needed!¹ • View flight info, see surrounding traffic, and keep an eye on your data usage with Smartspacer — all integrated within Lawnchair.² • Want to further control your icons? Fret not, We now support custom icon packs for themed icons, alongside some new icon options.³ • Themers rejoice — you can now hide the Dock for a cleaner home screen. You can also change even more colors, fonts, and padding. • Are you tired of Lawnchair crashing because of widgets? We've fixed that issue; you won’t need to do some hacky workaround to add them.⁴

    Alongside that, we have a new partnership with Startpage — searching with Startpage (via the dock search bar or App Drawer search) helps support Lawnchair’s development.

    We still have more things to share! See the announcement on our website for more information.

    ¹ Experimental feature, requires opt in Lawnchair Settings. ² Requires Smartspacer and respective plugins. ³ Requires a supported icon pack . ⁴ May still persist depending on the device.

    10 Haier hits Home Assistant plugin dev with takedown notice

    Appliances giant Haier reportedly issued a takedown notice to a software developer for creating Home Assistant integration plugins for the company's home appliances and releasing them on GitHub.

    Haier hits Home Assistant plugin dev with takedown notice

    cross-posted from:

    > Haier hits Home Assistant plugin dev with takedown notice > > I'm not really big on "let's make a movement", but this independent dev has been hit with a cease-and-desist from making a FOSS Home Assistant addon for their Haier air conditioners. > > Haier claims that they are losing out on millions of dollars due to this plugin which... lets you control their air conditions from home assistant. They haven't bothered to explain how that's possibly worth millions of dollars - they're just claiming it. > > So of course they hit the Streisand button and are demanding that he takes it down. He of course is complying... in a couple of days. Maybe you see where this is going. > > It would be an absolute shame if any of you just happened to create a fork, or clone the code, or mirror it in your own instance. An absolute shame. > > Just so everyone here knows which repositories NOT to clone or fork, here are the two links: > > - > - > > and please, don't repost this anywhere, or share it in other communities, or anything like that. It's a shame that so many people already know and are making clones. I'm just letting you know so you don't do anything like telling others who may make their own copies. > > (sidenote: Haier owns GE Appliance, so for our American folks it may affect you folks too)


    Availability (feature?) Request: Publish app to Accrescent App Store

    Please add Voyager to the Accrescent App Store, "a private and secure Android app store built with modern features in mind. It aims to provide a developer-friendly platform and pleasant user experience while enforcing modern security and privacy practices and offering robust validity guarantees for installed apps."

    This app store, while small, is supposed to be more secure than alternatives. And yes it is small, but it also won't grow if devs don't add to it.

    Their publishing guide and requirements can be found here:


    v1.23.1: New Donation/IAP has missing background

    New Donation/IAP has missing background. Looks like it should have a background, but doesn't, so some words are on top of each other. This is on light mode, whereas dark mode doesn't have this issue.


    Edit: v1.23.2 fixes this.


    HOTFIX 1 & 2 - July 18 & 19 - 1.1.0 HOTFIX 1 & 2 - July 18 & 19 - 1.1.0

    HOTFIX 1 - JULY 18 & 19, 2023 - 1.1.0 Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where the overall drop rate of Aberrant Cinders in Helltide was lower than intended. Fixed an issue where Seeds of Hatred could be collected at an extreme rate when using the Hatred’s Chosen buff against Necromancer minions and Druid ...

    HOTFIX 1 & 2 - July 18 & 19 - 1.1.0

    HOTFIX 1 - JULY 18 & 19, 2023 - 1.1.0

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the overall drop rate of Aberrant Cinders in Helltide was lower than intended.
    • Fixed an issue where Seeds of Hatred could be collected at an extreme rate when using the Hatred’s Chosen buff against Necromancer minions and Druid pets. This buff has now been re-enabled with this hotfix.


    • Further stability improvements.

    Add Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the long click (where Block is)

    Pretty much the title. That way Block isn't so lonely in its own long click menu. Also, they're both two sides of the same coin, so makes sense to have them together.