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Don't forget to tip the boy!
  • It is, and it doesn't mean i don't love them, i do.

    Cats are more manageable to love because they don't lick you, their fur still triggers it but not as much.

    I think i got the allergy alongside my love of pets from growing up with the nicest cat ever.

    So i'm honestly thinking about trying something to lessen the allergy, that or a hairless cat.

  • Don't forget to tip the boy!
  • Come on he would definitely be cute with a mini shopping cart!

  • Happy Kia Summer Sale!!
  • To suggest where the meme was taken from (if it wasn't abundantly clear already...)

  • Don't forget to tip the boy!
  • I'm allergic to cat's and dog's saliva, and to everyone like me he may stay a good boy, but he can't be a good employee.

    P.S. One solution is to give him a little cart

  • I mean it.
  • It was intentional, honestly i'm proud of it x)

  • Toss a coin to yer Witcher
  • And I just put mine on the shelf and pick it up when i use it.

  • I mean it.
  • Nowhere, not American is a foreign concept to them.

  • it takes time to start appreciating imperfections instead of beauty
  • You know beauty isn't just the word we use for aesthetic beauty, we also use it for concepts, such as this one.

  • Turnip legs.
  • It's too good for AI, but photoshop, maybe AI in photoshop idk...

  • Being one with the natural world
  • Flies are not an enemy, and are fren food so they are ok.

    Mosquitoes are the enemy, diseases, infernal sound and itchy bites. No purpose that flies aren't here to do.

  • Being one with the natural world
  • Another example, mosquitoes, they need to go extinct and all burn in hell. That and also bed bugs, fuck them too.

    I also wish ants were not that invasive, I love them but hell they can be annoying.

  • Just your average conversation about music
  • Elitist entail their is a technical reason behind it, otherwise it's only gatekeeping.

    In music it can be some music theory, prodigious playing, complex sound design etc...

    I did fall a bit into this idea of elitism too at first. It's easy when you are just starting to educate yourself and only see the technique.

    But then at some point you gotta start having opinions and preferences that goes beyond rationality, or your not really enjoying an art form.

    You can still be a bit elitist, but then it's only personal and you stop gatekeeping.

    That said the technical aspects can be very interesting.

    Moreover I also love the way anyone passionate about music describe what they like.

  • It would distract from the grind
  • I love that linear extrapolation you know is only there to lie even more on a graph that's already a baseless correlation.

  • Simple question: Are you a nice person?
  • I'm exactly like that too. I think my nature isn't nice, but i can choose to be.

    And i'm also admiring anyone that as that nice nature, i find it beautiful and extremely attractive. So to a degree i have that goal of trying to choose it whenever i can.

    One drawback, wich also coincide with my very rational personality is that i hate having too strong of an emotion, had anger issues as a kid, but also the start of love is somewhat unpleasant for example.

    But hey, to me as long as your trying to be better, your are good person.

  • Three Wishes
  • It's not mutually exclusive, but both priorities the opposite value.

    Socialism wants equality, wich can impede personal freedom and the private property that is a big part of our comfort.

    Now I don't think communist state are gathering intelligence because it's the ideology. They do it it because they are dictatorial, because it's the only way to unsure the power.

    See despite how it seems attractive to us living in rich countries, most of them are plagued by poverty and have a poor economy, wich makes communism not a solution to anything. But dictatorship, violence and radical ideologies does work to keep the power, hence the systematic cohabitation of the two.

    For a rich country like the US, well the transition to communism is categorically not realistic. But i think it could theoretically work better than most exemple of communism so far, I think the richer a country is the better it will work.

    In the meantime nothing is stopping us from going towards more social policies, be inspired and driven to socialism. Wich can also have compromise.

  • Don't be so judgy.
  • I mean you could also just leave the people you holds grudges against and befriend a crow.

    That would make you really cool too!

  • They'd still both rather use C++ than each other though
  • I started with c++ so does c really has advantages over c++ ?

    And yeah same, Rust seems to be pretty cool too, at some point I'm gonna try it...

  • BG3 has surpassed Witcher 3 on mods downloaded and uploaded
  • In terms of control yes, but it also depend if you use a keyboard or a controller.

    It's pretty well adapted for controller and if you use one then your movement is like any third person game, like the Witcher.

    While keyboard has that point to move like Kenshi. Note that there is a mod to switch to the controller movement using wasd.

    So if you wish you can move like the Witcher, the gameplay though is strategy turn based, like xcom or gear tactics, so nothing to do with it.

  • Happy Pride, ya'll
  • Hell yeah, as one i'm so glad we get to have the flag with my favorite color palette of them all.

    Lesbian and gay are pretty good too tbh.

    I have outlook for emails and they have it as a theme, i wish more apps would have that.

  • BG3 has surpassed Witcher 3 on mods downloaded and uploaded
  • Well it's a rpg, so plenty of fans are gonna want more tools to choose their appearance...

    hairstyles (Tav's are great) appearance edit ehanced basket full of equipment and transmog enhance etc...

    Those kind of mods really gives you all the choices you can get to dress and create you character.

    Then there is also some quality of life...

    party limit begone Native camera tweaks WASD character movement

    The names are self explanatory, to the players that wants those functionality they can be necessary.

    Now i'm a bit exaggerating by saying "most fans" because, in fact, most of them don't use mods. But those who like me really can't get enough of mods like this to personalize your experience.