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[Earbuds] Samsung Galaxy Buds FE - Graphite ($140 - $50 = $90) [Staples]
  • I'm glad to hear you think they're very good, I love to hear from people who own things and not just reviews.

    I've only owned cheaper buds too but better over ear headphones. So I'm kind of wondering if I will be okay with buds given the non existent soundstage if the reproduction is otherwise good.

    I'm really curious about the, apparently, excellent frequency response and neutral sound these buds have.

    Right now I've got Anker Soundcore P3 and Soundcore life Q30 for mobile listening, but I don't really like either due to the sound profile.

    I wonder if they're any better than some ChiFi KZ IEMs.

  • BudgetAudiophile Funderpants

    Budget Score! Vintage Mordaunt Short MS300

    $25 on Facebook, stands included, perfect working condition.


    Replaced my nearly new Sony SS CS3 towers with them yesterday. I'm very impressed with the detail, seperation and soundstage on these 3-way speakers.

    The full setup is a Nvidia Shield TV Pro acting as streamer to a Denon 570BT receiver/amp. 5.2 surround with two Sony SA-CS9 Subwoofers, rear Sony SS-CS5, and center SS CS8. I had gotten the entire Sony speaker set (plus atmos elevation speakers) and the Denon on sale for $1136 CAD last October, which felt pretty good. But scoring these classics really made my day.

    Trump probation interview set for Monday after hush money conviction, NBC News reports
  • legal experts noted that holding a probation interview over a video conference call is unusual but having the former president in a New York probation would also be unprecedented.

    More kid gloved special treatment for Trump.

    Trump could also be asked if he is associating with anyone with a criminal record because he cannot associate with them if he is placed on probation,

    LOL, Trump has been surrounded by criminals for ages.

  • Sure, but how many books can you kill at one time?
  • Weird to say it wasn't taxpayer funds, I mean I get what they mean, It wasn't local town money. But getting it in loan from the DoD just means it was all americans taxpayer money.

    I also wonder who is responsible for vehicle upkeep while they have it and what that entails, specialty vehicles sometimes need specially mechanics.

  • Just a fun morning

    6 and 1.5 year olds.

    Wife goes to work at 6.30am Alarm failed, family woke up at 740. Oldest has gum in hair from gum she snuck to bed. Youngest has pink eye. Missed bus, obviously. Getting youngest ready, oldest roller blades by in underwear. Oldest falls in silly putty, ruins underwear. Skip breakfast, rush outside. Oldest on tricycle, rushing down driveway. Bribe with doughnuts, all in the car now. Youngest gets motion sickness leaving driveway. Call pharmacy, they lost the prescription for eye cream. Buy 10 doughnut holes, oldest eats 8 of them while I'm cleaning up youngest. Saves two for us, lol. Go to wife, get gum cut from hair. Childcare calls. Where is youngest (with me). Don't forget the change bag! ( I did). Drop off of oldest done, only 1 hour late. Wish me luck with the rest dads.

    4 Woman's Canadian citizenship revoked after 32 years amid federal 'error' | CBC News

    The federal government has cancelled an Ajax, Ont., woman's Canadian citizenship over an error it said it made more than 30 years ago — forcing her to pay hundreds of dollars in a bid to get it back.

    Woman's Canadian citizenship revoked after 32 years amid federal 'error' | CBC News

    Poilievre hints to police he would use notwithstanding clause to change justice laws

    "All of my proposals are constitutional," Poilievre said.

    "We will make them constitutional using whatever tools the constitution allows me to use to make them constitutional. I think you know exactly what I mean."


    Operator - Jim Croce [Unsolved]

    Last hint: lots of things fade with time, both physical and emotional. Some things fade quicker than others though.

    After 24 hours here is a hint : the phone is important

    48H hint: the match isn't important, but where it comes from is


    Doug Ford calls on federal workers in Ottawa to return to office

    >"They have to get people back to work," Premier Doug Ford said during a press conference on Thursday in Ottawa, standing next to Mayor Mark Sutcliffe.

    >"It sounds crazy. I'm begging people to go to work for three days — not that they aren't working at home, but it really affects the downtown."


    Feds will stop investing in new road infrastructure, environment minister says

    Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says the federal government will stop investing in new road infrastructure — a comment that immediately drew the ire of the Opposition Conservatives and some premiers who said the climate activist turned politician is out of touch.

    Guilbeault said Tuesday the government will be there to support provinces paying for maintenance but Ottawa has decided that the existing road infrastructure "is perfectly adequate to respond to the needs we have."

    "There will be no more envelopes from the federal government to enlarge the road network," Guilbeault said, according to quotes published in the Montreal Gazette.

    "We can very well achieve our goals of economic, social and human development without more enlargement of the road network."

    Guilbeault said the federal government is intent on moving people out of their cars and into public transportation, which the government has spent billions to build.

    The federal government also wants to encourage "active transportation," which means getting people to walk and cycle.


    Ottawa to launch pre-approved home design catalogue, bring back post-war effort

    The federal government intends to resurrect a post-war effort to ramp up housing construction across Canada — but with a 21st-century twist.

    A consultation process will begin next month on developing a catalogue of pre-approved home designs to accelerate the home-building process for developers, Housing Minister Sean Fraser said Tuesday.

    It's a reboot of a federal policy from the post-Second World War era, when the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. developed straightforward blueprints to help speed up the construction of badly needed homes, Fraser said.

    "When many thousands of soldiers were returning home to be reunited with their families at once, Canada faced enormous housing crunches," he said.

    "We intend to take these lessons from our history books and bring them into the 21st century." .... [More in the article]


    Zotac RTX 4080 too wide for Phantek P400A , suggestions?

    So the Zotac RTX 4080 Trinity OC is too wide to properly fit in my Phantek P400A thanks to that giant power adapter.

    I can't even use one of those 90 degree cable mods because the fan shroud sticks out.

    Can someone reccomend me a suitably wide case.

    Picture related !


    Free eBooks Funderpants

    The Birth of Psychological War

    Available for free in ebook format. "The Birth of Psychological War explores the history, politics, and geography of United States psychological warfare in the 20th century against the backdrop of the contemporary 'post-truth era'. From its origins in the Second World War, to the United States' counterinsurgency campaigns in Vietnam, Whyte traces how the theory and practice of psychological warfare transformed the relationship between the home front and theatres of war. Whyte interrogates the broader political mythologies that animate popular conceptions of psychological war, such as its claim to make war more humane and less violent.On the contrary, The Birth of Psychological War demonstrates the role of psychological warfare in expanding the scope and scale of military violence amidst ostensible efforts to 'win hearts and minds'. While casting a critical eye on psychological warfare, Whyte establishes its continued significance for the contemporary student of international relations."