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Who the fuck are you?

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Le Mans 24
  • Audi hooked me into endurance racing decades ago and my love for it has never waned. We're spoiled with choices currently but Le Mans will always be a crown jewel.

  • Oh man bro this edible is hitting me already....
  • There is a limit to how much iso or ethanol can do in my experience. Even the good stuff needs help.

  • Sorry, Not Sorry
  • Damn look at the balls on that fucker

  • My muse
  • Swedish chef is one of many characters that I will always love.

    incoherent swedish sounds

  • "Planted is better than not" Three Sisters are sprouting
  • Armchair experts with no real world experience are everywhere and love to tell other people what they're doing wrong.

    Professionals love to "big brain" amateur posts and discourage people.

    Amateurs who are still learning love to preach about the latest thing they googled.

    I don't have time for any of it, I've got a life to live. I do what's best for my lifestyle/time/ability and that's good enough for anyone who matters. Gonna smoke about it.

    Edit: missed a word. It's hard to type in the shower.

  • I picked you a strawberry
  • I've DMd you my address and will be waiting with great anticipation.

    How was it?

  • tldr hyperpole
  • Shit, I've missed the excitement.

  • "Planted is better than not" Three Sisters are sprouting
  • There is no need to tell me I'm doing it wrong, I know and I don't care 🤷‍♀️

    This is why I don't post much lol.

    Do what you want and enjoy doing it imo. You guys have got some great things going. The only wrong way is not trying.

  • My typical pre drive snack
  • Equally meaningless imo but you do you homie.

  • Daddy bong legs
  • We all know the us presidents, quit trying to show off.

  • My typical pre drive snack
  • Lesson One:

    Weed numbers are meaningless.

  • Check out my future vape
  • What a fucking nerd

  • I just made coffee!
  • This makes me wish my blue dream plant was ready 😭

  • ACAB
  • 5-0 detected.

  • NSFW
    [NSFL] FPV strike on a Russian soldier by Magyar's Birds.
  • Best decision he's ever made. The rest of the occupiers should do the same.

  • Tuesday Timeline

    Spent some quality time with some plant friends this morning. Some living, some dead. All home grown and tasty.







    Is it still gardening if they get eaten before they have leaves?

    Popping some lentil sprouts in place of mung beans thanks to @[email protected].

    Hopefully in a couple days they'll be topping some rice or stir fry!

    4 Mira

    The Surrealist, Austin Rockman · Song · 2018