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FreshLight FreshLight

If you are in need of some real fresh light, I would recommend to go outside at daytime.

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Too powerful for their Euro arteries
  • Fun fact:

    It's "a European" since the pronunciation starts with "ˌjʊ". Similar thing with "university".

    I'm not trying to be a dick but to spread information.

    Ok, that's all. Thank you for reading :)

  • YouTube
  • I don't think that this is a healthy relationship

  • Piracy paid internet browser
  • Is this generated, badly translated or do you have a psychosis?

    All the best on your future journey

  • ArTiFiCiAl InTeLlIgEnCe
  • Haha, I see

  • ich🚂🤷‍♂️iel
  • Verschluckt dein Client Zitatformatierung?

  • ich🐆iel
  • Punktekatze wäre Zangendeutsch wenn "points cat" ein im Englischen genutzes und in Deutschland als Anglizisme verwendetes Wort wäre, oder nicht?

  • ich🚂🤷‍♂️iel
  • Ich, der (...) bin

  • ArTiFiCiAl InTeLlIgEnCe
  • Are you trying to tell us that this here is the first tech-related comic you have ever seen in your entire life?

  • Software licenses
  • And cool yet unmutable 16-Bit music, blasting at full volume out of his instruments

  • NSFW
    We gotta come together
  • Love that song

  • ich🔪❣️iel
  • Copilot hatte seine eigenen Vorstellungen...

  • ich🚌iel
  • Ich weiß absolut nicht worum es geht und das ist ok. Ich bin hier um lustige Bilder hoch- und unlustige Bilder runterzuwählen. :-)

  • ich🔪❣️iel
  • Zünder = Igniter

    Zunder = Tinder

  • Missing cold pizza
  • I'd let seven oj's fight seven glasses of milk in my stomach, down the strongest coffee known to humankind afterwards and then wonder why my tummy hurts...

  • That's gotta be it. Too bad I'm too late

  • "Avon"
  • Hill, from English hill, meaning hill.

    Fucking love it.

  • I somehow broke my Debian bookworm install…
  • You are edging?

    Cool. I'm not into that kinda stuff, but whatever floats your boat :)

  • Anon tries to keep his hands busy
  • Well.. I'll never get the time back I wasted on reading this super boring and pointless story