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Daily driving Plasma Mobile
  • I'm glad you are doing this. Pinephone and Librem 5 days are surely numbered, the hardware is just too outdated. My Librem 5 is also starting to fail, some times i can't even get it to power on without restarting several times. I will never use Android or iOS, they are just too exploitative and untrustworthy, so it's a relief everyone isn't completely abandoning the idea of a free libre phone.

  • Former UK Armed Forces minister: 'Ukraine defeat will cost trillions to West in new Cold War'
  • The west needs to provide them enough to win the war full stop. Quit stringing them along.

  • QUESTION - Is Canada sending our soldiers to Poland or Ukraine?
  • So you think appeasing an aggressor will prevent war? I think that is a dumb take and i don't agree with your characterization of NATO being the cause. Those are Russian talking points and they are complete bullshit.

  • QUESTION - Is Canada sending our soldiers to Poland or Ukraine?
  • Why shouldn't we send troops in cooperation with our allies to safeguard the rules based order? The reason why we got into the world wars is because nobody did anything to prevent them until it was too late. To those dedicated individuals who are willing to lay down their lives for our liberty i salute them.

  • Canada likely to avoid recession, begin recovering in second half of 2024: Deloitte
  • Why would there be a recovery if there is no recession?

  • which linux phone is the most promising?
  • When i think of Android i don't think of it as part of the gnu/linux ecosystem, but a heavily modified linux kernel turned against the user.

  • which linux phone is the most promising?
  • The problem with Android is it is very invasive and in my opinion untrustworthy. How many of these Android OS's from various vendors are not kept up to date, with unpatched vulnerabilities because they dump support to force upgrade their customers to the next model, when your phone should still be functionally viable. How many apps in the Android ecosystem are just info vacuums? It's a very predatory ecosystem and i would prefer a libre solution to these scumbag predatory corporations. It blows my mind how people are so numb to the abuses of these companies, they won't even consider alternatives. Iphones aren't a viable alternative either unless you're into joining abusive cults. I have both a Pinephone and a Librem 5, and they work fine if you don't mind horrible battery life, i just wish we had more alternatives and I'll put my money towards that endeavor.

  • Disney+ Drops 1.3 Million Subscribers Amid Price Hike, Streaming Loss Shrinks by $300 Million
  • Yeah i cancelled mine, was at the end of the yearly sub anyway. Also if you try to cancel they attempt to resubscribe you by charging your card anyway. Best remove credit card details and check your credit card statement.

  • Exclusive: Ukrainian general wants Canada’s 83,000 decommissioned rockets
  • Give it to them, though we'll have to eat the cost of the decommission factory. We should still think of it as a small price to pay to defeat Russia, who if wins the war will soon be breathing down Europe's neck, and next in line us. It's in our own self interest.

  • Trump must pay E. Jean Carroll over $83 million in defamation damages, jury rules
  • We have to wait on the judge in February for his ruling. He's already been found guilty, this time it's what the punishment will entail. Letitia James AG was looking for 370 million, and banning him from NY state real estate industry for 5 years.

    Correction, the sons banned for 5 years, Trump permanently. Also they want to ban him from being an officer or director in NY state of a corporation.

  • Trump must pay E. Jean Carroll over $83 million in defamation damages, jury rules
  • Oh there's more to come when Judge Engoron issues his ruling and decides the penalties Trump faces in Manhattan. He could be out half a billion dollars in February with this case included. There's still more pain coming in all his other court cases to boot. This guy is getting what's coming to him and it is delicious.

  • Trump must pay E. Jean Carroll over $83 million in defamation damages, jury rules
  • Uh Oh, Looks like poo boy is out of diaper money.

  • Zelensky invites Trump to Ukraine
  • Sure invite him, and have him stand in front of one of those Russian meat waves.

  • Linux Distros Evolution - January 2024 Update: Pop!_OS in Decline?
  • I'm running Pop on my living room pc and it's fine, looking forward to Cosmic when it arrives. Also have Linux Mint cinnamon on my bedroom pc. Been thinking of going back to Arch, but i'm lazy so i'll stick with what i have unless i get annoyed enough to switch.