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  • The only reason why it's not for Jan 6th, selling top secret documents to other cojntires or election interference in Georgia is because Trump is surrounded by corrupt fucks that are running interference for him.

  • TSMC says first 1.6nm chips coming in 2026
  • Every process name is basically a marketing a gimmick. You could sort of use the previous names as a ratio to get a general idea of uplift but that isn't really accurate either. To further confuse things Intel's naming scheme had bigger nm values but is a similar size to lower numbered names from TSMC.

  • TSMC says first 1.6nm chips coming in 2026
  • It's important to note that 1.6nm is just a marketing naming scheme and has nothing to do with the actual size of the transistors.

    Look at the 3nm process and how the gate pitch is 48nm and the metal pitch is 24nm. The names of the processes stopped having to do with the size of the transistors over a decade ago. It is stupid.

  • This was the first result on Google
  • Yeah but you are talking about hot tubs and they are talking about hot tubes so maybe the rules are different like the tube is really hot but is a poor thermal conductor. Or they misspelled tub and they really like burning themselves...... lots of options for interpretation here.